Field, The

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19700302by JOHN B. KEANE with Niall Toibin|' I watched this field for 40 years and my father before me. This is a sweet little field this.... an independent little field that wants eatin'.'|Adapted and produced by DAVID A. TURNER


Unknown: John B. Keane|Unknown: Niall Toibin|Produced By: David A. Turner|Leamy: Brian Cullen|The Bird O'Donnell: Louis Rolston|Mick Flanagan: Maurice O'Callaghan|Maggie Butler: Irene Bingham|Maimie: Catherine Gibson|'The Bull' McCabe: Niall Tóibin|Tadhg: Patrick Brannigan|The Sergeant: Michael Duffy|William Dee: Sam McCready|'Dandy' McCabe: William Hunter|Mrs McCabe: Sheila McGibbon|Father Murphy: J. J Murphy|The Bishop: John McBride
202C01The Field Since When?20020702Jeremy Cherfas with the stories of four different fields.|1: `The Field Since When?'.|Dorset farmer Martin Green has assembled a remarkable collection of relics from his fields.
202C02Who Owns The Field?20020709Jeremy Cherfas with the stories of four fields and their adjacent countryside.|2: `Who Owns the Field?' Wolvergate Common, near Oxford, is - unusually - a field without an owner.
202C03The Scientific Field20020716In Lothian, new technology has increased crop yields while the workforce and the price of grain decline.
202C04 LASTThe Field In The City20020723Jeremy Cherfas with the stories of four different fields.|4: `The Field in the City'.|In Nottingham, an unlikely alliance is battling to rejuvenate an allotment site.