Faith, Hope And Charity




First of a trilogy by Michael Duke.

Mairi has fallen in love with a man whom she has never met.

Her friends, however, are sceptical, and they might be right.

Another chance to hear Michael Duke's widely-praised trilogy of interlinked plays.



Mairi lives in a top floor flat, mostly happily, always alone.

Lately she listens to the man downstairs: Singing as he cooks lunch; arriving and leaving; showering.

She knows his CD collection; she hears him on the phone; she likes his laugh - but she's never actually seen him.

Her friends begin to worry that she's developing an obsession.

Mairi's losing it and she won't be saved.

When she finally meets the man, she's certain that there's something between them - they laugh together, he invites her to dinner, and Mairi returns to her friends triumphant.

She borrows clothes for the date, comes downstairs at the appointed time, and knocks on his door and it's now that Mairi's faith in the man existence begins to look like nothing more than pure folly.

Mairi....Julie Austin

Duncan....Gary Lewis

Tina....Julie Duncanson

Mr Ferguson....Peter Grimes

Mrs Ferguson....Deirdre Davis

Hilary....Eliza Langland.



Second of a trilogy by Michael Duke.

Vincent's experience of the Troubles in Northern IRELAND was painful.

Julia has her own secret reasons for wanting to know more.

By Michael Duke.



Vincent's willingness to talk about his painful experience of the Troubles in Northern IRELAND has made him a media celebrity but brought him no personal peace dividend.

Julia has her own secret reasons for wanting to know what life is worth in the shadow of those who died.

They seem, on the surface at least, to make a hopeless pair.

Vincent....Richard Dormer

Julia....Wendy Seager

Stewart....Steven Mcnicoll

Duncan....Gary Lewis

Interviewer....Peter Grimes

Father....James Bryce

Directed by Patrick Rayner

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Final part of a trilogy by Michael Duke.

Robin's wife is fed up with his dull and unromantic nature.

To save his marriage, he embarks upon a Good Samaritan mission.