Drama inspired by DH Lawrence's The Virgin and the Gypsy. Dramatised by Dan Allum.

D H Lawrence's The Gypsy

Drama inspired by D H Lawrence's The Virgin and the Gypsy. Handsome gypsy Joe and his family arrive in the small countryside village of Papplewick one summer looking for work. It isn't long before Joe is drawn the to the local Rector's daughter. A tale of desire and repression set during interwar England.

Written by Dan Allum
Directed by Charlotte Riches.

13a, 13b2015042920151226 (R4)

When Jess turns up in the seat next to Phil on a flight to Rome, it soon becomes clear that it's not a coincidence. But even the best-laid plans can be derailed by mysterious strangers and a fear of flying. Romcom by award-winning playwright Peter Souter.

Director Alison Hindell

Peter Souter's best-known radio play is Goldfish Girl which won both the Sony Gold and the Tinniswood Award. He has written extensively for Radio 4 and for ITV wrote Married, Single, Other. His debut stageplay Hello/Goodbye was produced at the Hampstead Theatre and was a development of a radio play called That's Mine, This is Yours.

Ruth Jones became a household name starring in Gavin and Stacey which she co-wrote with James Corden. Previously she had appeared in many radio and stage plays and featured in Fat Friends on ITV for which she subsequently also wrote. She is currently filming the fourth series of Stella which she created, stars in and produces for Sky.

Stephen Tompkinson began his acting career on radio and rapidly became a well-known tv star in Ballykissangel. He has rarely been absent from television since, most recently starring in DCI Banks on ITV, as well as making frequent radio and stage appearances including Spamalot and A Book by Lester Tricklebank.

BBC Cymru Wales production.

When Jess turns up in the seat next to Phil on a flight to Rome, it soon becomes clear that it's not a coincidence. But even the best-laid plans can be derailed by mysterious strangers and a fear of flying. New romcom by award-winning playwright Peter Souter.

Peter Souter's best-known radio play is Goldfish Girl which won both the Sony Gold and the Tinniswood Award. He has written extensively for Radio 4 and for ITV wrote Married, Single, Other. His recent debut stage play Hello/Goodbye was produced at the Hampstead Theatre and was a development of a radio play called That's Mine, This is Yours.


by Sarah Wooley

In 1977 the bestselling children's novel Watership Down was made into an animated film. Malcolm Williamson, Master of the Queens music, had been hired as the film's composer. But all was not well. Williamson, a notoriously difficult and complicated man, was under extreme pressure; it was the Queens jubilee year and he was over commissioned. When the film's conductor, Marcus Dods, arrived looking for the film's score he found to his horror that all that existed were two small sketches of music which amounted to no more than seven minutes of screen time. With an expensive orchestra and recording studio booked for the following week, the film's future looked to be in jeopardy. In desperation he turned to the one person he knew could help; composer and arranger Angela Morley. But she, for her own reasons, was going to need some persuading...

Directed by Gaynor Macfarlane.

79 Birthdays20160107

One of the first pieces of radio drama was broadcast in 1928 under the title 'Kaleidoscope'. It told the story of one 'ordinary' British man's life - then 70 years - in sound. No recording or script of that original broadcast now exists, but the idea has always intrigued poet Michael Symmons Roberts. Now, as the average male lifespan in Britain reaches 79, this drama takes up the challenge, telling the story of Jimmy through significant birthdays on the road to his 79th.

Jimmy loses his life before it begins when he's being born. A guardian angel, Leila is waiting for him. Jimmy is desperate to know what would have happened to him had he been born. After a lot of persuasion, Leila grants Jimmy his wish, showing him his life as he spools through his birthdays, playing out the key moments in full.

Produced in Salford by Susan Roberts.

A Book By Lester Tricklebank20150403

by Richard Lumsden

Lester has never left home, maybe because he's got a secret that's too big to carry around the world, maybe because he loves Derbyshire too much. But now its time to tell all so Lester decides to face up to the past and write a book. But where to start?

A Greek Drama20151218

This summer, as Greece and its creditors argued over the terms of a bailout, the fate of nations - and perhaps the whole European project - was held in the hands of just a few people. They met behind closed doors. There, in secrecy, they took each other, and all of us, to the very edge of the abyss.

This original drama, tells the inside story of those extraordinary months.

Music: Sacha Puttnam

Sound Design: Steve Bond

Sound Editor:James Morgan

Writer: Matthew Solon

Researcher: Chloe Hadjimatheou

Director: John Dryden

Producer: Emma Hearn

Executive Producer: Richard Knight

A Goldhawk and BBC Radio Current Affairs production for BBC Radio 4.

A History Of Paper20160126

By Oliver Emanuel

A man goes through a cardboard box. Each piece of paper he picks out holds a memory. Pieced together the memories tell the story of an everyday and extraordinary love affair.

Folded into that is a brief, and sometimes fictional, history of paper.

Starring Mark Bonnar and Lucy Gaskell

Directed by Kirsty Williams.

A Northern Soul20150218

Two men settle old scores, 35 years after their involvement in the Northern Soul scene.

It's 1978 and the Northern Soul scene is at its peak. UK Manufacturing is thriving, Unions are strong, and blue-collar labourers have money in their pockets. Working class black Americans have moved from the Deep South to work in the car factories of Detroit and what has emerged from them is a new kind of soul music - upbeat, rhythmic and aspirational. British car factory workers have also found that the music's mood and rhythm speaks for them and Northern Soul has become an exclusive music and dance scene with its own code and culture, focussing on Friday all-nighters.

Mark, a 17-year-old, middle class lad, gets his first job - in a car factory in Wolverhampton. Super cool factory worker Jerry introduces him to Northern Soul and Mark is hooked. He wants to be a part of it - the music, clothes, and all-nighters. Winning Jerry's friendship, he asks to go to Wigan Casino, voted the best club in the world - but Jerry questions Mark's authenticity and is undecided whether to take him.

Thirty-five years later and Mark, now a married father and a journalist living in London, interviews Jerry about the end of the Northern Soul scene. For Jerry, the memories recall a tainted time of union power and working class freedoms confronted by the rise of the political right. For Mark, the memories hold emotional confusions. Buried hurts resurface between the two men and old scores are settled about class, music and identity.

Writer: Hattie Naylor

Director: Marc Jobst

A Pier production for BBC Radio 4.

A Sudden Surge20160324

by Jack Dickson

A 58-year old Glaswegian discovers the unexpected benefits of a sudden surge of hormones.

Gary McGuire likes a drink, is suspicious of hugging and never, ever, talks about his feelings. He's ripe for a life-changing experience and when he begins a course of anti-androgen therapy to shrink his prostate tumour, that's exactly what he gets. But how will his family and friends react when the hormones flood his system and this ordinary Scottish male begins to 'feel' - for the first time in his unreconstructed life?

Directed By Eilidh Mccreadie.

A World Elsewhere20150630

by Clara Glynn

Rida is a Glasgow teenager. Like a lot of teenagers she argues with her mum, stresses about exams and spends too long on her computer. But as a young Muslim the pressures that she faces in her life, and the escape that she dreams of online, may contain dangers she has yet to imagine.

This innovative radio drama all takes place in Rida's online world - the place where she feels she can most be herself. We listen to the YouTube clips she finds, her instant messaging with friends and the bloggers she reads.

A WORLD ELSEWHERE is a sensitive portrayal of one girl's path to radicalisation.

All other parts played by members of the cast.

Producer/director: David Ian Neville.


A Year At The Races2015040620151225 (R4)

By Neil Brand.

Nearing the end of his career Groucho Marx meets a young star-struck fan, who also happens to be a wisecracking horse doctor. Determined to keep her idol's star shining, she attempts to teach the old funny man some new comedy tricks.

A fast-talking comedy drama about fame and the lasting power of a witty-one-liner.

Directed by Helen Perry

A BBC Cymru Wales Production

This programme is available to UK listeners only.


by Becky Prestwich

When her son becomes increasingly obsessed with Judaism and disappears, Rosa, a die-hard atheist is forced to make a journey to Jerusalem. Her elderly father, David travels with her. They eventually make their way to the Meah She'arim district, the largest Haredim community in Israel, an Orthodox enclave, founded in the 19th Century. There is a clash of cultures which brings things to a head in Rosa's own family relationships with her father and her son. An affecting drama about three generations of a family and faith.

Produced and Directed by Pauline Harris.


All Mouth And Trousers20160427

Between 1966 and 1971, TV's first ecclesiastical comedy, All Gas and Gaiters was regularly enjoyed by over 10 million viewers. The series starred veteran farce actor Robertson Hare as the sherry-tippling Archdeacon, William Mervyn as the bombastic Bishop wedded to his comforts, Derek Nimmo in the role that made him a star as the Bishop's twittish Chaplain Noote, and John Barron as the stern, rule-bound Dean.

Mark Burgess's comedy features Pauline Devaney (78) and Edwin Apps (84) playing themselves. They recall being asked to submit a script to BBC TV's Comedy Playhouse slot by their friend, fledgling TV director Stuart Allen, and their subsequent struggle to create the fictional world of St. Ogg's Cathedral Close and its eccentric inhabitants. The pilot episode of what was to become All Gas and Gaiters was titled The Bishop Rides Again.

Not least of Pauline's problems was her concern that the almost exclusively male-dominated world of BBC Television in the 1960s would not take the comedic writing talents of a young woman seriously. For this reason (and the fact that both she and Edwin wished to keep acting careers and writing work separate), The Bishop Rides Again was submitted to the BBC under the pseudonym, John Wraith.

Frank Muir - then Head of Comedy - knew Wraith's true identity, but the eventual revelation of Pauline's significant contribution to the creative process was greeted with surprised amazement by BBC Light Entertainment executives and cast members alike.

Written by Mark Burgess

Director: David Blount

A Pier production for BBC Radio 4.

All That Fall20160326

A playful, mysterious journey of words and sounds - one of Samuel Beckett's most naturalistic plays, inspired by memories of his native Foxrock in Ireland.

All That Fall is a play about faltering journeys - an old woman sets out to greet her husband at the station on his birthday, only for events to take a deeply unsettling turn...

Tony Award-winner Bríd Brennan leads the cast as the unforgettable Maddy Rooney - crotchety and funny, self pitying and self-important, and defiant in her small, strained act of love. Beckett described his radio plays as "coming out of the dark".

Internationally acclaimed director Max Stafford-Clark takes the listener on a rare radiophonic journey. This production was created for the Happy Days Enniskillen International Beckett Festival and is now brought to Radio 4.

Written by Samuel Becket

Sound Design by Dyfan Jones

Directed by Max Stafford-Clark

An Out of Joint Theatre production and produced for radio by Catherine Bailey.

A Catherine Bailey production for BBC Radio 4.

Almost Like Being In Love20170418

Catriona Knox's coming-of-age comedy about love, gender-fluidity, cats and Judy Garland.


by Lenny Henry

A 'bonding' weekend in Amsterdam for Juliette, her teenage kids and her boyfriend goes pear-shaped in this new comedy drama.

Directed by Mary Peate

No stranger to Radio 4, this is Sir Lenny Henry's third original drama. His earlier plays for this network were the very well-received Corinne Come Back And Gone and Miss You Still.

An Open Return20160308

Anne Reid and Vincent Franklin star as mother and son in Daniel Thurman's new comedy. It's been 30 years since they last saw each other when Ian suddenly turns up at the parental home. A man on a mission, he soon finds out that things have changed in ways he could never have imagined.

Directed by Toby Swift.

Another Life20150706

Two strangers bump into each other in the bread aisle of the local supermarket. It's a meeting that will mark both their lives in unexpected places and unexpected ways.

Both are currently following the map of their lives, Glenn makes marble kitchen tops and is married to Claire, surrounded by the monotonous demands of family life, and Suzanne is married to psychotherapist Guy who is definitely 'on the verge'.

An encounter with an attractive stranger releases butterflies in your belly. That attractive stranger is now talking to you and you just can't stop yourself from imagining what their life's like - how their life could revitalize yours and how your new life together would be the answer to all your questions.

It just so happens that this stranger's inventing a version of your life too.

Fast forward ten years and they are reminded of what could have been in 'Another Life'.

Starring Stephen Tompkinson and Natasha Little with Adrian Lukis and Beth Goddard.

A Pier production for BBC Radio 4.


A psychological thriller by BAFTA-winning writer Trevor Preston. Ruth was a successful investigative journalist until a terrible accident in France. Her physical recovery now takes second place to her desperate need to remember what really happened that night. Only recovering that memory can allay the fears that fill her every thought.

Directed by Toby Swift

Trevor Preston trained at the Royal College of Art before embarking on a career in television. He wrote for many of the best dramas of the 1970s and 80s, including Ace of Wands, Callan, The Sweeney, Minder, Out and Fox, for which Trevor received a BAFTA in 1981. His film work includes Billy the Kid and the Green Baize Vampire and the Mike Hodges directed I'll Sleep When I'm Dead starring Clive Owen. Trevor has written several radio dramas, the first of which, Flaw in the Motor, Dust in the Blood, was shortlisted for the Imison Award and a Mental Health in the Media Award in 2009.

Beyond Endurance2015040820160415 (R4)

Dominic West stars as Ernest Shackleton in Meredith Hooper's play, charting the great explorer's 1914 Endurance expedition planning to cross Antarctica, told in the words of the explorers themselves.

Just over a hundred years ago, with war breaking out in Europe, Sir Ernest Shackleton set out on what is considered the last major expedition of the heroic age of polar exploration - to cross the Antarctic from coast to coast. This is the story of that expedition, told in the words of the men themselves, through their diaries, accounts and journals. It was an expedition that became known for being one of the great feats of endurance, and one from which Shackleton was determined not to lose a single man.

Sir Ernest Shackleton - Dominic West. West is best known for portraying Detective Jimmy McNulty in the HBO drama series The Wire, and won the award for Leading Actor at the 2012 British Academy Television Awards for portraying serial killer Fred West in Appropriate Adult.

Thomas Orde-Lees - Jamie Glover

Frank Hurley - Gabriel Andrews

Alexander Macklin - Mark Edel-Hunt

Frank Wild - David Hounslow

Reginald James....Neet Mohan

Harry McNish - Sam Dale

Written by Meredith Hooper, an award-winning writer, historian, lecturer and broadcaster who specialises in the Antarctic. The Ferocious Summer, her book on climate change in Antarctica, was named Daily Mail Science Book of the Year in 2008. Hooper has lived and worked in Antarctica for long periods of study as part of the Artists and Writers Programmes of both the Australian and US Governments, and as a guest of the Royal Navy. Her previous drama, Kathleen and Con, for BBC Radio 4, was based on the love letters between Captain Scott and his wife Kathleen.

This year she is curating the major exhibition at the Royal Geographical Society in London on Shackleton's Endurance Expedition.

Directed by Justine Willett.

Big Sky20150319

Thriller by Anna Maloney. Ambitious Australian lawyer, Lindsey Regan, wants to get her client out of Guantanamo prison and back to his family in Australia. He claims he was beaten and tortured somewhere abroad until he confessed to a terrorism plot. He also claims he briefly escaped his captors during a refuelling stopover at a Scottish airport.

Other parts played by the cast.

Producer/ director: Bruce Young

BBC Scotland.

Big Time20160422

Shakespeare died four hundred years ago on the same day as Cervantes, the author of Don Quixote. Except they didn't. The calendars of their two countries were ten days apart. Cervantes has got wind of this and plots to outwit his appointed death by nipping out of Spain. If he can do this and get to Stratford, he intends to get Shakespeare out of his death bed and jump the life to come with the other great literary adventurer of their shared age. Immortality beyond their artistic reputation would be assured that way. The only obstacle in the Spaniard's way is Shakespeare distractingly beautiful young housekeeper, Regina, and also the bard's somewhat odd collection of bottled coloured liquids. A new play by Jonathan Holloway. Cervantes: Simon Callow; Shakespeare: Nicky Henson; Regina: Laura Elphinstone. Producer: Tim Dee.

