East Neuk Festival 2014


01Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert20140902

The Gould Piano Trio, Llyr Williams and Malin Christensson present a selection of songs and chamber music from the Schubertiad Day at the East Neuk Festival

Schubert: Die Forelle

Schubert: Ganymed

Schubert: Piano Trio D.929

Llyr Williams, piano

Malin Christensson, soprano

Gould Piano Trio.

02Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert20140903

Pianist Christian Zacharias joins with Corina Belcea and Antoine Lederlin from the Belcea Quartet to perform Schubert's B flat Trio and soprano Malin Christensson, Maximilliano Martin and Llyr William come together for a delightfully flirtatious Shepherd on the Rock.

Piano Trio in B flat, D898

Der Hirt auf dem Felsen, D965

Christian Zacharias, piano

Corina Belcea, violin

Antoine Lederlin, cello

Malin Christensson, soprano

Maximiliano Martin, clarinet

Llyr Williams, piano.

03Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert20140904

Pianist Llyr Williams and the Belcea Quartet contribute to the Schubertiad at the East Neuk Festival's Schubertiad with Four Impromptus and the lyrical Rosamunde Quartet respectively.

Schubert: Four Impromptus

Schubert: String Quartet in A minor 'Rosamunde'

Llyr Williams, piano

Belcea Quartet.

04 LASTRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert20140905

Christian Zacharias ends this year's Schubertiad at the East Neuk Festival with the final piano sonata ever written by Schubert, preceded by three songs of youth and love by Swedish soprano Malin Christenssen and pianist Llyr Williams.

Schubert: Der Musensohn

Schubert: Das Rosenband

Schubert: Die junge Nonne

Schubert: Sonata in B flat for piano solo, D960

Malin Christenssen, soprano

Llyr Williams, piano

Christian Zacharias, piano.