The Europe Of The Mind


01Founded On Faith20050817

Christianity has remained a potent force shaping ideas of European unity.

Visiting Aachen, home of Charlemagne, and Cordoba, the scene of extraordinary Christian, Jewish and Muslim encounters, historian Mia Rodriguez-Salgado reveals how religion moulded the way Europeans thought about their continent.

02Restless Europeans20050818

The Middle Ages get a bad press, depicted as years of stagnation, constant warring and - worst of all - the black death.

But medieval historian Miri Rubin has a very different view.

She argues that these years are, in fact, the time when modern Europe was born.

Miri visits some of Europe's great medieval cities and hears how constant migrations during this period transformed the cultural face of Europe, bringing new institutions, social hierarchies and attitudes that have changed little to this day.

03 LASTEastern Promise20050819

Historian and author Misha Glenny travels to the heart of the old Ottoman Empire, Istanbul, to explore Europe's next phase of expansion - admitting Turkey to the most powerful Christian club in history, the EU.

We follow the fall of the mighty Ottoman Empire and the rise of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's modern Republic.

Can Turkey cross over to the West?