Everyday Story Of Afghan Folk, An



When Kashmala asserts her widow's right not to marry again, Akbar Khan is furious.

Mashal Khan does not want to marry his brother's widow as tradition dictates. And Kashmala asserts her widow's right to choose, persuading her father to argue her case at the village jirga.

But the case doesn't get that far.

When Akbar Khan learns he is being opposed he sets out to find her and settle matters with his gun. Kashmala must flee, with her father, Sardar Aka, and his two wives. They set off behind Mewa Gul to the village they left long ago during the fighting. For older wife Gulnara this is fine as she has land and family in the old village. But younger Sakina feels she is losing everything. As for Kashmala, she relishes this new beginning.

An Everyday Story of Afghan Folk is a slice of village life from the wild, mountainous Pakistan-Afghan borders where the only law is tribal law and there is no road, electricity or phone - and warlords are hard to contain. It is based on characters and storylines from PACT Radio's daily soap, made by and for Afghans.

Based on a PACT Radio production led by John Butt

Written and directed in the UK by Liz Rigbey

Sound design by David Chilton

Music by Olivia Thomas

Executive Producer: John Dryden

Producer: Anne-Marie Cole

An Above the Title production for BBC Radio 4.