Family Affairs

Five explorations of the variety of relationships that make up family.


AR01Steven's Baby20051017

By Dann Casswell.

A pregnant woman puts off telling her husband the news, fearful of destroying his dreams of having a chip shop.

Read by Lisa Coleman

AR02Fishing Buddies20051018

Written by Rachel Fixsen.

Since his wife left him, Colin has lived for his Sundays, fishing with his best friend.

But how good a friend is Jeremy?

Read by Peter Ellis.

AR03Still Life, Real Life20051019

Written by Penny Aldred.

A woman's life is changed when she sees herself through the lens of a photographer.

Read by Barbara Kellerman.

AR04The Watercress Wife20051020

Written by Tamar Hodes.

Gideon's love of flowers and delicious food comes from his beloved mother and idyllic childhood.

The woman he marries, however, is very different..

Read by Stephen Perring.

AR05 LASTMrs Glover's Tea-leaves20051021

Written by Jill Miller.

Mr Glover was everything to his wife, and they had no friends.

Now he's dead, and she begins to discover a new way to live.

Read by Carolyn Pickles