Facing The Ocean

Archaeologist Barry Cunliffe begins a four-part series exploring the lives of ancient peoples who lived on Europe's Atlantic coasts.



How facing the Atlantic shaped the thought, beliefs and cultures of those who lived on the coast, and how ideas, goods and people moved up and down the Atlantic seaways.

02Life And Death20010217

How the rich variety of food available on the coast changed both life and death for the first settlers - including the significance of the tomb chambers at Maes Howe on Orkney and Barenes in Brittany.

03Raiding And Trading20010224

He travels to Orkney to trace the voyages of the Vikings and looks at how other peoples on the Atlantic seaways have taken to the ocean in search of wealth over the past 6,000 years.

04 LASTInfinity20010303

He considers the impact of looking out on the endless sea upon early Western European ways of thinking about life and death.