The End Of The World



Dennis Marks, former general director of the English National Opera and long-time lover of Vienna, goes in search of the diverse roots of Vienna's cultural history.


How will the world end? Will we roast to death inside a shroud of greenhouse gases, or will life be extinguished as our planet's delicate ecological balance is upset? John Gribbin asks the experts.


by Danny Brocklehurst

It's 1983: the Cold War is raging; Thatcher is in goverment; Britain is in recession and seventeen year old Simon Miller, living in the shadow of Sellafield is haunted by fears of nuclear holocaust.

When he falls in love with Tasha, a beautiful anti-nuclear activist, he sees his chance to make a difference.

Simon - Bryan Dick

Tasha....Olivia Hallinan

Jo-Jo....Jake Norton

Kenneth....Neil Dudgeon

Liz - Jacqueline Leonard

Mickey - Aidan Parsons

Iain - John Catterall

Tina....Emma Hartley-Miller


Balvinder Sopal

Sergeant....Russell Richardson

Directed by Nadia Molinari.

Cold War-era coming of age play by Danny Brocklehurst, set in the shadow of Sellafield.