The End Of The Alphabet



Juliet Stevenson and David Haig star in an adaption of C S Richardson's The End of the Alphabet, a charming and thought provoking debut novel short-listed for the 2008 Commonwealth Writers' Prize.

"Those who knew him described Ambrose Zephyr as a better man than some.

Wanting a few minor adjustments, they would admit, but didn't we all.

His wife described him as the only man she had loved.

Without adjustment."

Ambrose Zephyr and Zappora Ashkenzai (known as Zipper) live contentedly in London, their world one of work, friends and their abiding love for each other, their routines settled and certain.

Until the day, sometime around his 50th birthday, that Ambrose learns that he has only one month to live.

In response he makes frantic plans to travel the globe, alphabetically, from Amsterdam to Zanzibar, with his beloved wife at his side.

And if he wants to travel at this time, she will go, wherever the journey takes them and whatever her own feelings may be.

Juliet Stevenson - Zipper

David Haig - Ambrose

Adam Godley - the Narrator/Freddie

Carolyn Pickles - Kitts/Pru.

Philip Fox - Doctor/Mr Umtata

Adaptor - Penny Leicester

Director - Di Speirs.

Juliet Stevenson and David Haig star in a poignant and delightful alphabetical romance.

A wife and her dying husband embark on a round-the-world journey.

Penny Leicester's adaptation of CS Richardson's novella.

When Ambrose finds out that he has just one month to live, he and Zipper, his loving wife, embark on a round-the-world journey, alphabetically, from Amsterdam to Zanzibar.

Zipper....Juliet Stevenson

  • ambrose....David Haig
  • doctor....Philip Fox

    directed by Di Speirs

  • freddie....Adam Godley
  • kitts....Carolyn Pickles
  • mr umtata....Philip Fox

    directed by Di Speirs

  • narrator....Adam Godley
  • pru....Carolyn Pickles