Electrifying - The History Of The Electric Guitar

Rick Parfitt presents a five-part series featuring five decades of the electric guitar and its defining role in pop music.



In this first programme he explores how the 50s - and players like Les Paul, Scotty Moore, BB King, Bo Diddley, James Burton and Buddy Holly - made guitar-based music that was to inspire a generation and play a key role in the creation of a new culture.


In this second programme, a look at the arrival of the blues in Britain in the 60s.


Programme three looks at how the guitar continued to predominate in the 70s particularly in the hands of Dave Hill and multimillion-selling Peter Frampton.

But all was not well in the music business, and punk was about to burst on to the scene.


Programme four discovers that the 80s were a lean time for the guitar as the synthesiser became the instrument of choice for many musicians.

However, it continued to play a central part in pop with people like Eddie Van Halen and Mark Knopfler and with bands like Simple Minds and U2.

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This final programme discovers how the advent of Brit Pop in the 90s gave a boost to the instrument, and how the continued popularity of the blues set the seal on fifty years of the electric guitar.