The Family Tree



Popular culture researcher Rebecca Monroe looks back over the lives of her mother and her grandmother and finds mistaken marriages, untimely deaths, and dubiously fathered children.

According to her husband, Alistair Betterton, it's all in the genes - but Rebecca isn't so sure.

  • cathy....claire cage
  • cedric....Burt Caesar
  • doreen....Penny Downie
  • grandpa herbert....howell evans
  • james....Richard Mitchley
  • kenneth....richard nichols
  • nanna alicia....Colette O'neil
  • peter....Dick Bradnum
  • producer/director kate mcall
  • rebecca....Siriol Jenkins
  • suzanne - alex alderton
  • tiffany....Heidi Woodrow
  • adapted for radio by.... - jennifer howarth
  • by.... - carole cadwalladr

  • 0220060613

    Popular culture researcher Rebecca Monroe continues to look back on her 70s childhood.

    Like the time that her mother, Doreen, nearly knocked the house down in an attempt to make a through room, and Rebecca and her sister Tiffany had to go to stay with Nanna Alicia, where the first of several family secrets were revealed.


    After an afternoon of watching old episodes of Dallas, Rebecca Monroe realises some truths about her own childhood, and her mother's unpredictable behaviour.

    On a visit to Nanna Alicia, she learns a tragic secret.


    After a visit to her husband's research lab, Popular Culture Researcher Rebecca Monroe looks back on the royal wedding - and the most extraordinary day in the lives of everyone in her family.

    05 LAST*20060616

    Rebecca Monroe finishes her thesis but the prospect of a new baby, a death, and a surprise reappearance jolt her into much more dramatic decisions about her life.