Elephant Keeper, The

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WH0120110606Tom's life is suddenly changed when his master buys two elephants at Bristol docks.|In this adaptation of Christopher Nicolson's vivid and dramatic novel, the central story is about the relationship between a boy and an elephant.|But this is no whimsical love story - it's about power, and how power and violence distort relationships.|It's about how the rich abuse the poor, and how humans abuse animals.|And yet, this is also a simple moving drama, told by a young man, about the defining love of his life.|Tom is 16 when the story opens, a simple West Country boy, the son of a groom on a country estate in the 18th century.|When his master acquires a pair of elephants, the job of keeper falls to him.|Overcoming his fears, Tom begins a relationship with the elephants which will change the course of his life.|Adapted for radio by Elizabeth Burke|CAST|Tom....Stuart McLoughlin|Lizzie....Sarah Ovens|Mr Harrington....Bertie Carvel|Mrs Harrington....Claire Cage|Dr Chisholm....Richard Mitchley|Producer: Kate McAll|BBC Cymru Wales.
WH0220110607Tom grows close to the elephants and gives them names, Jenny and Timothy.|In this second episode of our adaptation of Christopher Nicholson's novel, Tom grows close the elephants and gives them names - Jenny for the female and Timothy for the male.|But Timothy is approaching sexual maturity and having a frustrated and aggressive elephant on the estate proves difficult for Tom, though it provides much amusement for the other estate workers.|Then one night the elephants escape from their stables and run amok in the gardens of the Harrington Hall.|After that Mrs Harrington is determined that they should be sold.|Adapted for radio by Elizabeth Burke|Tom...|Stuart McLoughlin|Lizzie...|Sarah Ovens|Mr Harrington...|Bertie Carvel|Mrs Harrington...|Claire Cage|Producer: Kate McAll|BBC Cymru Wales.
WH0320110608Tom and Jenny the elephants are happy on kindly Lord Bidborough's estate.|In the third episode of our adaptation of Christopher Nicolson's novel, Tom and Jenny the elephant are living happily on Lord Bidborough's estate.|The old man is eccentric but kindly and takes great delight in the relationship between the boy and the elephant.|But then he falls ill and his son, Charles, arrives from abroad to take over the estate.|Charles likes to drink and begins to use 'rides on the elephant' as a way of seducing local women.|Uneasy and guilty, Tom is forced to be complicit in this but is bribed by Charles to keep quiet.|Adapted from the novel by Elizabeth Burke.|Tom...|Stuart McLoughlin|Lizzie...|Sarah Ovens|Lord Bidborough...|John Rowe|Mr Harrington...|Bertie Carvel|Charles Singleton...|Matthew Gravelle|Producer: Kate McAll|BBC Cymru Wales.
WH0420110609When Charles takes another young girl for a ride on the elephant, Tom is compelled to act.|When Charles, Tom's drunken master, offers to take another young girl for a 'ride on the elephant, Tom knows that he plans to rape her.|To save the girl he encourages Jenny the elephant to stampede.|The master is furious and lashes out at Tom with a metal hook, disfiguring him.|What happens next, in this fourth episode of our adaptation of Christopher Nicolson's powerful novel, propels Tom on a new and even more wretched path.|Adapted for radio by Elizabeth Burke|Tom...|Stuart McLoughlin|Charles Singleton...|Matthew Gravelle|Ellie...|Rebecca Newman|Alice...|Kate Sobey|Susan...|Grace Williams|Producer: Kate McAll|BBC Cymru Wales.
WH05 LAST20110610Tom and Jenny have joined a menagerie in London, but Tom dreams of a better life.|Tom has fled to London where he and Jenny the Elephant are working in a seedy Menagerie.|A country boy, he is shocked by the poverty and filth of the city.|Then one day he thinks he sees his old sweetheart, Lizzie, in the streets and follows her.|We soon see what this woman has become but for Tom in his loneliness and isolation, this is love.|In this final episode of our adaptation of Christopher Nicolson's novel, Tom begins to hatch a plan to take the elephant back to her former home, the Indies.|At last, he has hope of escape - of escaping England, his position in the class system, and all the violence and abuse - thanks to the elephant.|Adapted for radio by Elizabeth Burke|Tom...|Stuart McLoughlin|Lizzie...|Sarah Ovens|Lord Bidborough...|John Rowe|Mrs Harrington...|Claire Cage|Charles Singleton...|Matthew Gravelle|Producer: Kate McAll|BBC Cymru Wales.