Electronica Iii


Bbc Concert Orchestra: Electronica20110703

Electronica III, with the BBC Concert Orchestra

Presented by Jarvis Cocker

From the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London

Hearing is believing - Jarvis Cocker is your host, and with the BBC Concert Orchestra opens a box of electric delights designed to scatter sound to the outer limits.

BBC Concert Orchestra

Charles Hazlewood conductor.

Jarvis Cocker presents a concert focusing on the evolution of electric instruments.

Queen Elizabeth Hall (South Bank Centre), South Bank Centre Belvedere Road, London SE1 8XX

Jarvis Cocker presenter

Programme includes:

Graham Fitkin K1

Pulp arr.

Anne Dudley This is Hard Core

Javier Álvarez Overture and Pyramid

Nico Muhly Seeing is Believing

Patrick Nunn Fata Morgana for electric cello, orchestra and live electronics

Aphex Twin arr.

Patrick Nunn Nannou

Eduardo Miranda Sacra Conversazione

Andrew Poppy Revolution No.

8: Airport for Joseph Beuys

Edward Williams Suite from Life on Earth

Hearing is believing – Jarvis is your host, and plays Pulp’s This Is Hard Core with the BBC Concert Orchestra…

Hearing is an illusion – Andrew Poppy’s Revolution No.

8: Airport for Joseph Beuys wires the orchestra inside a box of electric delights designed to scatter sound to the outer limits.

Patrick Nunn connects an electric cello into shape shifting electronics that manipulate instrumental sounds into shimmering reflections in his Fata Morgana and gives Aphex Twin's Nannou an acoustic-twist.

From South America, Eduardo Miranda and Javier Álvarez demonstrate the alchemy of transmuting acoustic tones into electric gold…

Hearing is not believing what you see – Graham Fitkin’s Kaplan reminds us of the menacing antihero of Alfred Hitchcock’s thriller North By Northwest, a man who definitely doesn’t want you to know who he is.

Also hiding in the acoustic undergrowth, Edward Williams’ Suite from Life on Earth, music conceived for David Attenborough’s Life on Earth…

And Seeing is Believing: the title of young New York superstar composer Nico Muhly’s concerto for electric six-string violin and orchestra – electronica evoking celestial clouds and telescopic, foraging insects….