Family Money

Hannah Gordon reads Nina Bawden's psychological thriller which tells the story of recently-widowed Fanny Pye, and how her life is changed when she intervenes to stop a street brawl.

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Fanny's memory plays tricks as she tries to recall the brawl.

Her grown-up children, Harry and Isabel, struggle to come to terms with their changed and frightened mother.


When Fanny is discharged from hospital, her children Harry and Isabel are concerned about how she will cope at home on her own.


Harry and Isabel are concerned for Fanny's future when she decides to sell up and give some of the proceeds to her good friend, and home help, Ivy Trench.

Meanwhile, is someone watching her?


After her house catches fire, Fanny's plans to sell up are put on hold.

As her neighbours gather in the street as the fire is put out, she sees the man from the canal boat in the crowd - but why is he there?


A conversation with Isabel about what happened the night she witnessed the murder of Andrew Hobbes leaves Fanny perturbed.

Are her recollections of that night returning?


Fanny struggles with the fear that engulfs her following her encounter at the library with the man from the canal boat.

Why does this meeting trigger memories of the night she witnessed the murder?


A surprise encounter with a childhood friend of Delia's distracts Fanny from her preoccupation with Jake, the young man from the canal boat.


Is Jake's visit the act of a solicitous neighbour or is there something more menacing in his intentions?

Is Jake's visit the act of a solicitous neighbour or something more menacing?


The departure of Jake and his canal boat has unexpected consequences for Fanny.

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Jake's threatened return spurs Fanny into action, and she makes some decisions that surprise those closest to her.