First Born



by Alex Crowe

Tony appears to have it all: a successful career in the city, impressive flat and car, plus a beautiful weekend lover, Siobhan.

But when she announces that she is pregnant, Tony flies into a self destructive pattern that threatens to destroy him and all those whom he loves.

Tony....Jonathan Firth

Siobhan....Fiona Glascott

Ian....Mark Homer

Directed by Debby Marsh.


By John Godber.

Jenny lives in a bubble, safe from the real world.

Her dad Jack is tough and knows what it's like to have nothing.

He's made it good, and now his daughter's growing up soft.

For the first time in his life, he's afraid.

But Jenny has her own point of view.

Jack....Mark Addy

Jill....Jane Godber

Jenny....Elizabeth Godber

Bill....Andrew Dunn

Caz....Joanne Froggatt

Nurse....Kate Rutter

Polli....Maria Garrigan

Jodi....Andee Lewis

Producer Mary Ward Lowery.