By Fanny Burney.

1: The Orphan.

A letter from the grandmother whom she has never met and an invitation from aristocratic friends bring an end to Evelina's seclusion in the country.


By Fanny Burney.

2: The Big City.

Evelina meets a collection of fops, dandies, and the dashing Lord Orville.

But an unwelcome surprise is in the offing.


By Fanny Burney.

3: A Family Found.

Evelina is disappointed with her grandmother's vulgarity and her boisterous London relatives.

With Laura Doddington


By Fanny Burney.

4: The Highwaymen.

Evelina is an unwitting participant in a mischievous trick played on her grandmother, and a reluctant recipient of a declaration of love.


By Fanny Burney.

5: The Branghtons.

Evelina is obliged to stay with her grandmother, and is embarrassed by her new-found relatives.

With Laura Doddington, Stephanie Cole


By Fanny Burney.

6: The Mysterious Lodger.

Evelina has a dramatic encounter with a desperate young man in her relatives' house.

With Laura Doddington


By Fanny Burney.

7: The Pleasure Gardens.

An evening out with her relatives turns into a disaster for Evelina.

With Laura Doddington, Stephanie Cole, Chris Harris, Ian Kelly


By Fanny Burney.

8: The Agony of Embarrassment.

Evelina's misfortunes increase when her family take advantage of her friendship with Lord Orville.

With Laura Doddington


By Fanny Burney.

9: To the Hotwells.

Evelina has arrived in Bristol, where she discovers some astonishing news about her father.

With Laura Doddington, Ian Kelly, John Mackay

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By Fanny Burney.

10: A Happy Ending.

A reconciliation and an offer of marriage bring Evelina's adventures to an end.

With Laura Doddington, Ian Kelly, John Mackay, Mark Buffery.