Black Dog20151114

by Katie Hims.

Out of the blue, Clare's husband goes missing leaving her alone with their seven year old son and a huge black dog to look after. Award-winning playwright Katie Hims' funny and moving play about family, loss and love, starring Claire Rushbrook.

Original music by Nina Perry

Cellist - Danny Keane

Directed by Mary Peate

Katie Hims is one of Radio Four's most prolific playwrights. Listeners will know her writing from Radio Four's World War One drama series Home Front and many other acclaimed radio dramas including Lost Property and King David and adaptations of the original Nordic Noir series Martin Beck, Elmore Leonard's The Hot Kid and Black Beauty. Katie's most recent stage play was Billy The Girl for Clean Break Theatre Company.

Claire Rushbrook first became known for Mike Leigh's film Secrets and Lies, and has since then starred in numerous TV dramas, including most recently Home Fires, My Mad Fat Diary and Whitechapel.

Ralph Ineson was recently to be seen in Hangmen by Martin McDonagh at the Royal Court Theatre. Soon to be seen as the lead in award-winning feature filmThe Witch.

Blake In Lambeth20160323

One night in present-day Lambeth a rootless young woman meets a wild-eyed man who sees things others can't. What she doesn't know is that this is none other than the poet and visionary William Blake, out of place and out of time.

Lambeth, South London in 1794. William Blake is in the middle of composing his first illuminated work of biblical prophesy, The Book of Urizen. It's a turning point in his career - or rather the point where Blake begins to realise he has no career at all, just a series of mindless, cash-in-hand engraving jobs. He's in his mid-30s and it's becoming clear he's not going to be a great society painter, his poetry isn't going to make him famous or rich, and his political and religious beliefs are entirely out of step with the establishment. He needs to choose between making a basic living, settling down and starting a family or retreating fully and firmly into his own visionary world, dedicating himself entirely to his art and condemning his wife Catherine to a life of poverty and childlessness.

Blake in Lambeth was made on location in Lambeth, with some scenes recorded in the Blake Garden of Roots and Shoots, a charity which provides vocational training for young people from the inner city, mainly from the London boroughs of Lambeth and Southwark.

Written by Tim Wright

Sound design by Alisdair McGregor

Directed by Jeremy Mortimer

Executive Producer: Joby Waldman

A Somethin' Else production for BBC Radio 4.

Blue Glory20151027

By Hayley Squires.

For almost ten years Terence and his daughter Lillian have barely spoken to one another. But tonight, on his 60th birthday, father and daughter are reunited to watch their beloved football team vie for championship victory. Will they find reconciliation as satisfying as winning?

A tender drama about the fragile relationship between a father and a daughter, and the unifying power of the beautiful game.

Directed by Helen Perry

A BBC Cymru Wales Production.

Born In The Ddr20150620

The Berlin Wall fell in November '89. But the bricks started crumbling long before that - and were given a mighty kick by a Rock'n'Roll band from New Jersey. This is the madcap and improbable true story of how the Stasi licensed a Bruce Springsteen gig in East Berlin, and started something they couldn't stop.

In 1987, both Pink Floyd and David Bowie play at the Reichstag, deliberately pointing the speakers towards the East. The result is rioting on the Eastern side - Glasnost has arrived and East German youth wants some. 'Pony' Ponesky, an East German band manager (no easy job) knows something has to be done - the hard line won't work any more, they have to provide their own rock concerts. He is granted a rare luxury: a phone call to the West. And when he speaks to the promoter of Bruce Springsteen's Tunnel of Love Tour, the answer - freakishly, unbelievably, miraculously - is Yes! Who'd've guessed Bruce has always wanted to play East Berlin? Now all he has to do is sell the idea to the Stasi...

Jonathan Myerson's entertaining drama follows the rollercoaster tale of how 200,000 East Germans got to sing 'Born In The USA', in front of the Party hierarchy - and how one crazy night in Berlin fired the hearts of a generation.

Produced and directed by Jonquil Panting.

Bright Spark20151210

Drama: Bright Spark by Eve Davies

Janine is a witness in a court case. She has persuaded her friend Mel to testify as well. The events happened over twenty five years ago. Can they persuade the jury their teacher abused them? Powerful drama about historical child abuse.

Director/Producer Gary Brown.


by Furquan Akhtar

Yousaf returns North after five years away. He wants to repair his relationship with his brother and mother. But his brother Kasim has changed. He's come under the influence of a charismatic friend with radical views. Why is Yousaf back? And why is he so interested in Kasim's friend? A contemporary thriller which asks the question when does dissent tip into support for terrorism.

Director/Producer Gary Brown

Furquan Akhtar is a former winner of the Alfred Bradley Bursary Award for new writing in the North. He has recently written two episodes of the acclaimed children's series 'Wolfblood' and is currently developing series for TV.

Burn Baby Burn20160311

Sean Grundy's satirical drama inspired by the Momart warehouse fire that destroyed works by Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin, the Chapman Brothers and others of the Young British Artists movement.

"I think an ashtray is the most fantastically real thing."

Damien Hirst

On 24th May 2004, a fire in an East London warehouse destroys key works from the famous BritArt movement. Seminal works by Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst, Chris Offili and the Chapman Brothers go up in smoke. The collection is mainly owned by advertising guru Charles Saatchi. The art world is devastated. Many in the general public are highly amused.

Writer: Sean Grundy

Director: Dirk Maggs

Producer: David Morley

A Perfectly Normal production for BBC Radio 4.

Byron And The Curse Of Sintra20170503

A penniless Lord Byron is holed up in Sintra attempting to resist the promptings of Venus.

Calendar Girls2015122720151228 (R4)

Ambridge Queen of Am Dram, Lynda Snell, presents Tim Firth's comedy drama about a group of WI members who make a naked calendar in order to raise money for charity. Featuring Archers regulars including Carole Boyd, (Lynda Snell), Alison Dowling (Elizabeth Pargetter) and Charlotte Martin (Susan Carter), this radio premiere of the smash hit comedy drama also features Sian Phillips, star of the original West End cast.

The accompanying pianist was Simon Taranczuk

A play by Tim Firth based on the motion picture CALENDAR GIRLS written by Tim Firth and Juliette Towhidi

Adapted and directed by Sean O'Connor.

Ambridge am-dram queen Lynda Snell presents Tim Firth's comedy drama smash hit.

Can't Live Without You20150113

By Kellie Smith

Starring Sarah Smart and Bryan Dick

A psychological thriller about a man's craving for control in his marriage.

When Greg's partner Anna becomes ill and needs constant care Greg flourishes as her carer and becomes intoxicated by her dependency. Greg's apparent overwhelming love for his partner, his deepening desire to feel needed takes him to the limit in their relationship.

Produced and Directed by Pauline Harris.

Carter Mysteries: The Incident Of The Russian Visitors20150417

by Jonathan Holloway

The 20th Century has left the Carter warehouse crammed with history. When a dodgy pair arrive looking for a long-lost Russian table it's the beginning of a far-reaching and dangerous tale.

Director: David Hunter.

Cassandra At The Wedding20160611

Hayley Atwell stars in Dorothy Baker's whip-smart family drama about a headstrong student hell-bent on sabotaging her identical twin sister's wedding day.

Published in 1962, Baker's touching, witty and sharp character study is an over-looked 20th century American literary classic, featuring a protagonist easily as headstrong, vulnerable and compelling as Catcher in the Rye's Holden Caulfield.

Cassandra Edwards is a clever, popular and attractive 24-year-old grad student at California's Berkeley University. But she is missing one thing - her much loved identical twin sister, Judith. Cassandra's seemingly gilded life is sent into a tailspin when she finds out that Judith is marrying someone she has only just met, a nice young doctor from Connecticut.

Cassandra heads home to her family ranch to stop the wedding by any means at her disposal - namely a clutch purse full of pills, a taste for brandy and her own biting wit. She plunges herself back into the heart of a family still reeling from the death of the mother, and finds herself having to face the challenge of finding out who you really are when you think you're only one half of a complete person.

Adapted by Peter Flannery, the multi-award-winning stage and television writer who created Our Friends in the North, The Devil's Whore and who adapted the George Gently novels for BBC One.

Sound Design: Eloise Whitmore

Written by Dorothy Baker

Adapted by Peter Flannery

Director/Producer: Melanie Harris

Executive Producer: Jo Meek

A Sparklab production for BBC Radio 4.

Clean Trade20150413

Former 'Casualty' regular Ivana Basic is Rosa in Winsome Pinnock's new drama set in an investment bank. We follow the changing fortunes of a tight knit group of cleaners and members of a Jamaican style 'pardner ring' - a type of savings club. There's one problem - they have hardly any savings and all have terrible financial problems. Led by wannabe trader Nessa, they try their hand at trading on the stock market. Much to their surprise they start to make money, but as they do so they find that their new found riches lead to conflict as their friendships are put to the test.

Directed by Nandita Ghose

Award-winning writer Winsome Pinnock has written widely for the stage including for the Royal Court, Clean Break Theatre Company, Soho Theatre, and Lyric Theatre Hammersmith. Awards include the George Devine Award, The Pearson Plays on Stage Award and the Unity Theatre Trust Award. She wrote Lazarus for Radio 3 and recently completed a writer's residency at the National Theatre.

Closely Observed Trains20150829

by Bohumil Hrabal. Dramatised by Ian Kershaw

It is 1945. For gauche young apprentice Milos Hrma, life at the sleepy railway station in Bohemia is full of complex preoccupations. There is the burden of dispatching German troop trains; the shocking scandal of Dispatcher Hubicka; and the vexing problem of his sexual performance. Classic comedy drama from a celebrated Czech writer.

Director/Producer Gary Brown

CLOSELY OBSERVED TRAINS, which became the award-winning Jiri Menzel film of the 'Prague Spring', is a classic of postwar literature, a small masterpiece of humour, humanity and heroism which fully justifies Hrabal's reputation.

Milos is played by John Bradley who is Samwell Tarley in 'Game of Thrones'. This is John's first radio play.

Cocktail Sticks20150103

An adaptation for radio of the National Theatre's production of Alan Bennett's short autobiographical play "Cocktail Sticks", originally directed by Nicholas Hytner. Alan looks back on his early life with affection and sadness, revisiting some of the themes and conversations of his memoir "A Life Like other People's". Both he and - to a certain extent - his mother (with her longing for "cocktail parties"), are seduced by the idea that other people's lives are much richer and more fulfilling than their own. But in adulthood Alan came to realise the value of a happy family upbringing, and the particular strengths and virtues of his father and mother. When Alan and his mother do, finally, have cocktail parties, they are not at all what his mother would have envisaged.... Alan is played by Alex Jennings and Alan Bennett, supported by the original National theatre cast of Gabrielle Lloyd, Jeff Rawle, Sue Wallace and Derek Hutchinson.

Music composed by - George Fenton

Music played by - Chris Fish and Rachel Elliot

National Theatre Director - Nicholas Hytner

Radio Abridgement and Production - Gordon House.

Community Service20151217

By Jonny O'Neill

Daniel Mays stars as Tommy, a young man in court for the first time and facing consequences that risk putting his whole life in jeopardy.

Tommy has spent his life being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Whether it's problems at school or scrapes with the law, he has a fabled knack of attracting trouble. But this time his predicament is harder to laugh off. Writer Jonny O'Neill's moving and funny character study follows Tommy over the course of his first day in a London Magistrates' Court, and sees him face some uncomfortable, but perhaps necessary, truths.

Director: Sasha Yevtushenko

Writer Jonny O'Neill was born, raised, educated and is a proud product of the East End of London. Having enjoyed himself for many years barely paying attention in school he finally found a creative outlet in writing and managed to eventually obtain a Masters with distinction in Writing at the university of (you guessed it) East London. Jonny was selected as one of 12 writers commissioned to treatment, and then one of six to deliver a script for a 90-minute film for Coming Up 2014 (Channel 4). His first episode of BBC1's EastEnders was broadcast in September 2014, and his second in April 2015. This follows his selection for BBC Writers' Room 10, the BBC Continuing Drama Playwrights Scheme and a successful trial episode for the series.

Credit Card Baby20150430

Sally sometimes wonders if she has inadvertently put a spell on Sean, the kind, diligent man who has made her life so suddenly and unexpectedly great. But she's five years older than his forty, and he wants to be a father. It took them so long to find each other, and now she's worried she's going to let him down over something so significant: a baby.

The only option, according to their pompous, God-like gynaecologist, is to try using a donor egg from a Spanish clinic, where donors and eggs are plentiful.

The Spanish egg belongs to Ines, who understands the need for children. She and her husband Rai are suffering from Spain's economic troubles and selling her DNA seems like a solution. But she also has a generous spirit.

Annie Caulfield's drama parallels these two women's thoughts and experiences: they never meet but are closely bound together.

Funny, poignant and true.

Cuttin' It2015100920160225 (R4)

Charlene James won the Alfred Fagon Award for 'Best Play' and the George Devine Award for 'Most Promising Playwright' for her taut drama set in South London.

Two Somali teenagers, Muna and Iqra, go to the same school. They are from the same place but they are strangers; strangers who share a secret embedded in their culture.

Director - Jessica Brown.

Charlene James' multi award-winning drama set in South London.

Winner of 'Best Single Drama' in the BBC Audio Drama Awards 2016, winner of the Alfred Fagon Award for 'Best Play' and the George Devine Award for 'Most Promising Playwright' in 2015.

Producer/Director - Jessica Brown.


When 18 year old Joel is given full-time care of his baby daughter Mia for two weeks, it doesn't turn out to be quite the easy ride he expected. In fact, being solely responsible for this perfect, tiny, beautiful baby - his baby - is probably the hardest thing he has ever done. He knows that for once in his life, he really can't mess up. Written by Sarah McDonald Hughes.

Directed by Charlotte Riches.

Drama about a young, full-time, sleep-deprived, clueless dad. By Sarah McDonald Hughes.

Death Of A Cosmonaut20170419

Julian Rhind-Tutt stars in a re-imagining of Cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov's fall to earth.

Deep Swimmer20160331

The factually-based story behind the unmasking of Mark Kennedy, the undercover police officer who infiltrated environmental campaigning organisations over a period of seven years. During this time he had a series of sexual relationships with women who were unaware of his real identity.

After a legal action in 2015, Scotland Yard have issued an unprecedented apology and paid compensation to some of the women, but they have not said how or why they were targeted.

Steve Waters' new drama examines the events leading up to Kennedy's unmasking by the activists with whom he had these intimate relationships.

Deep Swimmer is based on real events, although names of the activists have been changed.

Written by Steve Waters

Music: Michael Ward, featuring Zoe Young and the Cottage Choir

Sound design: Alisdair McGregor

Produced and directed by Boz Temple-Morris

A Holy Mountain production for BBC Radio 4.


A dark comedy about a disastrous school trip to France. A group of pupils are stranded outside Paris on their journey to the Finals of the Young European Ethical Enterprise Awards. Young NQT teacher Lee and more experienced teachers Val and Lesley struggle to cope when one of their students goes missing and then try to minimise the fallout from the incident back home where headmistress Eve is determined to find out what really happened. "Deliverers" examines the stresses, strains and compromises of teachers taxed to deliver success at all costs.

A second play for Radio 4 by Claudine Toutoungi, whose first radio play "Slipping" was nominated for Best Original Drama in the 2014 Audio Drama Awards.

Directed by Liz Webb.


Colin Bytheway's drama about Life and Death. And choices. And the sock-to-trouser ratio of gay men.

