Financial World Tonight, The



John Plender looks at the Labour Party's economic policies.

Producer Heather Payton

with Roger White Editors Colin Wilde and Stephen Chilcot

with Roger White

Radio 4's international business report; market trends

Presented by Roger White

with Roger White in Edinburgh.

Presented by Roger White in Edinburgh.

This week Roger White presents the programme from Edinburgh, the financial heart of Scotland.

Presented by Philip Hay.

Presented by Tim Bowler.

with Martin Webber

with Andrew Wood.

Presented by Nigel Cassidy

Presented by Martin Webber.

with Tim Bowler.

with Richard Quest.

Presented by Caroline Bayley.

with Mark Gregory.

with Heather Payton.

Roger White talks to Bill Gates , founder and chairman of Microsoft, the world's largest computer company.

Editor Alan Griffiths

Presented by Mark Gregory.

with Simon Coy.

Sarah Dickins analyses the effectiveness of the Welsh

Development Agency.

with Caroline Bayley.

with Nigel Cassidy.

with Lesley Curwen.

with Lesley Curwen. Stereo

Economic Policy in Crisis (2)

Martin Webber looks at what can be rebuilt from the year's wreckage of economic policy. Will the lack of a coherent alternative force a speedy return to the ERM? Stereo

Economic Policy in Crisis (1)

In a matter of hours,

Britain's membership of the ERM moved from the cornerstone of economic policy to a piece of economic history. Martin Webber asks if Black

Wednesday could have been avoided. Stereo

with Sam Jaffa. Stereo

with Vivien Stuart. Stereo

with Vivian Stuart. Stereo

with Linda Lewis.


with Linda Lewis. Stereo

with Tim Bowler , stereo

with Roger White. stereo

with Martin Webber. stereo

Presented by Tim Bowler. Stereo

with Caroline Bayley. Stereo

with Peter Day. Stereo

with Simon Cox.

with Simon Cox. Stereo

with Danielle Donaghuc. Stereo

A special bank holiday business report, presented by Nigel Cassidy. Stereo

with Richard Quest. Stereo

Richard Quest reports from New York and Los

Angeles on the American recording industry.

Producer Alan Griffiths. Stereo

with Stephen Chilcott. Stereo

presented by Vivien Stuart. Stereo

with 1 leather Payton. Stereo

Presented by Roger White , stereo

with Mark Gregory. Stereo

with Niget Cassidy. Stereo

with Nigel Cassidy. Stereo

Presented by Nigel Cassidy. Stereo

with Sam Jaffa. Stereo


Unknown: Sam Jaffa.

with Tim Bowler. Stereo


Unknown: Tim Bowler.

with Roger White. Stereo.


Unknown: Roger White.

with Nick Clarke. Stereo


Unknown: Nick Clarke.

with Mark Gregory. Stereo


Unknown: Mark Gregory.

with Tom Maddocks. Stereo


Unknown: Tom Maddocks.

Presented by Tom Maddox.



Presented By: Tom Maddox.

with Heather Payton. Stereo


Unknown: Heather Payton.



Unknown: Martin Webber.

with Simon Cox. Stereo


Unknown: Simon Cox.

How predatory is French industry and is it just a tentacle of the French government?

Nigel Cassidy investigates. Editor Alan Griffiths. Stereo


Unknown: Nigel Cassidy

Presented by Nigel Cassidy. Stereo


Presented By: Nigel Cassidy.

Can Britain offer as good a holiday as the Mediterranean package deal? Nigel Cassidy investigates. Stereo


Unknown: Nigel Cassidy

with Bill Barnes. Stereo


Unknown: Bill Barnes.

Lynda Berry looks at the troubled finances of the horse-racing industry. Editor Jane Wilkinson. Stereo


Unknown: Lynda Berry

Editor: Jane Wilkinson.

Presented by Roger White and Peter Day. Stereo


Presented By: Roger White

Presented By: Peter Day.

Presented by Roger White. Stereo


Presented By: Roger White.

Presented by Jackie Hardgrave. Stereo


Presented By: Jackie Hardgrave.

with Jackie Hardgrave Stereo


Unknown: Jackie Hardgrave

with Nigel Cassidy. Stereo


Unknown: Nigel Cassidy.

with Alexander McLeod



Unknown: Alexander McLeod



Unknown: Heather Payton


Roger White

A special from Hong

Kong where Bill Bames looks at the colony's business prospects.

Producer: S.


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Broadcast history

28 May 1990 21:45-22:00 (RADIO 4)

Recorded on 1990-05-25



Next in series: 07 May 1990

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16 Apr 1990 21:45-22:00 (RADIO 4)

Recorded on 1990-04-12

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SBH:Chancellor of the Exchequer int.

on his idea of using the Ecu as a common Europe currency.

Would be useful for businessmen, etc.

to use alongside a country's own currency.

"It is a wholly different and more permissive regime" than that of the single currency proposed by Jacques Delors.

Interviewer: Dominic Harrod.

From The Financial World Tonight.

TXN/TDT:R4 20-Jun-1990 CON:MAJOR John (spkr) HARROD Dominic (int)

20 Jun 1990 00:00-00:00 (RADIO 4)


Dominic Harrod (int)

John Major (Speaker)

Notes: CAIRS 466995

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SBH:Sophie MIRMAN, founder of Sock Shop chain, int.

about her company's financial difficulties.

Record hot weather has contributed to slump in sales.

PRE:Company had been one of the great success stories.

Now seeking protection of the court - official administrators are to arrange re-financing to keep creditors at bay.

Founded 1983 - share offer 53 times over-subscribed.

Mirman won Businesswoman of the Year.

Mirman: end of bad news - 1989 difficult year - record hot weather, train strikes shut shops.

Will issue more equity.

Full support of bank.

TXN/TDT:R4 20-Feb-1990 CON:MIRMAN Sophie (spkr) DUGGLEBY Vincent (int)

20 Feb 1990 00:00-00:00 (RADIO 4)

Vincent Duggleby (int)

Sophie Mirman (Speaker)

Notes: CAIRS 200165

07 May 1990

Producer: H.


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07 May 1990 21:45-22:00 (RADIO 4)

Recorded on 1990-05-03