Film Makers, The

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Genome: [r4 Bd=19700713]bv EDVARD RADZINSKY translated by GERRY MAY with David Buck. Kika Markham John Justin and Catherine Lacey|Nearly everywhere in the world film directors are subject to interference from Head Office.' In the USSR, where the film industry is State-owned. the motives may be different from those which prevail in Hollywood and London but the pressures are the same.|The Film Makers, which was a great success on the Moscow stage about four years ago, tells the story of a young film director who is making a rather adventurous film and who faces a crisis in both his professional and his personal life.|Edvard Radzinsky , the author, is himself a well-known Soviet screen-writer, and his sardonic view of ' the film makers ' is certainly based upon his own experiences in the studios.|Cast in order of appearance:|Adapted for radio and produced by BENNETT MAXWELL|9.58 Weather


Unknown: Edvard Radzinsky|Translated By: Gerry May|Unknown: David Buck.|Unknown: Kika Markham|Unknown: John Justin|Unknown: Catherine Lacey|Unknown: Edvard Radzinsky|Produced By: Bennett Maxwell|Drummer: Kerry Francis|Zhgundi, a guitarist: George Merritt|Trumpeter: Ronald Forfar|Fyodor Fyodorovich Nechayev,a film director: David Buck|Zina: Rosalind Adams|Fekin, assistant director: Andrew Sachs|Petya: Christopher Bidmead|Anya: Kika Markham|Inga Nechayev's wife: Barbara Mitchell|A blonde extra: Frances Jeater|Kirill Vladimirovich, film editor: John Justin|Nadezhda Leenidovna Kiryan ova, an old actress: Catherine Lacey|Irina Maximovna Kiryanova, afilm critic:...Jo Manning Wilson|Trefimov: Gary Watson