Strangers Jan and Martin meet boarding a flight. A flight they know that they will not survive. But they board anyway, as this route offers - along with extra legroom- active euthanasia.

Exploiting a loophole in aviation law, flamboyant airline tycoon Hunter Mackenzie has pioneered these flights on his transatlantic routes. You board the plane, and then at a given time enter a specially designed compression chamber, receive a quick injection, and then you are dropped into the Atlantic ocean below - a burial at sea.

Jan and Martin, for different reasons, have chosen to die this way but will this encounter give them something to live for? Their story is played out against a televised interview with Hunter Mackenzie to mark the first anniversary of his flights which have been criticised by lawyers, doctors and religious leaders.

Writer - Colin Bytheway

Producer - Alison Crawford.

Diamonds Are Forever20150725

An all-star Ian Fleming James Bond adventure, directed by Martin Jarvis and starring Toby Stephens as 007.

Fleming's fourth Bond novel is especially dazzling. Its dark humour encompasses millions of pounds worth of diamonds smuggled out of British mines in Africa. Responsible? Somebody known as 'ABC'. James Bond is sent undercover by MI6 to New York to follow the pipeline. Masquerading as a courier he meets enticing, ice-cold, Tiffany Case. She stands between Bond and gang-bosses whose criminal diamond business stretches from Sierra Leone, via London, to the gambling tables of Las Vegas.

Bond infiltrates the mob. Horse-racing scams, a car chase, a rigged card game, pursuit by locomotive - Bond and Tiffany endure all. Eventually flown to West Africa, Bond unmasks the ultimate villain.

Archie Scottney's dramatisation parades a bizarre collection of mafiosi monsters.

Other parts played by members of the cast

Sound design: Mark Holden

Original music: Mark Holden and Michael Lopez

Director: Martin Jarvis

Producer: Rosalind Ayres

A Jarvis and Ayres production for BBC Radio 4.

Duchamp's Urinal20150402

A documentary fiction about how a men's urinal changed the face of the art world at the turn of the 20th century.

Presented by art-historian Ben Street, and a cast of other subversive characters.

Written by Al Smith and Ben Street

Produced by Lu Kemp.

A BBC Scotland Production for Radio 4.

Eurydice And Orpheus20150921

The myth of Orpheus and Eurydice has inspired poets, painters and especially musicians since ancient times. As a season of revivals at the Royal Opera House season explores this most potent of musical stories, poet Simon Armitage and playwright Linda Marshall Griffiths each tell their own versions of the story of the doomed lovers on Radio 4.

Eurydice and Orpheus. Her story...by Simon Armitage.

Sanna is a lab technician in a seed vault at a university. She stores and tends to seeds from flowers and trees from all over the world. She mostly loves the flowers...Coltsfoot, Early Star of Bethlehem, Lady's Bedstraw, Farewell to Spring, Eyebright, Forget-me-not...

She's had her eye on a busking musician she passes on her way home from work in the subway. One evening, on a whim, she stops to talk. They quickly become close and fall in love. Sanna persuades Zak to turn his back on a life of drugs and crime. Having survived withdrawal, this gifted musician picks up a harp and discovers that he has an overwhelming natural talent, one that will have a deep, irreversible effect on both their lives.

Eurydice and Orpheus by Simon Armitage

Her Story

Harpist - Jon Banks

With electronic music composed by PJ Harvey

Produced in Salford by Susan Roberts.

Euston To Whitechapel20150421

When London taxi driver Marshall detours suddenly off the rank at Euston Station to pick up a passenger he mistakes for his estranged daughter, he does not expect what happens next. Over a 45-minute trip to the Royal London Hospital, Marshall revisits the story of his life.

Meanwhile, paramedic Corinne is called to attend a road accident outside Euston and also travels to the Royal London, transporting an unconscious patient. As her patient's condition deteriorates it requires all her skill and compassion to keep her passenger alive.

For both cabbie Marshall and medic Corinne, a routine afternoon's work turns into a life and death journey. In this real-time drama, Marshall's and Corinne's stories shadow one another and interweave like vehicles caught in London traffic.

Written by Nicola Baldwin

Director: Celia de Wolff

A Pier production for BBC Radio 4.

Falling Faces20150422

By Meic Povey

Since the death of his wife, Billy has lived on his own. But now it's time to stop grieving, and start living again.

Before she died Billy's wife, Sally, gave him a list of things to do once she was gone: Cancel loyalty cards; close bank account; retile hallway, and so on. Billy has followed her instructions religiously. Now, there is one item left on Sally's list - a full-length mirror in the bathroom they used to share.

Once in place the mirror dominates the room, and is hard to ignore. Billy is forced to confront his image - a man alone in the world. But he feels unexpectedly hopeful now the mirror is up. He finds he is glancing at his image more and more, and Billy realises that despite his 60-odd years he's looking pretty good.

Directed by James Robinson

A BBC Cymru Wales Production.

Far Side Of The Moore20150330

Tom Hollander (Rev, Pirates of The Caribbean) stars as Patrick Moore, with Patricia Hodge as his mother Gertrude.

It's 1957 and the little known Patrick Moore is living with his mother in East Grinstead, from where he studies the heavens and writes popular factual works on astronomy, as well as science fiction under a pseudonym.

When Moore's latest book 'Suns, Myths and Men' gets a terrible review from the stuffy academic Dr Henry King, Patrick is in despair and, when the phone rings, he braces himself for more bad news.

Sean Grundy's drama is both a moving and at times laugh out loud funny telling of a key moment in the life of Patrick Moore.

This is the story of how the self taught astronomer, whose Moon maps were later used by the Apollo missions, became the presenter of The Sky At Night. But it's also the story of a mysterious love affair, and a window into the mind of one of the nation's favourite broadcasters.

Written by Sean Grundy

Director: Dirk Maggs

Producer: David Morley

A Perfectly Normal production for BBC Radio 4.

Far Side Of The Moore20170421

Tom Hollander as eccentric amateur Patrick Moore, battling to be the BBC's astronomer.


A new drama from playwright Bonnie Greer, inspired by August Strindberg's play The Father, but set in the United States of 2016, against the legacy of the unrest in Ferguson and Chicago following the fatal shootings of young black men at the hands of police officers.

Tavis Adolph is a jazz trumpeter of international standing, at war with his younger wife, Laura, over the future of their daughter, Sippi. Tavis wants Sippi to join the struggle in Ferguson; Laura wants her to go to Harvard Law School. Theirs is a battle of the sexes, but also a battle of the generations - the Civil Rights era vs the Obama generation.

Trumpet Player....Pete Ringrose

Directed by Emma Harding.

Field Notes: The Peregrinations Of A Most Musical Irishman20160517

Alistair McGowan stars in his own new drama about the prodigiously gifted - and prodigiously partying - John Field, the Irish composer and pianist who invented the nocturne.

May 1832 - John Field leaves his Moscow home to begin his first - and last - tour of Europe, taking with him the illegitimate teenage son he barely knows.

Directed by Emma Harding.

Fifteen Minutes20150824

By Sarah Wooley

"Making money is art, and working is art and good business is the best art." - Andy Warhol

Set in New York in the heady days of Studio 54, in the late 1970s and early 80s, "Fifteen Minutes" looks at the later period in Andy Warhol's life when he was painting portraits to commission and running 'Interview' magazine. Young editor, Bob Colacello has the bright idea of hiring the ageing Truman Capote to do celebrity interviews. In exchange for his monthly column, Capote would be gifted a portrait. And so began one of the most complicated and explosive of collaborations.

A BBC Scotland production directed by Gaynor Macfarlane.

Fight Club20150501

First there was the insomnia.

Then there were the support groups that helped him sleep.

Then Marla Singer turned up, muscled in on ascending bowel cancer and ruined everything.

Then he met Tyler Durden.

Then came Fight Club.

Mild mannered product-recall-specialist by day, tortured insomniac by night, Fight Club is the psychological story of one man's descent into an underground world of violence. Together with Tyler Durden - part-time projectionist, banquet waiter, soap-maker and anarchic genius - he creates Fight Club. In Fight Club our narrator, and men like him, can escape the monotony of their daily work-dominated, consumer-driven, image-obsessed lives. In Fight Club you can escape who the world thinks you ought to be.

Soon there are fight clubs in basement bars in towns and cities across the country; men with cuts, bruises, stitches, missing teeth wherever you look, and Tyler Durden has become an urban legend. But when Tyler invents Project Mayhem and things begin to escalate, there's only one thing to do: shut down Fight Club.

But have they created a monster they can't control?

Chuck Palahniuk's visceral and unflinching cult novel is dramatized by Tracey Malone and Ed Whitmore and stars Patrick Kennedy, Sam Hazeldine and Elaine Cassidy.

Producer.... Heather Larmour.


Two couples - Lisa and Doug, Jan and Carl - have been friends for over four decades. But as they've got older their get-togethers have become more infrequent. Tonight, in a soulless, too-expensive restaurant, a revelation is about to send them spiralling back into their past, back to those other momentous meal-time moments that changed the shape of their future forever.

A funny and heart-warming tale of friendship and the passing of time.

Foursome is Simon Crowther's first play for radio. The Cardiff-born writer is a long-standing contributor to Coronation Street and has penned over 160 episodes for the hit ITV show.

Eve Myles is best known for playing Gwen Cooper in Torchwood, alongside her roles in Broadchurch, Belonging and Frankie.

Rakie Ayola was a regular in Holby City, playing nurse Kyla Tyson.


A tense encounter in an Irish pub that will change four lives forever. Jim Norton stars.


Meteorites are more frequent than we might imagine, but few of them ever make it to Earth. They travel towards us at 40,000 mph and burn up the closer they get. Fragments of matter splinter and explode as they disintegrate. Occasionally these powerful celestial events collide with everyday life.

In this original drama, four unconnected people are heading to the North East Yorkshire coast on the day of a forecast meteorite explosion. Katarzyna has just found out her bank account has been emptied, so she cannot bring her younger sister over from Poland. Jamie is just out of prison and paralysed by fear at the thought of clearing out his dead mother's house. Michael is driving back to the spot where he and his now-deceased daughter enjoyed summer holiday. Aaron, 15 years old, believes his absent father will meet him to witness the meteorite.

Fragments is a sharp, warm contemporary drama, mixing ordinary struggles with the theatre of interstellar space. Recorded on location in North Yorkshire.

Written by Laura Lomas

Sound Design: Eloise Whitmore

Producer: Polly Thomas

Executive Producer: Joby Waldman

A Somethin Else production for BBC Radio 4.

Frank And The Bear20151007

Written by Emily Steel and inspired by real life experiences.

Baby Frank is just hours old when his breathing becomes difficult and he's whisked from his mother's arms. The situation is critical. Hours turn into days as the doctors try to make him better. Whilst they wait Frank's parents tell make-believe stories of their baby son and his pal Bear, as they desperately long for a happy ending.

A truthful and emotional drama about motherhood, hope and endless love.

Directed by Helen Perry

A BBC Cymru Wales Production.

Eve Myles is best known for playing Gwen Cooper in Torchwood, alongside her roles in Broadchurch, Belonging and Frankie.

Frankie Goes To Flensburg20151005

By Jennifer Howarth and based on a true story. In the spring of 1945, as the war in Europe was ending, Frank Howarth, a Major in the Royal Artillery and a lawyer in civilian life, was taken out of the frontline of the invading Allied army in Holland and sent with two other soldiers to Flensburg in Northern Germany. Their task was to set up a civilian administration - but what they found there was truly surprising.

Starring Paul Popplewell and Sam Troughton, this is a moving account of an experience both different and unexpected for a Major at the end of the second world war.

Directed by Celia de Wolff

A Pier production for BBC Radio 4.

Frankie Takes A Trip20150327

Comedy Drama by Martyn Hesford.

During his long showbiz career, Frankie Howerd had quite a few ups and downs. It was during one of these 'down' periods, in 1962, that Frankie decided to take a trip. Not to Clacton - but to the other side of his consciousness as he tried to deal with his depression through the controversial, though legal, use of LSD.

Director/Producer Gary Brown.

Frankie Takes A Trip20170505

In 1962, comedian Frankie Howerd tries a controversial treatment for his depression: LSD.

Fright Night: Ring20151031

By Koji Suzuki. Adapted by Anita Sullivan.

'Listen. Watch. Until the end. You will be consumed by the lost.'

British journalist Mitchell Hooper lives in Tokyo with his wife Toni. When he begins investigating the mysterious deaths of four teenagers, he discovers a nightmarish secret. They all died after watching the same video tape.

When Mitchell watches the tape himself, he is cursed to die in seven days. And so as the countdown to death begins, he must solve the riddle of the curse.

Ring is Japanese horror at its best - a radio adaptation of the classic novel by Koji Suzuki, which inspired the infamous 1998 film. It stars Matthew Gravelle (Broadchurch), Eve Myles (Torchwood), Akira Koieyama (Rush) and Naoko Mori (Torchwood).

To turn up the horror put on your headphones and listen to the immersive 'binaural' mix of the programme for a unique 3D listening experience.

Fright Night: pure horror from BBC Radio 4

Directed by James Robinson

A BBC Cymru Wales Production.

Fright Night: The Stone Tape20151031

The acclaimed British filmmaker Peter Strickland (Berberian Sound Studio, The Duke of Burgundy) re-imagines a classic seventies horror for Radio 4's Fright Night.

In 1979, a team of scientists moves into a new laboratory in a Victorian mansion. When Jill Greely hears a strange disembodied scream, the team decides to analyse the phenomenon, which appears to be a psychic impression trapped in the wall. The scientists begin to realise that their work has disturbed something hidden beneath the stone, something ancient and malevolent.

The original 1972 TV movie is now a cult favourite. Written by the creator of the Quatermass series Nigel Kneale, it is known for its cutting edge sound effects from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

This remake has been conceived by Peter Strickland in collaboration with writer Matthew Graham (Life On Mars). It features new music from James Cargill (of the band Broadcast) and sound design from Andrew Liles (Current 93, Nurse With Wound). A stellar cast includes Romola Garai (The Hour, Atonement), Julian Rhind-Tutt (Green Wing), and Julian Barratt (The Mighty Boosh), with a special cameo by the star of the original version, Jane Asher.

A special enhanced version of The Stone Tape is also available online and for download from BBC iPlayer Radio. Pioneering sound technology from BBC Research and Development has been used to create a 3D binaural mix designed for headphones. Binaural sound gives a unique immersive listening experience, perfect for a horror drama - but only for those who dare.


Jill Greely....Romola Garai

Dr Leo Cripps....Julian Rhind-Tutt

Marvy Wade....Dean Andrews

Terry Briscoe....Julian Barratt

Cleft....Tom Bennett

Jill's mother....Jane Asher

The scream....Eugenia Caruso

Music and electronics: James Cargill

Vocal effects: Andrew Liles

Analogue effects: Steve Haywood and Raoul Brand

Sound mix: Eloise Whitmore

Written by Matthew Graham and Peter Strickland

Based on the original TV play by Nigel Kneale

Director: Peter Strickland

Producer: Russell Finch

Executive Producer: Polly Thomas

A Somethin' Else production for BBC Radio 4.

Further From Heaven20151207

Drama: Further From Heaven by James O'Neill

Rural Ireland. Reckless and feckless Danny survives a serious car crash. His partner Catherine thinks he's very lucky. Maybe there's someone looking after him. Then an enigmatic old man knocks on the door and life for the couple will never be the same.

Director/Producer Gary Brown.

God Of Carnage20160123

What happens when two sets of parents meet up to deal with the unruly behaviour of their children? A calm and rational debate between grown-ups about the need to teach children how to behave properly? Or does it turn into a night of name-calling, tantrums and tears?

Lenny Henry stars in Yasmina Reza's play, translated by Christopher Hampton, which won a Laurence Olivier Award for Best Comedy with its London West End Production and Tony for Best Play on Broadway.

