The Elephant Man


Genome: [r4 Bd=19900331]

Unknown: Bernard Pomerance.

Unknown: Gerrard Murphy

Unknown: Jeremy Clyde

Unknown: Charles Kay

Unknown: Anna Massey.

Unknown: John Merrick

Song: Colin Snell.

Directed By: David Hitchinson

John Merrick: Gerrard Murphy

Frederick Treves: Jeremy Clyde

Carr Gomm: Charles Kay

Mrs Kendall: Anna Massey

Ross: John Hollis

Bishop: John Baddeley

Sandwich: Jennifer Piercey

Porter: Michael Tudor-Barnes

Lord John: Philip Sully

Duchess: Diana Olsson

Countess: Joan Walker

08Early Closing Day20150108 (BBC7)
20150109 (BBC7)

What will become of the animals - and the staff - when the zoo goes up for sale?

The Elephant Man was created by Debbie Barham. Under the pen-name D.A. Barham, she gently obscured her gender and youth to send scripts to BBC comedy programmes.

In 2003 Debbie Barham (1976 - 2003) tragically died from heart failure, due to anorexia, aged only 26. In her short, waspishly brilliant comedy writing life she had written for The News Huddlines, Spitting Image, The News Quiz, Weekending, Loose Ends and for Bob Monkhouse, Graham Norton, Rory Bremner and Clive Anderson amongst others.

Terry Lyon, assistant head keeper of struggling Southwood Zoo. His boss is the formidable 'management-speaking' Miss Stonewick and the head keeper in the taciturn Scot, Leonard. Terry is going through a divorce, his ex - Margaret - is now in a relationship with his friend Richard. He has had to move back in with his parents.