Driven By Oil

Oil has meant mastery throughout the 20th Century. It is the world's biggest and most pervasive business, and 'the' strategic commodity on the world stage.


01When Will The Tap Run Dry20060904

Tom Mangold explores the biggest debate facing the oil industry today - will we run out of oil, and if so, when?

02The China Syndrome20060911

Tom Mangold looks at the new demand for oil and the impact of emerging economies such as China and India upon the industry and world politics. Will the West come into conflict with these new consumers, and will power increasingly fall into the hands of less democratic regimes?

03Big Oil, An Energy Pearl Harbor20060918

Is the oil market like a ship riding too high in the water? It would take very little to destabilise the world's oil supplies, but who would be the winners - and losers? Tom Mangold finds out just what the risks really are.

04 LASTKicking The Oil Habit20060925

Tom Mangold looks at the alternatives that might help the world break its addiction to oil. The most pressing need is to find an alternative that will still drive motor cars and sustain the mobility of hundreds and thousands of people across the world. Can this be achieved or are we already too late?