First Catch Your Kipling


[R4 BD=19941017]

A curtain-raiser to the drama series

Kipling in Love. Writers and critics on why there's more to Kipling than jingoism and Disney. With Michael Carson , Debjani Chatterjee , Sue Gaisford. Jamilla Gavin ,

Clare Hanson , Saeed Jaffrey ,

David Malouf , Peter Porter and Mark Tully. Producer Ed Thomason

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[R4 BD=19941017]

Unknown: Michael Carson

Unknown: Debjani Chatterjee

Unknown: Sue Gaisford.

Unknown: Jamilla Gavin

Unknown: Clare Hanson

Unknown: Saeed Jaffrey

Unknown: David Malouf

Unknown: Peter Porter

Unknown: Mark Tully.

Producer: Ed Thomason