Fast Machine

Passionate New Yorker Jamie Bernstein takes a switchback musical ride through her favourite city.



In the first of a quarterly series of audio postcards, she reports from some of the myriad live events which have fired her excitement over the last few weeks.

Including a Buddhist nun gigging in Joe's Pub, a Klezmer rapper and the silliest song ever heard on Broadway.


Including Cuban salsa from the Lincoln Center, a Tony Award-winning musical, Renee Fleming on Joni Mitchell and three members from the Juilliard School playing Shostakovich.


Jamie Bernstein sends another of her quarterly musical postcards from New York, featuring clips from an avant-garde trio doing folk-rock alla Bartok, a black Irish fiddler from Queens, and Stravinsky from Ground Zero.

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Jamie Bernstein sends a musical postcard from New York in winter.

Including songs from Mike Errico and John Bucchino, and an avant-garde string quartet called Ethel - premiering Brazilian fusion.

Plus the saddest version of House of the Rising Sun you'll be likely to hear, sung by a busker on the 14th Street subway.