The author, Yasmina Reza, is a French playwright and novelist. Her plays Conversations after a Burial, The Passage of Winter, Art, The Unexpected Man, Life x 3 and A Spanish Play have been produced worldwide and translated into thirty-five languages.

Christopher Hampton's work for the theatre includes The Philanthropist, Savages, Treats, Tales from Hollywood. He is also known for his translations of Ibsen, Horvath, Moliere and Chekhov Movies: A Dangerous Method, Dangerous Liaisons, Atonement, Total Eclipse, The Quiet American, Carrington, The Secret Agent and Imagining Argentina.

A Catherine Bailey production for BBC Radio 4.

Gull Therapy20150812

Dan used to be a successful drugs sales rep for a pharmaceutical company but, after a stroke, he finds all kinds of communication difficult and fatiguing. He employs Alice, a private speech and language therapist, to 'make him better'. Recently divorced Alice has moved home and business to a small rented flat where, at night, the sea gulls gather on her skylight.

A play about sound, language and meaning.

Written by Anita Sullivan

Music and sound FX composed and performed by Eleanor Gamper

Produced by Karen Rose

A Sweet Talk production for BBC Radio 4.

Happy Jack20150502

John Godber's modern stage classic from 1982 re-unites its original cast to tell the touching and funny story of Liz and Jack's life together. A 60 year roller-coaster of a marriage lived in a Yorkshire mining village unfolds from end to beginning.

Directed by Toby Swift

John Godber is one of the country's most successful and prolific playwrights. 'Happy Jack', one of his earliest plays, was first performed in 1982 by the author and his now wife, Jane. 33 years later, they reprise their roles for BBC Radio 4. In April 2015, John and Jane premièred John's latest play, 'Shafted!', at the Theatre Royal Wakefield.

"Godber manages with an affectionate and unerringly accurate ear for the tongues of the pit village to turn these two into a Chaucerian kind of celebration of life....the play is a sad, bruised but richly comic love story" The Guardian.

Have You Seen This Child?20150416

As Pat catches up with an old friend in the park, it suddenly dawns on her that her four year old grandchild is no longer in the playground.

Clare Dywer Hogg has emerged as one of Ireland's most exciting new playwrights. Her first play Farewell, directed and starring Stephen Rea, premiered in December 2012 and launched the reforming of Field Day Theatre Company. It was also broadcast on R3 in March 2013. As well as her theatre work, Clare is an award-winning journalist having received the Premio Luchetta award for Human Rights journalism. Clare grew up in Northern Ireland, studied at Cambridge and lives in London.

Have You Seen This Child?20150602

As Pat catches up with an old friend in the park, it suddenly dawns on her that her four year old grandchild is no longer in the playground.

Clare Dywer Hogg has emerged as one of Ireland's most exciting new playwrights. Her first play Farewell, directed and starring Stephen Rea, premiered in December 2012 and launched the reforming of Field Day Theatre Company. It was also broadcast on R3 in March 2013. As well as her theatre work, Clare is an award-winning journalist having received the Premio Luchetta award for Human Rights journalism. Clare grew up in Northern Ireland, studied at Cambridge and lives in London.

Heading To Paradise20150716

The stories of some of the victims of Flight MH17, shot down over the Ukraine one year ago. Joe Caffrey, Philip Franks and Tracy Wiles star in David Morley's factual drama.

Elsemiek de Borst, Daisy Oehlers, Bryce Fredriksz, Liam Sweeney and John Alder all perished in the attack on a defenceless passenger jet in July 2014. How did they come to be on that flight? This drama illuminates the paths that brought these ordinary people to be part of this dreadful event.

The drama portrays actual events in the lives of the victims, and has been made with the co-operation of their families. The scenes and dialogue are constructed from eye witness accounts, texts and emails.

Written by David Morley

Directed by Dirk Maggs

A Perfectly Normal production for BBC Radio 4.

Holding Back The Tide20160128

by Nick Warburton

When Richard and Clare inherit a house in Yorkshire they find themselves drawn into an unlikely group attempting to defend their town against the worst ills of modernity and it seems the Breck Howe Preservation Society will stop at nothing.

Directed by Sally Avens

Nick Warburton who wrote 'On Mardle Fen' introduces us to another maverick character in John Hector. This is a play for anyone who's spent too long speaking to a computerised voice on a phone line, or railed against the loss of a green field to ugly housing or found themselves a number rather than a name and wishes somehow they had the wherewithal to keep things as they were.

Ronald Pickup plays John Hector (Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, The Worst Week of My Life,Waiting for Godot) Paul Ritter plays Richard (The Game, Harry Potter, Friday Night Dinner) Kate Duchêne (Everyman, The Worst Witch, Cabin Pressure) plays Clare.

Holy Father20160421

It is the near future in the Vatican. A charismatic Pope has died with his radical reforming mission incomplete. As the Cardinals gather in the Vatican for the late pontiff's funeral and then the secret conclave that will elect his successor, two men are considered the most likely papabili. One - Cardinal Brendan Faber - would become the first English Pope since Nicolas Brakespeare; the other - Cardinal Dieudonne Simouri - would be the first African pontiff. Faber represents the liberal reformist wing of the Catholic Church; Simouri the conservative, counter-reformist section. They have become symbolic of a struggle for the soul of the church. However, on the eve of the conclave, Faber receives an unexpected visitor in Rome.

Writer - Mark Lawson

Producer - Eoin O'Callaghan

Director - Eoin O'Callaghan.

How Did I Get Here?20150213

by Jonathan Myerson

Rebecca looks after her kids, and her Dad. But Dad isn't how he used to be. Multi-infarct dementia has made him confused, and forgetful of people and his past.

Rebecca misses her Dad. She longs to talk to him, and to ask him questions.

But what if she could have him back? Just the way he always was?

Has she remembered him right?

Produced and directed by Jonquil Panting.

How To Flee From Sorrow20160109

Alessandro Stradella (1639-1682) conjured music of sublime formality out of a life of chaotic violence. At a time when composers were expected to abase themselves before their patrons, Stradella swindled his, and seduced their mistresses before falling foul of hired assassins. Our central characters are all real historical figures, brought back to life by Frank Cottrell Boyce.

Stradella enjoys enormous success in Rome but has to flee to Venice after he and his sidekick, the hunchback violinist Lonati, get a rich man drunk and then con him into marrying a poor, old woman of ill repute. Incapable of settling into a comfortable life at court, Stradella becomes one of the first truly freelance composers - juggling commissions, scrabbling after money, fleeing from scandal. The number of midnight flits he has to make give the story a comic tempo, but one story gives the drama its heart, the love story between Stradella and Agnese, the 'niece' of the Doge of Venice.

Frank Cottrell Boyce (who includes the London Olympics opening ceremony in his many credits) has researched the original historical letters to create Stradella's fiery, funny and charismatic voice and uses Stradella's beautiful and innovative music to tell this story. The Director of Music, Dr Alberto Sanna, is one of the leading interpreters of Stradella and Corelli.

Violin - Dr Alberto Sanna

Written by Frank Cottrell Boyce

Director of Music: Dr Alberto Sanna

Directed by Allegra McIlroy.

Human Voices20160116

by Penelope Fitzgerald

dramatised by Michael Butt

Young Annie Asra finds bureaucracy, camaraderie, eccentricity and love in the BBC of 1940. Based on the Booker Prize-Winner's comic novel, starring Helen George and Toby Jones.

Director: David Hunter

Helen George is well known for both her role as Trixie Franklin in the BBC Series CALL THE MIDWIFE and her recent performance in reaching the quarter-final stage of STRICTLY COME DANCING.

Toby Jones is shortly to be seen as Captain Mainwaring in the forthcoming DAD'S ARMY film. Also on TV in THE DETECTORISTS and CAPITAL. His career ranges from Dobby in the HARRY POTTER films to Truman Capote in INFAMOUS. Recent radio includes the G.F. Newman series THE CORRUPTED.

If I Should Go Away20150627

Welsh poet Alun Lewis was born 100 years ago, in July 1915. This play by contemporary Welsh poet Owen Sheers is adapted from the letters and poems of Lewis, one of the most vivid and lyrical voices of the second world war. It charts one man's journey from pacifist to soldier, from husband to lover, and reveals how casualties of war are emotional as much as physical.

The play is introduced by Alun's widow Gweno Lewis

Director Kate McAll

A BBC Cymru/Wales production for BBC Radio 4.

In Aldershot20150223

Aldershot is 10% Nepali but unemployed 'Suitboy' has never spoken to one - till now...

'Suitboy' got his nickname from local youths making fun of the suit he wears all the time as he struggles to find a job. At the Job Centre he meets 'Gurung', an ex-Gurkha and one of the swelling Nepalese community in Aldershot whose presence has caused unrest among some locals. Neither feels like they belong and as they fill their time with odd jobs trying to 'repair' their broken town, they forge an unlikely friendship. But as Suitboy's marriage disintegrates due to the tensions of unemployment, he takes out his frustrations on some youths who have been taunting Gurung - with disastrous consequences.

Producer - Nandita Ghose

Directed by Liz Webb

Writer Matthew Wilkie's theatre credits include Bliss (Platform 4, Salisbury), 412 Letters (Union Theatre, London), The Trail Of The Farnham Flyer (Farnham Maltings) and Horst Buchholz And Other Stories (Bewley's Café Theatre, Dublin), which he also adapted for radio. Other radio includes Disaster! (3rd series BBC 7's Planet B) and The New Boy (R4 Extra's The Man In Black).

In Pieces To Camera20160215

Stephen Ridges is stuck in a cheap hotel trying to save his career. He's a writer on a TV show and he's about to be fired. And his wife has just phoned to tell him not to bother coming home unless he can turn it all around. He has 12 hours.

He's working on Jelly House (a scripted reality programme involving kids parties) and he hates it. But he needs the money. As he writes for his life he struggles to come to terms with exploiting real people's lives for entertainment. We listen in on meetings where talk of 'spiking' the jelly and planting unseen fathers are excitedly agreed in a world where crazed media people will do anything in an attempt to entertain.

Script Editor - Abigail Youngman

Writer - Sean Grundy

Producer - Alison Crawford.

Iris Murdoch: Dream Girl20150822

Helen McCrory stars as Iris Murdoch in a hallucinogenic trip through the novelist's life, by Robin Brooks - part of the Iris Murdoch season on BBC Radio 4.

When Iris, lying asleep beside husband John, wakes in the middle of a midsummer night, she discovers that she is to be visited by three spirits, and is to be conducted on a journey through both her past and her writing.

But who are these spirits accompanying her? What do they have to show her about her past misdemeanours, and how art may be made from them? And what dread monster coils in the shadows, ready to strike?

Iris Murdoch's spectacularly bad behaviour and her extraordinary rise as a famous and popular novelist through the 1950s, 60s and 70s, are the themes behind this inventive new comedy drama. Iris was a woman with an insatiable appetite for life, love and literature - her experiences and numerous love affairs with both sexes shaped her writing and fed into her novels.

The Iris Murdoch season on Radio 4 also includes dramatisations of two of her best novels - 'The Sea, The Sea' starring Jeremy Irons and 'A Severed Head' starring Julian Rhind-Tutt.

Sound Designer: Alisdair McGregor

Director/Producer: Fiona McAlpine

An Allegra production for BBC Radio 4.

Jeffrey Bernard Is Unwell20150815

Starring John Hurt. A dying Soho, seen through the eyes of the notorious columnist of The Spectator - plain-speaking drinker, gambler, wit and raconteur. With frequent, very strong language.

Keith Waterhouse's biographical play of Jeffrey Bernard is a recreation of a time in London when poets, painters, artists and writers (Dylan Thomas, Francis Bacon, Lucien Freud, and Elizabeth Smart) lived alongside the local Low Life of No Knickers Joyce and Sid the Swimmer, inhabiting the clubs and pubs of Dean Street. Jeffrey knew and wrote about all of them.

The play is set very early in the morning at the Coach and Horses pub in Soho, where Jeffrey spent most of his days, when not 'at the Races'. The Coach and Horses was his 'office'. Jeffrey has passed out in the Gents, missed closing time and wakes up to find himself alone in the pub with the door locked. He spends the night re-visiting incidents in Soho past and present, his childhood, gambling, women, racing and drink - fuelled by vodka.

Alongside John Hurt in the lead role, the cast includes Nichola McAuliffe, Jeff Rawle, Amelia Bullmore and Miles Jupp.

Recorded on location in Gerry's Club in Dean Street Soho.

A Pier production for BBC Radio 4.

Keeping In Touch20170422

A happily married woman confronts a new relationship. Written by Joan Bakewell.

Kempton And The Duke20151006

Kevin Whately stars as Kempton Bunton, the pensioner who stole Goya's portrait of the Duke of Wellington from the National Gallery in 1961. A new comedy drama by David Spicer.

In 1961, a portrait of the Duke of Wellington by the great Spanish artist Francisco de Goya was bought by an American collector for £140,000. Following a public outcry the British Government stepped in, matched the bid and saved the painting for the nation.

It was put on display in the National Gallery from where, three weeks later, it was stolen by Kempton Bunton - a 61 year old retired lorry driver from Newcastle who was protesting about having to buy a television licence.

He was a dedicated campaigner who had already served time in jail for refusing to pay for his TV licence. His plan was to get the Government to pay another £140,000 for the return of the painting and then use this money to buy TV licences for OAPs. Once he had the painting safely stored in a wardrobe at his home in Newcastle, he started writing letters explaining his plan to the press and Chairman of the National Gallery. However, no one took his letters seriously.

This is a play about a heist, a manhunt and a marvellously English eccentric character. It also looks at art - highbrow Goya versus lowbrow TV - and the relative values we place upon it. Kempton Bunton was a man who, although he had a 19th century masterpiece in his wardrobe, just wanted to watch Emergency Ward 10 for free.

Written by David Spicer

Producer: Liz Anstee

A CPL Production for BBC Radio 4.

Kingdom Of Cloud20150309

by Matthew Hurt

Why has Daniel been sitting in a car outside his own house for hours? What is it he can't admit to his wife - or himself? An investigation of love in crisis, set against the backdrop of the banking crisis.

Daniel - Neil Pearson

Juliet - Anne-Marie Duff

Producer/Director - Marion Nancarrow

This new drama is a 2-hander starring Neil Pearson ("Between the Lines" and "Waterloo Road") and Anne-Marie Duff ("Shameless" and "The Virgin Queen").

It's Matthew Hurt's second play for radio. He's most recently received rave reviews for "The Man Jesus", a one-man show performed by Simon Callow and for his adaptation for the Young Vic Theatre of Conrad's "The Secret Agent".


Original new drama by award-winning director/playwright debbie tucker green. A man and a woman meet up again several years after they broke up. They gradually learn that the assumptions they've made about each other are quite wrong.

Director - debbie tucker green

Producer - Mary Peate

Playwright and filmmaker debbie tucker green has written a number of original dramas for Radio 3 but this is her Radio 4 debut. Earlier this year green received a BAFTA nomination for her first feature film, Second Coming, starring Idris Elba and Nadine Marshall and last year she wrote and directed the much acclaimed Hang starring Marianne Jean Baptiste for The Royal Court Theatre.

Green takes us right under the skin of her characters in sustained, real-time scenes bubbling with suppressed emotion, which build to a haunting and moving exploration of three relationships. As ever in green's work, the music is central.

The distinguished cast is made up of Nadine Marshall, long-term collaborator of debbie tucker green's; Paterson Joseph, well known to British theatre and TV audiences; Cecilia Noble, recently lauded for her TV role in Danny and The Human Zoo by Lenny Henry, and Lucian Msamati, also well known to British TV and theatre audiences and most recently for his acclaimed portrayal of Iago at the RSC.


