Embers [drama]



By Sandor Marai

What is the true nature of the bonds of friendship? How deep are those bonds when challenged by betrayal, passion, and a thirst for revenge? Patrick Stewart stars in this drama, adapted by Lou Stein from Sandor Marai's recent best-selling novel.

Set in a vast, perfectly preserved aristocratic Hungarian castle in 1940, a 75-year old career military man, Henrik (known simply as the General by his servants) patiently waits for a guest whom he has not seen for 41 years.

When his great childhood friend, Konrad, does appear, the General invites his guest to dine with him at the table which was last used 41 years ago, the day he discovered Konrad's passionate relationship with his young wife, Krisztina and his best friend's plan to kill him.

The moment has come for the General to take revenge on Konrad's betrayal of their friendship.

The General....Patrick Stewart

Nini....Sara Kestelman

Konrad....David Horovitch

Young General....Jamie Glover

Young Konrad/Gamekeeper/Servant....Laurence Kennedy

Krisztina....Jenny Agutter

Adapted by Lou Stein, from the book by Sandor Marai

Translation by Carol Brown Janeway

Original Music by Deirdre Gribbin

Directed by Lou Stein.