Elizabethan Beauty Law, The

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20051209By Lizzie Hopley.|England 1587, a year before the Spanish Armada.|Nervous new bride Florence Whitsheet is terrified that she won't live up to her husband's idealised image of her and has prepared for the wedding night.|But when the love-blind (and highly superstitious) Alistair discovers her fake hairpiece, intimate padding, several layers of face-paint and built-up shoes, he collapses in shock, calling for her arrest.|The devastated Flo is visited in jail by the Queen's Secretary, Lord Burghley.|Due to a need to curb Spanish influence in the country and control the escalating trend in female adornment, a new Beauty Law has been introduced.|Under this law, any woman who traps a man of the realm into marriage via sorcery of self-embellishment will be tried under the Witchcraft Act and if found guilty, sentenced to death.|Burghley/Landlord....John Rowe|Alistair....Tom Burke|Florence....Amanda Root|Albery/Sergeant....Toby Longworth|Wells....Alan Cox|Hollis....Lisa Moore|Elizabeth....Annette Badland|Director Lu Kemp.