Ears Wide Open

Five plays all set in the dark.


01Soft And Gooey20050530

When a student carries out a test measuring the power of suggestion on her blindfolded ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend, she decides to play some rather nasty games.

  • ben....Carl Prekopp
  • robyn....emily joyce
  • steph....Helen Longworth
  • by.... - sheila goff
  • directed by.... - liz webb

  • 02In The Dark20050531

    Recently dumped Diane discovers herself at a 'blind' party, where singles mingle in the dark, with nothing to go on but the sound of each other's voices.

  • diane....anne-marie duff
  • fliss....miranda hart
  • kenny....simon trinder
  • by.... - van badham
  • directed by.... - liz webb

  • 03Surprise, Surprise!20050601

    Inside a giant cardboard cake, we wait with Abi as she is about to leap out and surprise her partner Marcus on their joint 40th birthday.

    Full of uncertainty about the future, she is joined in the cake by an unexpected guest.

  • abi....bharti patel
  • directed by - Peter Leslie Wild
  • miss homebake....Alison Carney
  • by.... - charlotte goodwin

  • 04Float On20050602

    Newly single Dave checks into a flotation tank for a session that proves to be far from relaxing.

  • daisy....katy carmichael
  • dave....Robert Webb
  • hal....Nicholas Boulton
  • by.... - - - trevor lloyd
  • directed by.... - - - claudine toutoungi

  • 05 LASTThe Nocturnalist20050603

    Part verse, part comic, fairly surreal and spookily atmospheric.

    This is the tale of two zoo-keepers on the night shift during a power failure.

  • by - Lavinia Murray
  • directed by - Pauline Harris
  • keeper hardwick....rachel davies
  • keeper triggs....bernard wrigley