A one-man show about growing up, hero-worship, betrayal and cycling, written and performed by Kieran Hodgson. It was nominated for the 2015 Edinburgh Comedy Award, receiving five star reviews and selling out tours across the country.

It is 2003 and the teenage Kieran is training for the Scouts Holme Valley Mountain Bike Challenge in West Yorkshire. Inspired to 'Just Do It' by his hero Lance Armstrong, a signed poster of the cycling superstar is his most precious possession. So how is he going to cope when he discovers his hero has betrayed him?

Kieran plays all the parts in this heartfelt story recorded in front of an audience by one of the country's up and coming comedy writers and performers. Kieran's recent television work includes playing the role of Ian Lavender in the BBC 2 drama We're Doomed! The Dad's Army Story.

Written and performed by Kieran Hodgson

Produced by Caroline Raphael

A Pier production for BBC Radio 4.

Lizzy Barry's Lesson20150522

Lizzy Barry was without doubt the most celebrated and best loved actress of the Restoration. But though Mrs Barry would disagree, it may have been her liaison with the infamous libertine The Earl of Rochester which provided the key to her extraordinary success.

Snatched or indeed kidnapped from a theatre where she was playing an unimportant supporting role, Robin Glendinning imagines a period of enforced and brutal tutelage during which Lizzy's exposure to The Earl of Rochester's poetry, stage craft and lovemaking, takes a head-strong but unpolished performer and turns her into the theatrical force which brought to an end the melodramas of Mrs Betterton and blazed a trail for a new generation of actresses who would go on to dominate the London stage as Desdemona, Portia, Rosalind and Lady Macbeth.

Robin Glendinning has written around 20 radio plays for BBC including 'Condemning Violence' nominated for a Sony award and 'The Words are Strange' a Giles Cooper Award winner and 'Playing for Time - 3 Days in May 1940' part of the Churchill Season on Radio 4, Jan 2005. His stage credits include: Stuffing It. Gate Dublin, Tricycle London. Culture Vultures Lyric Belfast, Minerva Chichester. Mumbo Jumbo Royal Exchange Manchester, Lyric Hammersmith, Lyric Belfast. Donny Boy Royal Exchange Manchester, Tour with Tinderbox Theatre Belfast, Exeter Theatre, Royal Theatre Oslo. Summerhouse Druid Galway, Arts Theatre Belfast.

Writer - Robin Glendinning

Director - Eoin O'Callaghan.

Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner20160827

Robert Rigby's dramatisation of Alan Sillitoe's landmark short story set in the late 1950s.

Borstal boy Smith remembers his crimes and plots his future as he runs, training for the national cross-country event. The governor is desperate for the kudos of victory, telling Smith that hard work and athletic success will turn him into an honest man.

At only 17 years-old, Smith is a genuinely angry young man. His life is already a battle between them and us. There are the In-laws, as he terms the law-abiding, property owning majority, and the Out-laws, the substantial minority who have no stake in the system.

First published in 1959, The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner is uncompromisingly tough, at times bleakly comic, and always totally unsentimental.

Sound Design: David Chilton

Spot Effects: Alison McKenzie

Production Manager: Sarah Tombling

Director: Carl Prekopp

Producer: Lucinda Mason Brown

A Goldhawk Essential production for BBC Radio 4.

Look Back In Anger20160430

To celebrate sixty years since John Osborne wrote his classic play, Richard Wilson directs a new radio dramatisation with David Tennant as Jimmy Porter. The play that launched the Angry Young Man movement has lost none of its bite and still disturbs and questions in equal measure.

Directed by Richard Wilson

Produced by Clive Brill

A Brill production for BBC Radio 4.

Lost In Glencoe20160902

Paul McGann stars in Maggie Ayre's drama documentary telling the story of her relation Peter, who disappeared without trace in Glencoe more than sixty years ago, leaving an empty tent and supplies, and a rift in the family that has rippled down the generations. It's a story of mystery, intrigue and family fallout. Maggie goes in search of the man and talks to the relatives and friends he left behind set against a narration from the man himself written by Richard Monks

Producer: Maggie Ayre.

Louis B Mayer And The Bolshevik Beast20151102

by Stephen Sheridan

Director - Sally Avens

A comic re-imagining of the 1934 Gubernatorial campaign in California when socialist writer Upton Sinclair stood for election under the slogan End Poverty in California. Movie Mogul Mayer was determined to stop him and began a battle of political mudslinging the like of which had never been seen before.

Love Me Tender20160212

by Ian McMillan.

A radio producer meets a group of trainspotters after he is delayed. He decides they will make a good a subject for a radio feature. But are they interesting enough? Comedy verse drama by the 'Bard of Barnsley' where all the characters speak in different verse forms.


Gary Brown

Ian McMillan is the ever popular 'Bard of Barnsley' and presenter of Radio 3's 'The Verb'. Conrad Nelson is Associate Director of Northern Broadsides and recently played 'Leontes' in their acclaimed production of 'The Winter's Tale'. Bernard Wrigley is a celebrated folk singer and actor and is known in folk circles as 'The Bolton Bullfrog' because of his inimitable bass voice.

Love Me Tender by Ian McMillan.

May There Always Be Sunshine20150907

Set in August 1968, against a backdrop of worldwide popular protest, Simon and Bruce - two 16 year-old teenagers from Manchester - travel to the fabled Soviet Pioneer Camp of Artek in Russia. They're off for a week of sun, sea and international solidarity, but will their political summer be too hot to handle?


by Alan Pollock

Producer/Director: David Ian Neville.

Mayday Mayday2015050120151026 (R4)

A true, life-affirming story charting one man's journey from paralysis to recovery.

During the dying minutes of April 2004, as the Cornish town of Padstow celebrated the coming of summer, actor Tristan Sturrock broke his neck falling off a wall. Paralysed in hospital and about to become a father for the first time, he was told he may never walk again. This incredible true story charts his journey from the first of May to his first step, starring the real voices of all those who helped him to walk again. It is based on the stage play by Tristan Sturrock and Katy Carmichael, and adapted for radio by Becky Ripley.

Since its original transmission on 1st May 2015, Mayday Mayday has been awarded an international Third Coast Award.

Composer: Aaron May

Producer/Director: Becky Ripley.

During the dying minutes of April 2004, as the Cornish town of Padstow celebrated the coming of summer, actor Tristan Sturrock broke his neck falling off a wall. Paralysed in hospital and about to become a father for the first time, he was told he may never walk again.

This incredible true story charts his journey from the first of May to his first step, starring the real voices of all those who helped him to walk again. It is based on the stage play by Tristan Sturrock and Katy Carmichael, and adapted for radio by Becky Ripley.

Director....Becky Ripley.

Miss Julie20160625

A reimagined version of August Strindberg's 1888 stage play by Roger James Elsgood, starring Sofie Grabol, Lars Mikkelsen, and Marie Bach Hansen.

Strindberg's Miss Julie concerned a well-bred woman from the land-owning classes who has a one-night stand with her father's valet, Jean. Over the course of a midsummer night, Julie and Jean discuss their different stations in life and, emboldened by alcohol, she goads Jean to cross the social, economic and sexual lines that divide them and seduces him into her bed. Following their lovemaking, the axis of their relationship reverses - he now has power over her as she realises she is vulnerable to exposure and disgrace. Julie becomes conflicted about the implications of their deed and, with no one else to turn to, relies on Jean for advice. Jean is concerned about losing his job and he contrives a lethal scenario which best serves his needs.

In this new version, the themes that lead to the dramatic denouement are not so much those of social class, status, and breeding, but gender, identity and sexual orientation - issues that Victorian-era audiences were not ready for, but which are being openly debated today.

The production was recorded on location in a 19th-century country house in Ballerup on the island of Zealand in Denmark.

Written by August Strindberg

Adapted by Roger James Elsgood

Director: Willi Richards

Producer: Roger James Elsgood

An Art and Adventure production for BBC Radio 4.


An intense drama featuring Neil Maskell, Shaun Dooley and Richard Hawley. Monster is an exploration of male anger, how men become victims of victims, and how the baton is passed from man to boy.

There's an unspoken code that says lives must not be lived to the limit of their possibilities, but rather corralled into a narrow, numb, wilfully limited definition of acceptable male behaviour.

Sounds are guttural, adrenalin fuelled. We hear tension building, boys breathing, working hard to fulfil expectations of masculinity - and a sense of release fills us as we move through the story.

Written and Directed by Tony Pitts

Producer: Sally Harrison

A Woolyback production for BBC Radio 4.

Mr Reasonable20150410

by Fred D'Aguiar.

John Reasonable is a freed black slave, a skilled silk weaver, engaged by Shakespeare to make costumes for the Rose Theatre but he also has a jealous apprentice.

Director: David Hunter.

Mr Trollope And The Labours Of Hercules20160829

In 1858, Anthony Trollope arrived in Jamaica to re-organise the West Indian Postal service. Using the book he wrote about his experiences, Jamaican-born writer Patricia Cumper imagines what really happened during his eventful stay in the island...

Produced and directed by Marion Nancarrow.

Mrs Pickwick's Papers20150305

by Mike Walker. Mrs Joyce Pickwick, roving commissioner for local government, has been a thorn in the side of the civil service for years, and try as he might, Mr Scrope can't seem to get rid of her. But now, as Mrs P gets in too deep in an investigation into the waste disposal business, he thinks he is in with a chance.

Directed by Jeremy Mortimer.

Mrs Robinson, I Presume20150424

A new play by Tracy-Ann Oberman, telling the story of the film that changed Hollywood - The Graduate. Starring John Simm as director Mike Nichols.

In 1963, fledgling producer Lawrence Turman read a novel by Charles Webb called The Graduate. He knew he had to make it into a movie, so he optioned it with his own money. He then persuaded Mike Nichols, who had only directed theatre at this point, to direct the film.

Everyone in Hollywood thought they were crazy when they cast the unknown Dustin Hoffman to play Benjamin Braddock, who was described in the book as tall, blond and athletic. But they went their own way and made a classic movie that defined a generation. How they did it and how Gene Hackman, Anne Bancroft and Mel Brooks got involved along the way is the subject of Tracy-Ann Oberman's drama.

Tracy-Ann's previous work for Radio 4 includes the Afternoon Dramas Bette And Joan And Baby Jane and Rock And Doris And Elizabeth.

Producer: Liz Anstee

A CPL production for BBC Radio 4.

Murdering My Dad20160607

by Rachel Mathews

A dark comedy about an adolescent girl who decides to kill her dad. When Lily's dad announces they are moving from her beloved city life in London, to the countryside up North, Lily can bear it no longer and decides to take drastic action. Lily takes inspiration from infamous historical murderesses such as Lizzie Borden. This off beat drama explores the dynamic and sometimes fraught relationship with fathers and adolescent daughters.

Produced and directed by Pauline Harris

Rachel Matthews has written two previous dramas for Radio 4, Chin Hair and The City At Night. She in an award winning short film writer with Danny and His Amazing Teeth and is Winner of The London Screenwriters' Festival/The Wellcome Trust's 'Inspired By Science' Treatment Award 2011 for her feature film Matrioshka. Producer/Director Pauline Harris is multi national and international programme maker with productions such The Startling Truths of Old World Sparrows, the British Premier of The Color Purple, and producer/co-creator of Blood, Sex and Money: Emile Zola, staring Glenda Jackson.

Music To See By20160808

by Jeremy Raison

1776 Vienna: physician, Franz Anton Mesmer, offers to treat blind musical prodigy, Maria Theresia von Paradis, with a revolutionary technique using his glass harmonica. Although the method had never been publicly proven, Mesmer has all the arrogance of the male in a patriarchal society. Mesmer is 42, Maria 17. Maria wants no further treatment for her blindness. She has been subjected by her dominating parents to a lifetime of opportunist practitioners. Her father is an Imperial Secretary to the Empress Maria Theresa and a force to be reckoned with. Her mother is equally determined her daughter shall take her place in society through marriage; she cannot marry unless cured. Maria's blindness has been diagnosed as amaurosis, a psychosomatic condition of hysterical origin.

Despite Maria's initial protests, Franz visits on several occasions. Franz's approach and manner is different from other practitioners and Maria is intrigued by the glass harmonica. She begins to trust Franz and eventually there is progress. At first glimmers of light and then slowly her sight improves. But will it return completely? As her vision clears Maria is not altogether comfortable with the world she sees and there are other unexpected consequences.

The play was inspired by the writer's own battle with blindness.

Pianist - David Mcguiness

Glass Harmonica - Alasdair Malloy

Producer/director: David Ian Neville.

My Dear Bessie20150420

A love story in letters played out against the backdrop of the Second World War between Chris Barker, a solider in North Africa, and Bessie Moore, a Morse code interpreter at the Foreign Office in London.

Compiled by Simon Garfield and adapted for radio by Sara Davies

Produced by Gemma Jenkins

A small blue box opened in 2008 revealed a wartime world of love, longing and frustration.

On September 5th 1943, Chris Barker, a Signalman stationed near Tobruk decided to write to a former work colleague, Bessie Moore, back in London. The unexpected warmth of Bessie's reply changed their lives forever.

Chris and Bessie's love letters first appeared in Simon Garfield's book To The Letter, they have toured literary festivals as part of Letters Live before getting their own book, My Dear Bessie, published this year on Valentine's Day.

My Life And Other Stories20160314

by Merryn Glover

What happens when someone falls in love with a version of you that is all made up?

When Kevin joins Jilly's writing course by mistake, he tangles them both in a mess of tall tales and twisting fortunes. Literary licence and love collide in this romantic comedy.

Instead of attending the first class of a new Book-keeping course, Kevin gets his dates muddled and finds himself in "Life Writing". The lovely tutor, Jilly, is thrilled by his last-minute addition because without him there wouldn't be enough participants. He is so captivated by her and so loathe to disappoint the others - Gus, Diane, Marta and Faye - that he stays. Desperate to impress Jilly and to hide the 'boring' reality of his life he invents a more bohemian upbringing as makes his contribution to the class. But he's not the only one who is not quite telling the truth!

Starring John Kielty as Kevin and Shonagh Price as Jilly.

Producer/director: David Ian Neville.

My Name Is...20150302

In 2006 newspaper reports that a young Scottish girl had been abducted by her father and taken to Pakistan created headlines around the world. The story seemed to represent a clash of religious and cultural values between East and West. But the problem was - the girl hadn't been abducted. In an effort to find the story behind the headlines the actress and playwright, Sudha Bhuchar, interviewed the three main family members involved. Her play is inspired by those real-life events.

Music composed by Arun Ghosh

Director: Philip Osment

Producer: Bruce Young

BBC Scotland.


Written by Jennifer Schlueter and conceived by Christina Ritter

When her husband asks her to meet the author of "The Little Prince", celebrated aviator Anne Morrow Lindbergh is terrified. But the two form a connection which will affect the rest of their lives.

Anne Morrow Lindbergh - Christina Ritter

Antoine de Saint Exupery - Samuel West

Charles Lindbergh - Ian Conningham

Director: Marion Nancarrow

Constructed entirely from the writings of The Little Prince author, Antoine de Saint Exupery and the celebrated aviators Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh, this off-Broadway hit is the story of their meeting and its consequences and has been re-imagined for radio. It stars its original cast member, Christina Ritter, in her radio debut with actor Samuel West, who saw the production off-Broadway. Delicate and touching, it tells the behind-the-scenes story of one the most celebrated couples in America, the famous and shocking kidnap of their baby and the conflicts which flying, family and writing brought to their lives. This was further complicated by their meeting with one of France's most iconic writers.

Northern Lights20160826

It's check-in day at a caravan park in Northern England and handyman Tom is starting to realise that blocked plumbing and broken aerials are, by far, the least of his problems.

