Fine Feathers

Short stories about clothes.



By Fiona Kidman, read by Susan Curnow.

With all the frantic arrangements taking place for a family wedding, the only burning question seems to be whether to wear a hat or not.

LS02The Frock2000011820000410

By Philippa Freshman, read by Janet Dale.

1930s Germany.

A young girl becomes fascinated by a beautifully cut dress and its owner - an old Jewish lady.


By Daphne Glazer, read by Sunny Ormonde.

The sight of a woman wearing a thong at the swimming baths sets Jayne off on a quest to find some sexy underwear to give her confidence on a blind date.

LS04Miss Carlton And The Pop Concert2000012020000417

By Penelope Lively, read by Vanessa Rosenthal.

Will Miss Carlton find kindred spirits among the young people attending the pop concert in the park, or are their fine feathers an illusion?

LS05 LASTThe New Dress2000012120000423

By Virginia Woolf, read by Teresa Gallagher.

Mabel has a new dress for the party, but it is not until she encounters the stares of her friends that she thinks she has made a terrible mistake.