Featuring New Scottish Writing



By Merryn Glover, read by Gayanne Potter.

An act of kindness yields some miraculous results for a downtrodden woman in Nepal.

AR02The Dizzy20060228

By Patrick Prior, read by John Kielty.

A young man awaits his date but as time ticks on, he realises she's not coming.

So it's time to take matters into his own hands.

AR03Tomato Sauce20060301

By Vivien Jones, read by Monica Gibb.

The smell of freshly picked tomatoes awakens a childhood memory in which one simple act of disobedience has the most surprising effect.

AR04Murdo And Ishbel20060302

By Marietta MacGranthin, read by Tamara Kennedy.

A villager is drawn nightly to the sea where he becomes obsessed by a mysterious woman.

AR05 LASTDog Days20060303

By Peter Regent, read by Paul Young.

Holidaying in Greece, a Scottish minister has a somewhat disastrous encounter with a couple of dogs.