Paul Fraser is a screenwriter and director often collaborating with his long term writing partner, Shane Meadows, on films such as TwentyFourSeven, A Room for Romeo Brass, Once Upon a Time In the Midlands, Dead Man's Shoes and Somers Town.

Paul also wrote Heartlands directed by Damien O'Donnell and starring Michael Sheen.

Writer - Paul Fraser

Producer/Director - Gemma McMullan.

Not Now20151119

By David Ireland.

It's 2:15. Kyle's just buried his father. He loved his Dad but it's his Uncle he's always looked up to. What happens during the next 45 minutes will change all that forever.

A darkly funny drama about sexual and social relations by one of Belfast's hottest young writers.

Directed by Kirsty Williams.

Now, Love20150316

Denise, a recently divorced middle-aged woman, falls head over heels for an older Polish man. But is he really who he says is, and can her desire to start afresh and love again have the happy ending she so longs for?

Reeling from a recent divorce, Denise falls passionately in love with an enigmatic Polish émigre, Karol. But Karol, a man full of secrets, is in flight from the realities of his own life - a life that had been lived, for the most part, behind the Iron Curtain: a life of moral compromise and collusion and the slow erosion of his better self, which only now, with the belated opening of the former state files in Poland, is coming to light. As truths about him begin to surface, Denise is forced to confront the fact that her longed-for fairy tale may not have a happy ending.

Now, Love is the story of Denise's powerful desire to love and live again after divorce has shattered her confidence and wrenched a sense of identity away from her.


By Virginia Gilbert

Producer/director: David Ian Neville.

Oh You Pretty Things20151201

When Ellie's ex gets in touch after 25 years, her husband Dave can't resist doing the same thing and gets in touch with his ex too. These exes are, for both partners, like roads not taken. Is there still time to go down those roads?

Written by Jon Canter

Produced and Directed by Clive Brill

A Brill production for BBC Radio 4.

On The Road Not Taken20160824

When he was a teenager, Paul dreamed of heading out on the road with a guitar and head full of songs. But it was far too scary, so he got a proper job instead. Now, thirty years on, he's picked up his guitar again and is determined to live the dream.

Along the way, he takes a side trip back in time through a 1970s childhood. He relives the agony and ecstasy of learning the guitar and doing gigs in old people's homes and youth clubs, as well as confronting the truth about what made it all fall apart.

Then he strides out onto a stage, in front of 500 people, and prepares to sing live for the first time in more than three decades.

Paul Dodgson is a writer and composer. He has previously written two acclaimed autobiographical dramas for BBC Radio 4 (You Drive Me Crazy and Home).

The mandolin was played by Fred Gregory Davies.

The Gurt Lush Choir sang Moon River, by Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercer, arranged by Wendy Sergeant.

Sound by David Thomas

Produced and directed by Kate McAll

A Pier production for BBC Radio 4.

Orpheus And Eurydice20150922

The myth of Orpheus and Eurydice has inspired poets, painters and especially musicians since ancient times. As a season of revivals at the Royal Opera House begins exploring this most potent of musical stories, poet Simon Armitage and playwright Linda Marshall Griffiths each tell their own versions of the story of the doomed lovers on Radio 4.

Orpheus and Eurydice. His Story. By Linda Marshall Griffiths

Grief-stricken, the young singer Orfeo tries to find his way to his dead wife Eurydice. His path is the way of dreams, fractured memories - a journey into the Underworld to bring back his love from the silence. But is love stronger than death if everything can be destroyed by a backward glance?

With music composed by PJ Harvey

Directed by Nadia Molinari.

Other People's Countries20160330

How can a house you never really lived in prove so hard to leave? A true story adapted from his memoir by Patrick McGuinness about his early years and return visits to Bouillon, a small town, in rural Belgium. Recorded where it happened and featuring talking furniture, singing streams, lost languages and the permanent sadness of the low countries. With Saskia Reeves. Producer: Tim Dee.

Our Sea2015090920150924 (R4)

Ronan Bennett drama about the desperate migrant crisis in the Mediterranean. Mahmoud, Yasser, Shaibul, Marwan and Letebrhane share their experiences as they fight for their lives hours after their boat is sank by traffickers. Lindsay Duncan and Stephen Rea star.

Ronan Bennett is a novelist and screenwriter who was born and brought up in Northern Ireland and now lives in London. His third novel, 'The Catastrophist' was nominated for the Whitbread award in 1998. 'Havoc, in Its Third Year' (2004) was listed for the Booker prize. His latest novel is 'Zugzwang'. His screen credits include the BBC series' '10 Days to War' and 'Hidden', as well as 'Top Boy' and 'Public Enemies'.

Writer - Ronan Bennett

Director - Stephen Wright

Producer - Jenny Thompson.

Pact Of Silence20150728

Set during the brutal dictatorship of the late 1970s in Argentina, a young woman's life is turned upside down when she is confronted with the shocking truth about her origins.

"If you were born between 1975 and 1980 and have doubts about your identity - if you think you might not be who they say you are, contact the Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo."

This is an advertisement that has appeared in Argentine newspapers since 1997.

In 1976, the dictatorship in Argentina tortured and killed up to 30,000 people. Pregnant women were kept alive until they gave birth and their babies given to childless military families to bring up as their own.

For the past four decades, the Abuelas de la Plaza de Mayo in Argentina have campaigned for those responsible to be brought to justice and to find out the fate of their children and the whereabouts of five hundred children stolen from their families during the military regime. The Grandmothers' mission is to identify these now grown up children and reunite them with their biological families.

A Pact of Silence tells the story of Mariana, a young woman who has been identified by the Grandmothers as one of these kidnapped children, and the anguish she experiences as she comes to realise that her beloved adoptive father might have had a significant role to play in the disappearance of her birth parents.

Written and Directed by Penny Woolcock

Produced by Natasha Dack

A Tigerlily production for BBC Radio 4.


By Caroline Horton

Things are fine. Pandora is young, living in Paris, she's got a nice boyfriend and a job that pays the bills. So why did she try to kill herself? While her boyfriend Tom wrestles with this question, Pandora gets drunk with her Danish friend Bert. But she can't hide from her problems forever.

An intimate journey through the no-man's land of a suicide survival, written by and starring Caroline Horton. Caroline is an exciting writer/performer from Birmingham. Her 2010 stage play You're Not Like The Other Girls Chrissy won her Best Solo Performer at The Stage Awards 2010 and was nominated for an Olivier Award. Her second, Mess, won Best Ensemble at The Stage Awards 2012. Her first radio drama - Paris, Nana and Me was shortlisted for the Imison Award in 2014.

Directed by James Robinson

A BBC Cymru Wales Production.


by Timothy X. Atack.

A musician is found dead in strange circumstances. How did he die? The only clue is a text message that says 'Phonophone active'. But what is a phonophone?

Original music by Timothy X Atack

Directed by Marc Beeby

This is Tim Atack's second play for radio. His first play, The Morpeth Carol, won the Radio Academy Gold Award for 2014.

Poetry In Motion20160802

by Katie Hims

We hear the thoughts of five people sitting near each other on a train travelling to Manchester. They all get on alone but they all leave a little less so.

Director - Mary Peate

Katie Hims' radio plays are much loved by Radio 4 listeners. Most recently she has been the lead writer on Radio 4's Home Front and other radio dramas for the BBC include Black Dog for Radio 4 and the highly acclaimed King David for Radio 3.

By Katie Hims. Drama that listens in on the thoughts of five strangers on a train.


Sean Grundy's satirical take on attitudes towards poverty and the poor.

Come to "Poorland Yorkshire", the latest addition to our chain of exciting theme parks which have transformed some of Britain's toughest council estates. Take the family on one of our many thrilling rides - "Benefit Island" water ride, "Joyride" or "HellEviction". Stay for the night in the "Disenchanted Kingdom". Try out one of our celebrity chav make-overs or visit our Poorland gift shop where "each toy is some child's broken dream". Come to Poorland, where every dream is unfulfilled.

On the same day, Susan and John visit the new Poorland theme park which has been opened on the site of the Yorkshire council estate that they grew up in. Susan's accompanying her teenage daughter on her birthday and John's there to review the new ride "The Fires of Orgreave". They bump into each other and soon discover that they remember their childhood on the estate in starkly different ways.

Script Editor....Abigail Youngman

Writer....Sean Grundy

Producer....Alison Crawford.

Positive Affect20160316

by Daniel Davies

Kelly is unemployed; she's also cripplingly shy - a combination that makes everyday difficulties hard enough, never mind the madness of job interviews, work programmes and the threat of sanctions.

Directed by Marc Beeby.


By Diane Samuels

An experimental and visionary designer has been

captivated by the story of Psyche and Eros and is

creating a series of pieces inspired by the myth. She

has found the right girl to be her model. But where

does the myth begin and where does it end?

Directed by Tracey Neale

Diane Samuels has written a play in celebration of St. Valentine's Day. She has located the Greek myth of Psyche and Eros into a modern context. The world of this re-telling, given that Aphrodite is also the goddess of beauty and art, is haute couture fashion. Aphrodite become Apra, an experimental and visionary designer who has herself been captivated by the story of Psyche. Apra's secret pet project has been to design a series of pieces inspired by the myth. She has for a while been searching for a 'subject' to embody her emerging vision to enable her to start to realise it. Then she finds Lizzie. She offers Lizzie the opportunity to play a role as model and muse in the work in development and to be photographed by Apra's protege Andreas.

The play is a three-hander - a triangle. The drama follows the unfolding dynamics between them as Apra guides her Psyche through the story, placing her in various settings, dressing her in the garments that she is creating for each key moment. But Apra's control is challenged when Andreas and Lizzie become attracted to one another.

Whose story, whose work, whose life is at play here? Where does the myth begin and where does it end?

The piece is melded together by many different renditions of 'Dance Me To The End of Love' by Leonard Cohen.

Puellae - Or The Truth About Chips And Other Things20151120

In Nalini Chetty's comic drama two friends meet in a wine bar during the Edinburgh Festival before going to see a show on the Fringe. Sixteen years after leaving St Myrtles School for Girls, Neve and Tess gossip about their school-days, diets, old boyfriends and political ideals, lost or discarded. As one bottle of wine leads to another - and with the Fringe show forgotten - the veneer of contentment at their well-balanced lives gradually disintegrates.

Producer/director: Bruce Young

BBC Scotland.


Hunslet Fair 1851. Edward Quill is tasked to write a play by Mr Samuel Wragg - actor manager at Wragg's Theatrical Pavillion.

Since having a career at Drury Lane, Quill has fallen on hard times and eagerly accepts the commission which he needs to pay his rent.

He does not expect the commission to be quite so prescriptive; the play must contain a ghost, a hero, a heroine, a storm and a dog. Nor yet does he expect the characters he creates to take over his life, or the wife of his landlord to take over his heart.

Produced and Directed by Clive Brill

A Brill production for BBC Radio 4.

Rasselas, Prince Of Abyssinia2015052420150530 (R4)

An intriguing, contemporary take on Samuel Johnson's classic tale of an African prince in search of happiness.

A star cast is led by Ashley Zhangazha as Rasselas, Jeff Rawle as Samuel Johnson and Lucian Msamati - the RSC's first black Iago - as the poet Imlac. Singer and actor Cynthia Erivo makes her BBC radio drama debut as Princess Nekayah.

Recorded on location at Dr Johnson's House, 17 Gough Square, in the City of London - the very place where over 260 years ago, Johnson compiled his famous dictionary and then in January 1759, wrote his instant bestseller 'Rasselas' in a week, to pay for his mother's funeral.

Acclaimed 18th century philosophy fuels a contemporary desert road trip in this inventive and playful adaptation by Jonathan Holloway. Period and modern collide in a satirical fantasy as Rasselas and his companions follow their quest for happiness and purpose to Cairo, where they encounter Arab Spring revolutionaries.

Jonathan Holloway's drama also incorporates a compelling glimpse of Johnson himself - the lonely, 50-year-old celebrity and writer, in debt, in poor health, and missing his young Jamaican manservant, Francis Barber, who had run away to sea. Born a slave, Barber was freed at Johnson's insistence and treated kindly by him.

Johnson had struggled through many years of poverty before moving to Gough Square and becoming a highly respected writer. 'Rasselas', his singular, progressive rumination on human happiness, is his only novel and his most popular work.

Sound design: David Chilton

Produced and directed by Amber Barnfather

A Goldhawk Essential production for BBC Radio 4.

Reasons For Leaving20160617

by Peter Whalley

Lauren thinks someone is breaking into her house and calls the police, only to discover it's Ian, her estranged husband who walked out and disappeared eleven months ago. When we discover the woman, lying in hospital in a coma,s is Ian's lover, Ian's reasons for leaving and why he's back, become more allusive. The real reason is finally realised but is it too late?

Produced and directed by Pauline Harris.

Road To St Davids20150629

A story of myth and faith set at this year's St David's Day celebrations in the city of the same name.

The legends of Welsh saints are full of sex and violence - but you can also find faith in Britain's smallest city. It might seem that St David's Day in St Davids is just full of fun and games for the children, but for two of this year's pilgrims it's a serious business as they seek help and guidance from two Welsh saints.

The writer Douglas Livingstone and director Jane Morgan have taken various "Roads" over the years - visiting an event and recording the sounds particular to it before Douglas writes a play based on their experiences.

Their first play, the Sony Award winning Road to Rocio, was about a pilgrimage in Andalusia and this year's play is also about a pilgrimage - a handful of people making their way from St. Non's Well, where St Non gave birth to David, to the cathedral in Britain's smallest city. For the children it's all about the Dragon's Parade in the city, but for many it's a profound experience and two of the pilgrims need considerable help and guidance from the Welsh saints.

A largely Welsh cast is headed by the young English actress Faye Castelow (RSC and National Theatre) and they're supported ably by the people of St. Davids themselves. It's a beautifully dramatic mix of ancient myth, dragons, adultery and faith with special recordings made on location.

Written by Douglas Livingstone

Directed by Jane Morgan

A Unique production for BBC Radio 4.

Roald Dahl: Boy20160702

To celebrate the centenary year of Roald Dahl's birth, a full dramatization of tales from his own childhood. Sometimes magical, sometimes grotesque but always true, Dahl's boyhood stories are as remarkable as the acclaimed fiction he would go on to write as an adult.

"An autobiography is a book a person writes about his own life. It is usually full of all sorts of boring details. This is not an autobiography."

The story of Roald Dahl's childhood is filled with excitement and wonder but also terror and great sadness. We learn of his experiences at cruel boarding schools, his daring Great Mouse Plot, the dangers of Boazers, the pleasure/pain of the local sweetshop and his time as a chocolate taster. Just some of the marvellous, extraordinary events that no doubt went on to inspire his best-selling books.

Patrick Malahide provides the voice of Dahl in a colourful adaptation by Lucy Catherine.

Dramatised by Lucy Catherine

Directed by Helen Perry

A BBC Cymru/Wales Production.

Scenes From A Crime20150226

A man with no memory finds himself outside a flat in a tenement block in Mumbai. With no idea of who he is or how he got there he tries, with the help of a street-child, to piece together fragments of his life.

This thriller from writer/director John Dryden is set and recorded on the streets of Mumbai.

John Dryden's production of The Seventh Test, based on the novel The Accidental Apprentice, has been short-listed for the BBC Audio Drama Awards 2015 in both the Best Adaptation and Best Serial categories. His other work includes the original three-part drama series Severed Threads, The Reluctant Spy, A Tokyo Murder and Pandemic, which won the Writer's Guild Award for best radio drama script. His dramatisation of Bleak House won a Sony Award for Best Drama. He recently won Best Drama Producer at the Radio Academy Production Awards 2014.

