Enter One In Sad Green


Genome: [r4 Bd=19900701]

Unknown: Monty Haltrecht

Producer: John Knight.

Programme Catalogue - Details: 30 October 198819900701

First broadcast on 1988-10-30

Producer: KNIGHT, J


The Jew first appeared in English drama as a userer & the object of vilification at a time when, in fact, there were no Jews in England.

Monty HALTRECHT examines the way in which the Jewish race has been presented in the

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documentaries (programme format)

theatre programmes (genre)

Broadcast history

30 Oct 1988 16:00-16:47 (RADIO 4)

01 Nov 1988 20:00-20:45 (RADIO 4)

01 Jul 1990 16:02-16:47 (RADIO 4)


Monty Haltrecht

John Knight (Producer)

Hugh Dickson (rdr)

June Barrie (rdr)

Martin Friend (rdr)

Anthony Hyde (rdr)

Jonathan Miller (Speaker)

Bryan Magee (Speaker)

Arnold Wesker (Speaker)

Bernard Kops (Speaker)

David Nathan (Speaker)

John Lahr (Speaker)

Irving Wardle (Speaker)

Glynne Wickham (Speaker)

Recorded on 1988-10-22