False Servant, The

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Programme Catalogue - Details: 16 June 198919900216First broadcast on 1989-06-16|Producer: P.|KAVANAGH|Description|Copyright and performance fee A chateau in 18th century France.|Dressed as a man, a rich Parisienne has accompanied her unwitting fiance Lelio, to the country.|She wants to keep an eye on him suspecting his romantic interest in their hostess...|Subject Categories|drama programmes (genre)|Broadcast history|16 Jun 1989 21:25-23:00 (RADIO 3)|16 Feb 1990 21:30-23:00 (RADIO 3)|Contributors|Christopher Godwin (Actor)|Tom Watt (Actor)|Ken Cumberlidge (Actor)|Tim Mcinnerny (Actor)|Imogen Stubbs (Actor)|Janet Mcteer (Actor)|Pierre de Marivaux (Author)|Peter Kavanagh (Producer)|Michael Sadler (tr)|Recorded on 1989-05-02.