The Father



August Strindberg's notorious drama from 1890 is re-assessed in an uncompromising new version by Laurie Slade. Part of Radio 3's series of classic plays that tackle the revolutionary changes in the role of women at the end of the nineteenth century.

The play charts an explosive power-struggle between a married couple and was Strindberg's response to the most famous gender drama of the day, Ibsen's A Doll's House.

This new version by Laurie Slade makes the The Father an uncompromising and psychologically astute portrayal of the battle of the sexes in a nineteenth-century middle-class marriage, with surprising insights into issues such as gender, the meaning of marriage, parental attitudes to child education, and the conflicts between science and religion.

This production was originally staged at the Belgrade Theatre, Coventry with award-winning actors Joe Dixon and Katy Stephens as The Captain and his wife Laura.

An uneasy stand-off exists between an army Captain and his wife. A disagreement over the future of their daughter, Bertha, triggers an all-out war. Laura will stop at nothing to gain control of her daughter's education and when she suggests to the Captain that he may not actually be the girl's father at all, she sets a chain of events in motion, from which nobody escapes unharmed.

The Captain - Joe Dixon

Laura - Katy Stephens

Bertha - Holly Earl

The Doctor - Patrick Toomey

The Pastor - Laurence Kennedy

The Nurse - Barbara Young

Nöjd - Staten Cousins-Roe

Director: Joe Harmston

Adaptation: Laurie Slade

A Unique Production for BBC Radio 3.


Kenneth Cranham's moving portrayal of a man suffering from dementia in Florian Zeller's award-winning stage play, translated by Christopher Hampton.

This darkly funny drama tells the story of 80-year-old Andre's declining mental powers and the efforts of his daughter Anne (Claire Skinner) to balance caring for him with the demands of her own life.

A Theatre Royal Bath/Ustinov Studio/Tricyle Theatre production directed by James Macdonald.

Sound Design - Christopher Shutt

Winner of the 2014 Molière award for France's best play, The Father by Florian Zeller received five star reviews across the board in the UK.


By August Strindberg, translated and adapted by Eivor Martinus.

In the 150th year after his birth, the sex war dramas of Strindberg still find a resonance in our age of gene mapping and DNA headines.

A mother knows her own child, but the seed of paternal doubt can poison a father's mind.

Ronald Pickup (The Captain), Cheryl Campbell (Laura), Eleanor Moriarty (Bertha, their daughter), Tom Mannion (Dr Ostermark), Christopher Good (The Pastor), Eve Pearce (Margaret, the nurse), Ben Crowe (Noid, a servant), Paul Panting (The Captain's batman).

Directed by Ned Chaillet