An Expert In Murder

Murder mystery by Nicola Upson set in 1934, blending fact with fiction.



Murder mystery by Nicola Upson set in 1934, blending fact with fiction.

Scottish crime writer Josephine Tey is on her way to London for the final week of her hit play Richard of Bordeaux.

On board, she meets a young fan, but tragedy awaits at King's Cross.


A grisly murder has been committed at King's Cross.

The clues lead Inspector Penrose reluctantly to his old acquaintance Josephine Tey.


The investigation leads Penrose into the theatre world of London's West End.


Penrose waits for the opportunity to speak to impresario Bernard Aubrey, but tragedy is about to strike at the theatre.


Penrose is nowhere near catching the murderer, and he is anxious that Josephine could be the next victim.


Penrose suspects that the war may hold the key to his double murder investigation.

Hedley White, one of the chief suspects, reappears.


Hedley has asked his friend Rafe Swinburne to provide him with an alibi for the time of Elspeth's murder.

Penrose is yet to be convinced that Josephine was not the intended victim.


Elspeth's adoptive mother Alice Simmons arrives in London and provides Penrose with a link between the past and the present.


Penrose has discovered a link between Elspeth and Bernard, but what he has yet to find out is the identity of the murderer.

Vital information comes from a very unexpected source.

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Josephine and Marta find themselves in mortal danger.

Marta has made a ghastly discovery as the investigation closes in on the murderer.