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01Fantasy And Jealousy20080915 (BBC7)
20080916 (BBC7)

Paul Rhys reads Arthur Schnitzler's psychological exploration of a marriage.

0220080916 (BBC7)
20080917 (BBC7)

Fridolin, disturbed by the revelation of his wife's fantasy, sets out into the Viennese night to explore his own desires.

0320080917 (BBC7)
20080918 (BBC7)

A chance meeting and an old friend tells Fridolin of a secret masked ball where revellers cavort with beautiful naked women.

0420080918 (BBC7)
20080919 (BBC7)

Fridolin has endangered his marriage and reputation on the streets of Vienna, but now risks his own life pursuing his fantasy.

0520080919 (BBC7)
20080920 (BBC7)

Having infiltrated a secret masked ball where the female revellers are naked, Fridolin is discovered and must face his hosts.

0620080922 (BBC7)
20080923 (BBC7)

The revelation of Albertine's dream sends Fridolin deeper into chaos as he tries to unravel the mystery of the previous evening. Episode 6 of 8.

0720080923 (BBC7)
20080924 (BBC7)

Fridolin returns to the house of the masked ball to find the mysterious woman who saved his life, and has an unpleasant surprise. Episode 7 of 8.

08 LAST20080924 (BBC7)
20080925 (BBC7)

Arthur Schnitzler's exploration of jealousy and desire reaches its disturbing conclusion.

Read by Paul Rhys.