Dreaming Alice

Contemporary writers give a twist to Alice in Wonderland.



By Kathy Page.

Alice's summer is already complicated by the prospect of a holiday with Dad and his new partner.

Then there's her Science homework and she has a headache.

It's enough to make anyone feel dizzy.

Read By Susan Jameson

AR02Fourth Of July, 18622005060720051228

written and read by Patrick Gale.

At 18, Rhoda is beginning to feel like an old maid.

Constantly eclipsed by her enchanting younger sister, she's so desperate that she's prepared to consider the charms of The Mathematician.

AR03Looking Glass2005060820051229

By Preethi Nair.

Alice has no time for breakfast, no time to grieve for her mother, no time for anything...

until an escaped rabbit propels her into someone else's life.

Read by Rebecca Smart.

AR04Sentence First2005060920051230

By Philip Gross.

'A fancy dress party! I had a vision of a whole room full of white rabbits, walruses and carpenters standing round me saying "What are you supposed to be?"'

Read by Manon Edwards.

AR05 LASTMabel2005061020051231

By Sara Maitland.

Mabel has to answer a set of questions every day.

The day of the week isn't too difficult - always worth a guess.

The hard one is "What's your name"?

Read by Daphne Neville.

Producer Christine Hall.