Producer: Preetika Chawla

Editor: Ayeesha Menon

Written, Recorded and Directed by John Dryden

A Goldhawk Production for BBC Radio 4.


Drama: See by Katharine Way

Cassie has retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative eye disease. She falls in love with Danny and moves in with him. The problem is Danny has a protective older brother who thinks Cassie is faking her disability. A psychological thriller about sight and perception.

Director/Producer Gary Brown.

Shakespeare's Fire20150508

Queens, fools and bickering playwrights set the world alight on the Jacobean South Bank. Jane Horrocks, Adam Gillen and Jasper Britton star in this original comedy by New Generation poet Glyn Maxwell about the burning of the Globe Theatre in 1613.

On a hot summer afternoon, the Kings Men in Southwark are performing John Fletcher and William Shakespeare's Famous History of the Life of Henry VIII. On that scorching day in June, the jewel of London's playhouses, The Globe, burnt down.

So much we know - we have eye witness accounts. Many questions remain unanswered though.

Are rumours of royal involvement to be credited? Did the Burbages really do well out of the fire? What is the connection between these events and the end of the career of England's most illustrious playwright? And where do a clown's trousers come into all this?

The cast includes Jane Horrocks (Ab Fab, Little Voice), Jasper Britton (RSC), Adam Gillen (Benidorm) and Simon Greenall (I'm Alan Partridge)

Director/ Producer: Frank Stirling

A Unique Broadcasting production for BBC Radio 4.


by Furquan Akhtar.

Shabana's son has been arrested for a very serious crime. She feels shunned by her community. Yet she believes that the son she has lovingly nurtured cannot be capable of such a callous crime. She determines to be supportive and to clear his name. Hard hitting drama by the 2014 winner of the Alfred Bradley Bursary Award for new writers.

Director/Producer Gary Brown

Furquan Akhtar is a Broadcast Magazine Hot Shot (2014) and Guardian Newspaper "One to Watch" (2012). He cut his creative teeth in the Coronation Street Editorial Department and currently works as a Script Editor for Hollyoaks. This is his first drama for radio.

Snake Oil20150702

Jim Dillon has what he calls 'Fondue Set Syndrome'. He just can't walk past a bargain - or what he thinks is a bargain - as his long-suffering family and their array of curious and inappropriate birthday and Christmas presents testify! But when Jim is faced with a much more serious and life-threatening diagnosis he starts to investigate alternative cures and remedies to assist his recovery and help him try and control the uncontrollable. From a fungus fed with milk to a Native American sweat lodge in the living room, Jim tries it all. But is Jim in danger of taking things too far and pushing his family away, instead putting his trust in others, some of whom just might not have his best interests at heart?

A new drama from Northern-Irish playwright Abbie Spallen starring Philip Jackson, Pauline McLynn and Georgia Taylor.

States Of Mind: The Sky Is Wider20160706

When Ella is asked questions pointing her towards places and memories, she begins to realise that the world she lives in now is just the imagined life of her mind and in reality she is in hospital in a minimally conscious state. Ella realises that these questions, posed by a neurologist, are attempts to discover whether she is conscious and that her possible answers are her only way to communicate with others, especially with her daughter, Charlie, who has her own questions that desperately need answers.

The Sky is Wider was developed through Wellcome Experimental Stories in consultation with Anil Seth (Professor of Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience and co-director at Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science, University of Sussex). The drama was inspired by the themes of the current States of Mind exhibition at Wellcome Collection in London which explores the nature of consciousness and runs until 16th October 2016.

The drama asks what it is to be a self. It explores an 'active approach' in which the neurologist asks questions of the patient in an attempt to ascertain their level of consciousness by examining the brain responses. Currently brain imaging (fMRI, EEG) can be used to actively decode responses to questions in patients who, following severe brain injury, are left in minimally conscious states. These methods represent a revolution in clinical neurology; allowing us to assess whether there is any residual consciousness or awareness left, following devastating brain injury and allowing us to open a means of communication.

Written by Linda Marshall Griffiths

Directed by Nadia Molinari

Sound Design by Steve Brooke

Programme Consultant Anil Seth

Listen on headphones for a unique 3D immersive experience.

Stupid Men20150917

By award winning writer Gary Owen.

Ryan was once a rising rugby star, until an early injury crushed his dream. Now he's a husband, a father, a worker and only a semi-professional part-time rugby player. But as the pressures of daily life mount, and his home-life becomes increasingly strained, one last shot at sporting glory might be his only hope of keeping his family together.

A moving and modern-day story about facing adversity and fighting for what you love.

Directed by Helen Perry

A BBC Cymru Wales Production

Gary Owen is the winner of the Meyer Whitworth, George Devine and Pearson best play awards. He recently made his Royal Court debut with Violence and Son. Other plays include Iphigenia in Splott, Love Steals us from Loneliness, Crazy Gary's Mobile Disco, The Shadow of a Boy, The Drowned World (winner Fringe first), and Mrs Reynolds and the Ruffian. Gary was also the co-writer of BBC Wales TV drama Baker Boys.

Eve Myles is best known for her award-winning roles in the sci-fi phenomenon Torchwood, ITV's drama Broadchurch and BBC's Frankie.

Matthew Gravelle is well known for his portrayal of Joe Miller in ITV's thriller Broadchurch. He's also starred in Welsh TV dramas Belonging, Baker Boys and Hinterland.

Suggs: My Mad-life Crisis20151224

The Madness frontman tells his funny and moving true-life story.

The death of Suggs' beloved cat on his fiftieth birthday triggers a personal quest to discover what happened to the father he never knew. Stunned by what he learns, Suggs takes us back to his childhood and his first appearance on Top Of The Pops at the age of eighteen.

Adapted for radio by Owen Lewis from the stage play My Life In Words And Music by Graham McPherson and Toby Follet.

Other parts played by Ewan Bailey and Philippa Stanton.

Pianist: Dean Mumford

Director: Owen Lewis

Producer: Karen Rose

A Sweet Talk production for BBC Radio 4.


by Jim Cartwright

A bittersweet drama which reunites the writer and star of 'The Rise and Fall of Little Voice'. Lorna is an alcoholic who lives alone in a down at heel flat. Then a young door to door salesman peddling stretch settee covers knocks on her door and discovers that she has a glamorous past.

Song and Lyrics by John O'Hara

Producer/Director Gary Brown

Jim Cartwright is a celebrated playwright. His plays include 'Road', 'The Rise and Fall of Little Voice" and "Two".

Ten Funerals And A Wedding20151022

By Nick Underwood.

Phoebe works part-time in a whisky shop where her skirt matches the tartan carpet. The rest of the time she's a humanist celebrant who specializes in death.

She's not remotely qualified for weddings and she's certainly not a fan of them. And then her best friend asks her to conduct hers...

Directed by Kirsty Williams.

Tess In Winter20151204

Inspired by the novel 'Winter' by Christopher Nicholson and dramatised by Sara Davies.

The most famous writer of his day is living in chilly seclusion in Dorset with his second wife and former secretary, Florence. Between these two frozen hearts comes the talented amateur actress Gertrude Bugler, playing Tess in the first production of Hardy's play, provoking local and national fascination.

Florence determines to put a stop to what she sees as Hardy's ludicrous infatuation with the young woman. Gertie is caught in the middle, longing to play Tess on the London stage.

Florence Hardy often found herself dealing with the many journalists and admirers who wanted access to her celebrated husband. Caught off-guard, Thomas has agreed to be the subject of a fly-on-the- wall documentary, but he hands the interviewer on to his wife, who reveals more than she intends about her husband's fascination with Gertrude.

Vibrant performances and a sensitive, unusual treatment bring new light to a story that continues to fascinate.

Dramatist...Sara Davies

Music...Jon Nicholls

Production Manager...Sarah Goodman

Director...Mary Ward-Lowery.

The African Queen20150221

Samantha Bond and Toby Jones star in a new dramatisation of C.S. Forester's classic World War 1 novel.

Set in 1915, Rose Sayer's work as a missionary comes to an abrupt end when the village she and her brother, Reverend Samuel Sayer, live in is invaded by the German army. Samuel dies of fever and Rose blames the ungodly Germans for having ground him down and frightened off the entire village.

Patriotically, but naively, Rose conceives of blowing up a German warship thus helping the war effort. She convinces cowardly Cockney Charlie Allnut to lend his rickety steam-powered boat, The African Queen, for the cause. He has offered to give Rose a lift in his boat to get away from the village and the Germans, so reluctantly goes along with her plan. If they manage to survive German attacks, rapids, malaria and mechanical mishaps will they be able to survive each other?

The novel, The African Queen by C.S. Forester, was of course the basis for the highly popular Hollywood movie of the same name. Paul Mendelson's dramatisation goes back to the novel re-instating Forester's original ending and giving Charlie his Cockney identity back!

The African Queen

By C. S. Forester; dramatised for radio by Paul Mendelson

Music composed and played by Gary C. Newman

Producer/director: David Ian Neville.

The Bed-sitting Room20151226

Three years since the nuclear misunderstanding which led to the third world war ("and it's no idle boast when I remind you that this was the shortest world war on record... two minutes twenty eight seconds... including the signing of the Peace Treaty which is now on sale at Her Majesties Stationary Office with a free T- shirt") survivors gather together on the former-streets of London. In amongst the rubble, Captain Kak and his fiancee Penelope find Lord Fortnum, who is convinced he's turning into a Bed-sitting room. With property prices what they are, Kak should be on to a good thing.

This atmospheric, surrealist play was originally written by John Antrobus and Spike Milligan, and has been adapted for radio by John Antrobus and Paul Merton.

Music and FX by Jerry Peal.

Directed by Sam Michell.

Produced by Victoria Lloyd.

The Book Of Yehudit20170420

Drama by Adam Usden set in the Orthodox Jewish community. Starring Yasmin Paige.

The Bridge20150220

By Donna Franceschild.

A witty and moving real-time drama. A woman's sitting on a bench when a stranger approaches her and nothing she says will make him leave.


Davy... Iain Robertson

Woman... Eilidh McCormick

Directed by Kirsty Williams.

The Busker20160418

Actor-singer Brian Protheroe, stars as Wilfy, an ageing busker on the London underground. When a young man stops to listen to his music, Wilfy's life takes an unexpected twist that has echoes for his own personal life. Joe Ward Munrow's first play for radio, is a poignant and surreal glimpse into the world of busking. It asks the question what happens when life gives you a second chance.

Producer/Director, Jessica Brown

Brian Protheroe is a singer, songwriter and actor. He is best known for his 1970s hit single, 'Pinball'. He performs all the music in The Busker.

Joe Ward Munrow is a new, young writer based in Liverpool. He grew up in London, where his father is a licensed busker on the London underground.

The Churchill Barriers20150810

by Emma Spurgin Hussey

Orkney, 1944, and clerk George finds common ground with Italian POW Giorgio as they build the famous sea defences.

Pianist - Neil Brand

Director: David Hunter.

The Continuing Adventures Of Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid (deceased)20160102

An original western by Sebastian Baczkiewicz.

It's 1904. New Mexico. Legendary lawman Pat Garrett has grown weary and old. An altercation with President Roosevelt has left his future looking bleak, his present is awash with whisky, blood and bullets, and all the while he's haunted by a ghost from his past.

This is the story of how the myth of the Wild West was created and how outlaws were forged into great American heroes.

Directed by Helen Perry

A BBC Cymru Wales Production

Sean Gilder is best known for his portrayal of Paddy Maguire in hit TV show Shameless. He's also recently played Bosola in The Duchess of Malfi at The Sam Wanamaker Playhouse Theatre, and starred in Chimerica (winner of 5 Oliviers) and the multi award winning film The Selfish Giant.

The Crossing20150204

It's 2019 and following the UK's exit from the EU, the prime minister is pressurised to seal the nation's frontiers, including the land border shared with the Irish Republic. Immigration and customs posts reappear for the first time since the Good Friday Agreement. At the point where inland waterways north and south meet, security services search boats and inspect passports. Cross border cooperation is a thing of the past.

Conor Glynn, 22, helps his parents run river cruises along the river Shannon and into Lough Erne. But Conor will soon be forced to move away for work, because the family business has fallen victim to political circumstance.

Conor, realising the financial predicament his parents will be in, decides to take one crazy but lucrative risk. He agrees to carry an unusual cargo across the river border and into the UK. Conor is stopped and searched by border security. They find three Eastern European migrants hiding on his boat. Conor is arrested. He faces a jail sentence.

The PM arrives in Ulster to inspect new border facilities and has a secret meeting with the Irish Taoiseach. The Taoiseach is alarmed at how rapidly border security has been restored to its Troubles-era level. Even locals have to queue up and show their passports. In protest, his coalition partners in Dublin, Sinn Féin, are joining their Stormont colleagues in boycotting all Anglo-Irish institutions that grew out of the Good Friday Agreement. The peace process is in danger.

The Dad Who Fell To Earth20150709

Drama: The Dad Who Fell to Earth by Toby Hadoke

Tom had been struggling to come to terms with his dad's sudden death, but that was before he found out his dad was secretly an alien from a distant planet. Tom finds his whole world shifting to a new perspective, a perspective that might just also include saving Earth from imminent destruction.

Written by Toby Hadoke

Directed by Charlotte Riches.

The Day Of The Locust2015111520151121 (R4)

Classic Serial: The Day of the Locust by Nathanael West. Dramatised by Jim Poyser

Tod is a young scene designer in 1930s Hollywood trying to earn an honest buck and still maintain his artistic integrity. He falls in love with Faye, an aspiring actress and gets sucked into the toxic periphery of Hollywood. A caustic satire on the flipside of the 1930s dream factory.

Director/Producer Gary Brown.

The Final Call20160404

By Matt Hartley

A disgruntled customer, driven to despair by his internet service provider, takes matters into his own hands by confronting the staff at its call centre. Very quickly, events spiral out of his control.

Directed by Sasha Yevtushenko.

The Good Listener: Ghost In The Machine20150730

A new episode of The Good Listener returns to GCHQ where agents are devising ways to gather data from millions of mobile phone users - from friends and foe alike. A major phone company of a European ally has become the target.

Documents released by whistleblower Ed Snowden refer to an 'Operation Socialist', suggesting that UK's spy agency GCHQ were behind a cyber attack on Belgacom, Belgium's largest phone company. The operation was intended to gather data from millions of mobile phone users around the world. The 'malware' that was subsequently found on the Belgian phone provider's systems is one of the most advanced spy tools ever seen.

Ghost in the Machine follows fictional characters inside GCHQ in a story inspired by this operation. The team need to devise ways to deal with a changing digital world but not everyone is happy with the agency's approach.

Written by Fin Kennedy

Sound design by Alisdair McGregor

Produced and Directed by Boz Temple-Morris

A Holy Mountain production for BBC Radio 4.

The Hunting Of The Snark20151225

by Lewis Carroll

Tony Robinson narrates this new adaptation of Lewis Carroll's classic masterpiece following a strange assortment of characters on their quest for an elusive beast. Led by a bell-ringing Captain, this motley crew must brave terrifying danger in their chaotic pursuit of a creature known as Snark. Accompanied by specially composed music and songs, this surreal tale questions whether anything is really what it seems.

Music and songs composed by Katie Chatburn

Music performed by Katie Chatburn, Dorry Macaulay, Kathryn Williams, Stephen Cordiner and Jasper Wilkinson

Directed by Charlotte Riches.

The Imperfect Education Of Sabrina Sidney20150409

Drama by Abigail Youngman starring Rory Bremner, Aidan McArdle and Amanda Root. Set in the eighteenth century and based on true events, it tells the story of two young girls involved in a most peculiar educational experiment carried out by the philanthropist and intellectual Thomas Day.

The Last Of The Pearl Fishers20150108

By Hannah Khalil.

