Fantasies And Flipsides

A week of contemporary short stories.


01Keep Mum20030428

By Michele Roberts.

A poignant study of a less than ideal mother-and-daughter relationship.

Read by Eleanor Bron

02Remote Control20030429

by Polly Samson.

Harry seems to be keener on his TV than his family, according to the loquacious feline Cato.

03The In-law - And - The Mysterious Anxiety Of Them And Us2003043020040912

By Ben Okri

Two unsettling stories from this Booker Prize-winning writer.

The In-Law explores mistaken identity, and The Mysterious Anxiety of Them and Us explores themes of paranoia and guilt.

Read by Colin Mcfarlane


by Catherine Mant.

A maid's attempts to set up an assignation with a dashing stable lad are interrupted.

Read by Emily Chennery

05 LASTA Bolivian Fable20030502

By Niall Williams.

A young man dreams of a prosperous future, but commits a shocking act to achieve it.

A story of faith, read by Stephen Hogan