The Fbi At 100

Tom Mangold presents a history of the first 100 years of the FBI.


Omni 220080314

Tom Mangold presents a history of the first 100 years of the FBI.


The story from J Edgar Hoover's death in 1972 to the present day and a look at what the future holds for the bureau.

01In The Beginning20080303

The Bureau is born in 1908.

02Don't Shoot G Man Don't Shoot.20080304

J Edgar Hoover, already having achieved iconic status, takes on the big gangsters of the thirties.

03A Good War20080305

FBI agents forestall the Nazi threat in their own homeland and take the fight to South America.

04Commies, Bugging And Secret Files20080306

All-powerful secret policeman J Edgar Hoover bugs most of his enemies but not the Mafia.

05Dirty Tricks - Hoover Versus Martin Luther King20080307

The FBI takes on the new hero of the civil rights movement and fights dirty.

06End Of The Empire20080310

J Edgar Hoover finally relinquishes his grip over the FBI and America - by dying.

07The Mafia And The Mob On Wheels20080311

With Hoover gone, the FBI finally takes on the Mafia and confronts another mob, the Hell's Angels.

08* The Federal Bureau Of Incompetence20080312

The FBI fails to cope with the high-tech computer age and discovers that one of its own is a traitor.

09* The Catastrophe20080313

The FBI failed to anticipate or prevent the biggest attack on America of all time.

10 LAST* Tomorrow's Bureau20080314

Can the FBI meet the challenges of cyber crime, new intelligence threats, and the never-ending war on terror?