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Previous in series: 27 January 1967


SBH:The Government's industrial trouble- shooter interviewed about his work.

Interviewer: Geoffrey Green.

From a programme in the series Enterprise.

PRE:Regards his job as trying to find answers to problems in industrial relations.

Career in this sphere will be limited as will come a time when people lose their faith in him.

Works for Ministry of Labour and receives a daily fee.

Strikes have no common basic cause and circumstances differ in each case.

His method is to have frank discussions with all parties, and needs to exercise patience.

NTS:Jack Scamp (NF).


SBH:The printer interviewed on the 200 year history of his family business in Banbury, Oxfordshire.

Interviewer: Tom Coyne.

Broadcast history

27 Oct 1967 00:00-00:00 (RADIO 4)


Geoffrey Green (int)

Tom Coyne (int)

Jack Scamp (Speaker)

John Cheney (Speaker)

Notes: CAIRS 291146 291148.

Programme Catalogue - Details: 07 November 199019901107

Producer: G.


Next in series: 14 November 1990

Previous in series: 28 September 1989

Broadcast history

07 Nov 1990 20:15-20:45 (RADIO 4)

Recorded on 1990-10-27

Programme Catalogue - Details: 14 November 199019901114

Producer: M.


Next in series: THE WINNERS

Previous in series: 07 November 1990

Broadcast history

14 Nov 1990 20:15-20:45 (RADIO 4)

Recorded on 1990-11-03

Programme Catalogue - Details: The Winners19901128

Producer: G.


Next in series: 03 November 1991

Previous in series: 14 November 1990


SBH:Enterprise 90 - special programme to announce the winners of the 1990 Radio Times/Radio 4 Enterprise awards for small businesses: J & T Products & Seabait Ltd.

Speeches & ints.

Broadcast history

28 Nov 1990 20:15-20:45 (RADIO 4)


Neil Kinnock (Speaker)

Hugh Sykes (Speaker)

Duke Hussey (Speaker)

Michael Green (Speaker)

Peter Cowin (Speaker)

Jean Denton (Speaker)

Ian Holland (Speaker)

Peter Olive (Speaker)

Terry Dixon (Speaker)

Vicky Ambrose (Speaker)

John Mccammon (Speaker)

Peter Welsford (Speaker)

Michael Hartley (Speaker)

Trevor Moffet (Speaker)

Notes: CAIRS 444016