The Farming Of Bones

By Edwidge Danticat, dramatised by Jackie Kay, and set in the bordering countries of Dominica and Haiti in 1937.


01* Water20061106

Orphaned Haitian Amabelle Désir works as housemaid for a powerful family in the Dominican Republic.

She?s in love with Sebastian, a migrant Haitian farmer of 'bones' - Dominican sugar canes.

Amabelle and her countrymen are never allowed to forget that although they are useful to the Dominicans, they are merely tolerated and not really welcome in their country.

Amabelle....Adjoa Andoh

Valencia....Clara Sanabras

Papa/Pico....Antonio Gil-Martinez

Javier/Kongo....Patrick Miller

Amabelle?s mother....Noma Dumezweni

02* Earth20061107

Haitian farmer Kongo's son has been killed by Amabelle?s employer.

His death provokes anger and revolt among the farmers of Bones, and Amabelle is tormented by her love for Sebastian, her lingering grief for her drowned parents and her loyalty to her employer, who mourns the death of her baby son.

Amabelle....Adjoa Andoh

Valencia....Clara Sanabras

Papa/Pico....Antonio Gil-Martinez

Father Romain/Javier/Kongo....Patrick Miller

Voice....Noma Dumezweni

03* Air20061108

Amabelle fears for her future as her world begins to disintegrate; Sebastian has been taken away and she must flee for her life

Amabelle....Adjoa Andoh

Valencia....Clara Sanabras

Papa/Pico/Tibon....Antonio Gil-Martinez

Javier/Kongo/Yves....Patrick Miller

Odette....Noma Dumezweni

04* Fire20061109

Amabelle has returned to Haiti, a country in turmoil, but is haunted by the drowning of her friend Odette, for which she blames herself.

She still yearns for Sebastian.

Amabelle....Adjoa Andoh

Voice....Clara Sanabras

Justice of the Peace/Father....Antonio Gil-Martinez

Fr Romain/Man Rapidou/Yves....Patrick Miller

Man Denise....Noma Dumezweni

05 LASTReturn20061110

Amabelle faces the truth that Sebastian will not return and bids goodbye to her old life as she returns to the river to join the dead.

Amabelle....Adjoa Andoh

Yves....Patrick Miller

Man Rapidou....Noma Dumezweni

Jeep Driver....Antonio Gil-Martinez

Valencia....Clara Sanabras

Director Deborah Paige.