Fame In The Family

Having a famous parent can be both a blessing and a curse.




Penny Junor talks to the son of writer Malcolm Bradbury.

0101Jackie Stewart2007070520070707
20071230 (RS)

Penny Junor talks to Paul Stewart about life with his father, Sir Jackie Stewart.

0102R D Laing2007071220070714
20080106 (RS)

Penny Junor talks to Adrian Laing about life with his father, the psychoanalyst RD Laing.

0103Jim Henson2007071920070721
20080113 (RS)

Penny Junor talks to the daughter of Muppets legend Jim Henson.

0104Lee Miller And Roland Penrose2007072620070728
20080120 (RS)

Penny Junor talks to the son of Surrealists Lee Miller and Roland Penrose.

0105Malcolm Bradbury2007080220070804

Penny Junor talks to the son of writer Malcolm Bradbury.

0106Martin Taylor2007080920070811
20080203 (RS)

Penny Junor talks to the son of jazz guitarist Martin Taylor.

0107 LASTPru Leith2007081620070818
20080210 (RS)

Penny Junor talks to the daughter of restaurateur Pru Leith.

0201Henry Moore2007111120080423 (RS)
20080424 (RS)

In today's programme Mary Moore talks about life with her father, Henry, one of the world's most celebrated sculptors.

0202Tom Conti20071118

This week her guest is the ventriloquist Nina Conti, daughter of Shirley Valentine actor Tom Conti.

0203Eric Linklater20071125

She talks to Andro Linklater about life as the son of writer Eric Linklater and how it has shaped his own writing career.

0204Peter Alliss20071202

This episode features anecdotes from the fairway as Penny Junor talks to Gary Alliss about being the son of golfer and broadcaster Peter Alliss.

0205Pat Barker20071209

Penny Junor talks to writer Anna Ralph, daughter of Booker Prize-winner Pat Barker.

She discovers that despite being in the same line of work, they are anything but rivals.

0206Ian Curtis20071216

Penny Junor talks to Natalie Curtis about being the daughter of Joy Division singer Ian Curtis, who killed himself when she was only one.

Natalie explains how she has grown up surrounded by his music and memories.

0207 LASTOscar Wilde20071223

In the last of the current series Penny Junor talks to Merlin Holland, the grandson of Oscar Wilde, about his family's struggle to come to terms with Wilde's disgrace.