In 1971, Yves Saint Laurent stripped naked for a revolutionary photograph.

In 2002, he retired from fashion, declaring that after a lifetime of international fame, he'd learned that the greatest encounter in life is with oneself.

In 2013, Christopher Green took his pants off in Wembley to recreate that famous shot, at the start of a very personal encounter with fashion, fame, love, loss and legacy.

Expect songs, laughs, some of your actual French, a sizeable amount of nudity, a few tears, and the story of three missing men.

Written, narrated and composed by Christopher Green.

In conversation with Tom Lewis Russell, Alicia Drake, Kerry Taylor and Gabrielle Drake.

Actor Playing "Christopher" - Sam Alexander

Actor Playing "Pierre" - Sam Dale

Music played by Duncan Walsh Atkins and Anders Rye

Photograph by Tom Lewis Russell, after an original by Jean Loup Sieff.

Produced and directed by Jonquil Panting

Olivier-award winning entertainer Christopher Green is best known in his multiple personas as Country and Western Icon Tina C. (Tina C's Global Depression Tour), OAP Rap Artist Ida Barr (Artificial Hip Hop), and as The Singing Hypnotist. His many original projects for Radio 4 include Like An Angel Passing Through My Room (about his meeting with Anni-frid Lyngstad, aka Frida from Abba), Generation Electric, The Second Best Bed, and None of The Above. He's just completed a year as The British Library's first artist in residence and is currently on attachment to the National Theatre.