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Cold War in a Hot Continent

For much of the second half of the 20th century the Cold War superpowers fought a hot war in Africa, vying over newly independent states as they emerged from colonialism.

Jane Standley asks why the Soviets and Americans got involved and reveals the often catastrophic consequences for countries such as Angola and Mozambique.

The Strange And Violent Case Of Mr Biswas20050825

Journeying through Glasgow of the 1920s and 30s, writer and academic, Sukhdev Sandhu goes on a personal quest to find the truth about a series of murders which have apparently been written out of Scottish history.

Once described as the second city of empire and a place made fat on imperial trade Glasgow was home to a sizeable ethnic population but, as the race riots of 1919 demonstrated, there was an underlying tension which led to some startling and disturbing events.

Recorded on location at key sites in Glasgow.

We Still Breathe Their Air20050824

Across Europe there is a growing movement of Romany writers.

Although their cultural roots are in the oral traditions of storytelling and music they are now using the written word not only as a political weapon but also to claim their place within the established arts world.

Simon Evans meets Romany writers, poets and singers working in the UK and the Czech Republic.