Eye To The Telescope [Radio Scotland]



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When KT Tunstall was a little girl, her physicist father used to take her to the St Andrews Observatory, so beginning the lifelong fascination with space travel which inspired her first album Eye To The Telescope.

She's not alone. From the early days of the space programme, artists have been intrigued by the wonders of the universe, and the possibility of intelligent life beyond earth, as well as the implications for the future. While astronauts explored the boundaries of space, musicians realised they could explore new musical frontiers and started experimenting with recording techniques and synthesisers.

Set against a soundtrack of music inspired by space, this is KT Tunstall's personal take on our continuing fascination with the final frontier. Contributors include Paul Hartnoll of Orbital, Scottish band The Aliens, Dave Brock of Hawkwind and the writer and film critic, Kim Newman.