Faultline - A Journey Through Middle Europe

Dennis Marks takes a journey across the Hapsburg Empire from the Adriatic to the Black Sea, and the Danube to the Carpathians.


01Travels In Kakania2000100820010806

In the first of four programmes, he crosses the lands once described by the writer Robert Musil as Kakania, and meets painters, politicians, philosophers and rabbis as he makes his way from Vienna to Trieste.

02The Dragons Of Illyria2000101520010807

In this programme, he crosses Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia, known collectively as Illyria by the Romans.

He meets poets, historians, rock musicians and artists who have been drawn into the vortex of war in the former Yugoslavia.

03Slow Train Through Transylvania2000102220010809

Dennis Marks continues his journey across the former Austro-Hungarian Empire.

In the third of four programmes, he visits Transylvania - the birthplace of Dracula and of Bela Bartok, and the starting point of the Romanian revolution.

04 LASTThe Kaiser's Crypt2000102920010810

Dennis Marks concludes his journey across the Hapsburg Empire, reaching the dusty towns and muddy villages of western Ukraine.

He visits dying communities of Russian Old Believers and Orthodox Jews in Bukovina and in the birthplace of novelist Joseph Roth before returning to Vienna and the crypt that houses the bones of all the Hapsburg emperors.