English Garden, The

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01Paradise Gardens20040604Sir Roy Strong explores the mystical, abstract and visionary gardens of faith, to find that everyone has a garden in their soul.
02Grand Designs20040611Sir Roy Strong rakes through the history of the great English landscape gardens and finds it's all about power.
0320040618Sir Roy Strong digs up how gardens and plants have inspired artists and craftspeople- from fine art to furnishings.
04A Suitable Occupation For A Lady20040625A brief look at English garden history could give you the impression that it was only men who were involved in the design and upkeep of our outdoors spaces at least until Gertrude Jekyll came along.|This programme celebrates women's achievements as garden designers, plant collectors, painters, writers, gardeners and patrons, from Elizabethan times to the present day.|At Gertrude Jekyll's garden at Munstead Wood, Sir Roy Strong faces a barrage of female garden writers and historians - Anna Pavord, Sue Bennett and Jane Brown - who bombard him with proof that behind (and sometimes in front) of the gardening men, there are great women.
05Pleasure Gardens20040702Sir Roy Strong is led astray with the naughtier side of garden history, from bosky bowers designed for dalliance to rumbustious events in public pleasure grounds.
06 LASTSmall Is Beautiful20040709Sir Roy Strong discovers that an English back garden isn't English at all - but we'll always stay a nation of gardeners.