Father! Father! Burning Bright

Alan Bennett reads his comic story in five parts.

Abridged and directed by Ned Chaillet.

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012000030620000828Alan Bennett reads his comic story in five parts.|Abridged and directed by Ned Chaillet.``The timing was good, Midgley acknowledged that.|Only his father would have managed to make his farewell in the middle of a `meet the parents' week.''.
022000030720000829Midgley is determined to make things right with his father by being with him when he dies.
032000030820000830As Midgley's father lingers on his deathbed, it falls to Midgley to summon the relatives.
042000030920000831Midgley's beside vigil is enlivened by the appearance of Nurse Lightfoot.
05 LAST2000031020000901Midgley's resolve to be at his father's side is tested.