Played by Pippa Nixon, Lillian becomes obsessed with her Filipino maid Celeste's disappearance. As she searches Dubai for Celeste she realises how little she knows about her and begins to question her own credentials as an employer. A modern-day exploration of slavery.

Pippa Nixon recently was heard as the regular character Celestine de Tulio in Tommies, Radio 4's major First World War drama series.

The Len Continuum20150618

The debut for radio by the critically acclaimed British filmmaker Peter Strickland, writer and director of cult films Berberian Sound Studio and The Duke of Burgundy.

Sometime in the early eighties, struggling actor Len is increasingly overshadowed by his wife Alice's successful career in local radio. As his bitterness grows, he comes by a chance to finally prove himself.

Surreal soundscapes and black humour with Toby Jones and Belinda Stewart-Wilson.

Sound engineer: Eloise Whitmore

Written and Directed by Peter Strickland

Produced by Russell Finch and Polly Thomas

A Somethin' Else production for Radio 4.

The Liberty Cap2015102320160411 (R4)

Pete has been suffering from depression for many years but no therapy or medicine has had any lasting benefit. Now he is considering taking part in a clinical trial that is testing a new treatment that uses Psilocybin, the psychoactive chemical found in magic mushrooms.

The Liberty Cap is written by Hattie Naylor (award winning playwright whose many plays include Ivan and the Dogs and The Diary of Samuel Pepys) and made in consultation with Dr Robin Carhart-Harris, a psycho-pharmacologist at Imperial College London, who is conducting research into psychedelic drugs and their potential therapeutic uses.

Scientific research into psychedelic drugs has been effectively shut down for decades but is now becoming more widespread. The action of this drama is inspired by clinical trials that are currently taking place and the ethical questions they raise, although all characters portrayed are entirely fictional.

Written by Hattie Naylor

Programme consultant: Dr Robin Carhart-Harris

Music consultant: Mark Jackson

Sound design by Alisdair McGregor

Produced and directed by Boz Temple-Morris

A Holy Mountain production for BBC Radio 4.

The Liberty Cap was developed through the Wellcome Trust Experimental Stories scheme.

The Lost Sister20151106

A family drama and detective story, this is the author's unflinching account of her search for a sister more abandoned than lost - exploring the consequences of our fear of mental illness as she relives a turbulent past.

Other parts played by members of the cast

Written by Eileen Horne

Script Editor: Katri Skala

Produced and directed by Clive Brill

A Brill production for BBC Radio 4.

The Man Who Bit Mary Magdalene20150908

Hugh, Bishop of Lincoln the goodliest soul who ever lived, loved by princes and paupers alike needs money to rebuild his beloved Lincoln Cathedral after it's destroyed in an earthquake. But funds are not forthcoming. However, after a visitation from The Virgin Mother herself he is shown the way to raise the much need money - relics. She tells him of the relic of the arm bone of Mary Magdalene which lies at the abbey at Fécamp - a relic that will certainly bring pilgrims (and cash) to Lincoln. But Hugh soon realises The Holy Mother may not be quite so holy as she appears, as she taunts him with an old sin that casts a very long shadow. The great man of faith is thrown into turmoil and it's only a weary, drunken old monk Brother Thibault who can see Hugh's impending actions may destroy not only the abbey, but also one of the very foundations of Christianity. Based on a thrilling true story, the themes and comedy are most definitely contemporary and Hugh's ultimate act is as shocking today as it was almost 1000 years ago. A comedy to really sink your teeth into!

Historical Advisor: Sue Scott

Director: Celia de Wolff

A Pier Production for BBC Radio 4.

The Man Who Wore Sanitary Pads20150605

Mr Muruga is a builder from Tamil Nadu who wants to send a rather curious love letter to his wife: a low cost sanitary pad. But when his desire to help his countrywomen turns to obsession, his community and even his family turn their backs on him. Can he achieve his taboo-breaking mission? A compelling, real-life story of a great man, told with humour and admiration by Jon Sen.

Other voices....the BBC Tamil Service

Cultural and language consultants....Sangeetha Rajan, Sivaramakrishnan Parameswaran, Jagadheesan Leklapoodi

Directed by Sarah Bradshaw


Jon Sen began his professional career as a documentary editor, making his break into drama as writer/director of the award-winning comedy short The Love Doctor (BBC Films/BBC2). He has subsequently worked for all the major terrestrial channels, directing high-profile shows such as the British Asian drama Second Generation (Channel 4), Frances Tuesday (ITV), Stan (BBC2/BBC4). He has also directed serial drama including 55 degrees North and Waterloo Road (BBC1).

His first play for Radio 4 was 4.4.68 about the assassination of Martin Luther King - a part of the Sony award winning 1968 season. He has also written The Prospect, The Phone, an adaptation of Hardy's Two on a Tower and Vanunu - A Time To Be Heard. His TV writing credits include Touching Infinity a biopic about of the mathematical genius Ramanujan and series drama including Casualty, Holby and Waterloo Road (BBC1).

The Mark20150306

by Karen Brown

Inspired by a true story - An ambitious policeman is duped.

Dean Ellis believes his life is coming together; he gets the new job in Fraud, the new girlfriend, and then everything falls apart.

Produced and Directed by Pauline Harris.

The Mermaid Of Zennor20151020

is a re-imagining by Paul Dodgson of the Cornish folk tale. A supernatural story of mystery and obsession rooted in the contemporary world.

Jack and his wife Mary, from Cricklewood, are concerned that their son is falling into bad ways and, determined to turn his life around, they decide to move to Zennor.

Jack used to visit Zennor as a child and always dreamed of returning one day to fulfil his dream of becoming a fisherman. This seems the perfect opportunity - and a chance to get Matthew back on the right track.

Reluctantly, Matt agrees and gradually begins to rebuild his life with help of a local girl, Bel - until, one day, he hears some singing which can be heard by no one else.

Written by Paul Dodgson

Music composed by Paul Dodgson

Directed by Celia de Wolff

A Pier production for BBC Radio 4.

The Mermaid of Zennor is a re-imagining by Paul Dodgson of the Cornish folk tale. A supernatural story of mystery and obsession rooted in the contemporary world.

The Mystery Of The Irish Crown Jewels20160601

The theft of the Irish Crown Jewels is a mystery that goes back over a century and remains unsolved. The Jewels were not the equivalent of the English Crown Jewels, but rather the insignia of the Order of St. Patrick, the British Order of Chivalry associated with Ireland. They disappeared in June 1907.

Supposed to have been assembled from diamonds belonging to Queen Charlotte, they were presented to the Order by King William IV in 1831.

The Jewels, valued at $250, 000 were stolen from a safe located in the Office of the Ulster King of Arms, in the shadow of the then Detective Headquarters in Dublin Castle.

Blame for the theft of the Jewels has been laid on a number of suspects with varying motives. A Viceregal investigation into the theft in early 1908 leaves no doubt that whether or not he stole the jewels, the blame for their theft lay with the then King of Arms, Arthur Vicars. Known to take the jewels from their safe on regular occasions, mainly when entertaining guests, he is said to have once awoken from a drunken slumber with them placed around his neck.

Other theories suggest both that the Jewels were stolen by Unionists in order to derail Home Rule, or by Republicans in order to embarrass the occupying Crown Forces. What is known, however, is that the jewels were never found...

Writer - Sean Moffatt

Director - Eoin O'Callaghan

Producer - Eoin O'Callaghan.

The Penny Dreadfuls Present: The Curse Of The Beagle20160730

In 1831 a 22 year old Charles Darwin set sail on the HMS Beagle for a 5 year voyage that he said changed the course of his life. He later published his stories of the trip but in this reimagining comedy trio The Penny Dreadfuls reveal the untold story that Darwin was to keep to himself.

Humphrey Ker...McCormick, York Minster, General Rosas, Sailor 2

David Reed...Professor Henslow, Fitzroy, Santiago and Cannibal

Thom Tuck...Charles Darwin and Cannibal Steve

With Margaret Cabourn-Smith...Basket, Old Mother Trousers, Cannibal Susan and Sailor 1

Written by David Reed with additional material by Humphrey Ker

Producer...Julia McKenzie

A BBC Studios Production.

A comedic exploration of a young Charles Darwin's adventures aboard the HMS Beagle.

The Penny Dreadfuls Present: The Odyssey2015102520151031 (R4)

Comedy trio Penny Dreadfuls take on Homer's tale of Odysseus's epic journey home from the Trojan Wars and the incredible monsters and enchantress he encounters en route. Starring Peep Show's Robert Webb as Odysseus with Humphrey Ker, David Reed and Thom Tuck and guests Lolly Adefope and Margaret Cabourn-Smith.

Producer.. Julia McKenzie

A BBC Radio Comedy Production.

Comedy trio Penny Dreadfuls take on Homer's tale of Odyseuss's epic journey home from the Trojan Wars and the incredible monsters and enchantress he encounters en route. Starring Peep Show's Robert Webb as Odysseus with Humphrey Ker, David Reed and Thom Tuck and guests Lolly Adefope and Margaret Cabourn-Smith.

Written by David Reed with additional material by Humphrey Ker

The Progress Of The Soul Of Lizzie Calvin20170426

Glenda Jackson stars in a contemporary version of John Donne's unfinished poem.

The Raft Of The Medusa20150418

Written by Simon Armitage. Set in the near future, after months of continuous rain all coastal areas of the UK are flooded. Bella and Jude are marooned on their farm in Kent with dwindling supplies, made all too clear by the arrival of a stranger who 'floats' in.

This radio drama was inspired by Derek Jarman and provides the soundtrack to a new film by Richard Heslop, which can be seen on the Radio 4 website.

Shortly before his death in 1994, Jarman was considering making a film based on Theodore Gericault's The Raft of the Medusa which depicts a group of desperate men, abandoned on a raft at sea. He wrote about it in his notebook, but the film was never made.

Taking clues from Jarman, Simon Armitage's radio drama is also inspired by flood and isolation. Richard Heslop worked as Jarman's cinematographer and his accompanying film is inspired by Jarman's passion for painting and colour as well as Armitage's script. The music is by another of Derek Jarman's collaborators, Simon Fisher Turner.

Before the play, Jonathan Watts introduces listeners to Derek Jarman's 'first' art form - painting - in which he found a welcome escape. From an early age he delighted in collage and the primacy of paint.

Contributors include Richard Heslop Timothy Hyman, Tacita Dean, Simon Fisher Turner, Richard Salmon and William Fowler.

Sound design by Alisdair McGregor

Music by Simon Fisher Turner

Directed by Jeremy Mortimer

Producers: Jeremy Mortimer and Kate Bland

A Cast Iron Radio and Film London Artists' Moving Image Network production for BBC Radio 4

Supported by Arts Council England.

The Rage20160506

Clare Lizzimore's stylish rapid-fire drama takes us inside the head of Anthony: a boy full of rage.

But Anthony's rage is ruining his life. Now he's running from his past, starting again in a new place. But he's losing it at school. He's frightening his girlfriend.

Anger is what happens to us when we lose control of our lives. But is the anger inside him really Anthony's fault? Will it overtake him again? Will he do something even worse?

Or is today the day, when Anthony outruns what's inside him?

Clare Lizzimore is a writer and an Olivier Award winning director, whose production of 'Bull' by Mike Bartlett won 'Outstanding Achievement in an Affiliate Theatre' at the Olivier Awards 2015. Clare has been resident director at the Citizens Theatre, Glasgow; staff director at the Royal National Theatre, and she is currently an Associate Director at Hampstead Theatre. As a director, her credits include 'One Day When We Were Young' by Nick Payne as part of the Paines Plough Roundabout Season, and 'Lay Down Your Cross' by Nick Payne at Hampstead Theatre. At the Royal Court, she directed 'Faces in the Crowd' by Leo Butler in 2008, and has worked extensively with the International department.

Clare's own plays include 'Mint' at the Royal Court, 'My Big Fat Fishy F***ing Epiphany' for the National Theatre Studio, and 'Missing In Action' for Radio 4.

Produced and directed by Jonquil Panting.

The Road To Bani Walid20150227

by Dr Saleyha Ahsan

Why do British citizens volunteer for action in far away countries which they don't know?

In the autumn of 2011, amid the wave of popular action which unseated regimes across the Middle East and North Africa, emergency medicine registrar Dr Saleyha Ahsan got herself into Libya, and set off for the front line - to the battle of Bani Walid.

This is the story of her journey to confront the reality of revolution - and of her own reasons for being there.

Produced and directed by Jonquil Panting.

The Saudi Prince And The Pauper20151127

A story about modern-day slavery that becomes a blow for British justice, by leading television dramatist Neil McKay.

On 20 October 2010, Saud Abdulaziz bin Nasser al Saud, a grandson of the King of Saudi Arabia, was sentenced to 20 years for strangling and beating Bandar Abdulaziz to death. Bandar was his servant, his lover, his punch-bag and his slave.

The drama takes place in the police station and courtroom, with commentary by Omar, an anonymous Saudi blogger.

During his time in London, Prince al Saud indulged in a two-week hedonistic spree with Bandar in tow, during which they dined at the best restaurants, left £50 tips, drank champagne and cocktails, and entertained gay masseurs. At the end of the fortnight, on Valentine's Day, the prince murdered Bandar. He spent the next 12 hours on the phone to Saudi Arabia, working out how to cover up his crime. When the police arrived, he tried to claim diplomatic immunity.

Bandar died from heavy blows to his head and neck and with bite marks on his face and arms. The postmortem revealed internal injuries and scarring commensurate with long-term physical abuse. The jury took less than 90 minutes to find the prince guilty of murder and grievous bodily harm. The prince is the most senior member of the Saudi Royal Family ever to be convicted and jailed for a serious crime. Outside the Old Bailey, DCI John McFarlane pronounced, "No man, not even a prince, is above the law."

Neil McKay is a Bafta award winning television dramatist (Appropriate Adult, The Suspicions of Mr Whicher, Mo, See No Evil, Dunkirk, Innocents, The Hunt for the Yorkshire Ripper) who specialises in stories about real lives. The script was co-written by Neil McKay and Melanie Harris.

Sound Design: Eloise Whitmore

Director/Producer: Melanie Harris

A Sparklab production for BBC Radio 4.

The Shadow Of Dorian Gray20150526

by Stephen Wyatt.

It's 1895, and Oscar Wilde has just been convicted of gross indecency. London is in a moral panic. It's a dangerous time to be John Gray, the man rumoured to have inspired Wilde's scandalous novel 'The Picture of Dorian Gray'. Summoned to the Cafe Royal by a mysterious telegram, the whole course of John's life will have changed by the time the evening is over.

Directed by Abigail le Fleming

The Writer

Stephen has worked widely as a playwright in theatre, radio and television. In 2008, his play, Memorials to the Missing, won the Tinniswood Award for best original radio script of 2007 as well as Silver in the Best Drama category of the 2008 Sony Radio Academy Awards. In 2012 he won the Tinniswood Award again for his play, Gerontius. He spent two years as Royal Literary Fund Writing Fellow at the University of Sussex and a further year as RLF Writing Fellow on Greenwich University's Maritime campus.

So You Want to Write Radio Drama? written in collaboration with Claire Grove was published by Nick Hern Books in December 2013. His first novel Big Dipper was published by Endeavour Press in October 2012. His three-part dramatisation of Dante's The Divine Comedy for Radio 4 was broadcast in March and April 2014.

The Song Of Hiawatha20150124


Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

This epic narrative poem, with its picturesque and highly imaginative tales, threads the many aspects of native American mythology concerning life, nature and ritual. Weaving together "beautiful traditions into a whole" as Longfellow intended.

Narrator....Henry Goodman

Hiawatha - Neet Mohan

Gitche Manito/Mudjekeewis/Pau-Puk-Keewis....Ramon Tikaram

Nokomis....Shaheen Khan

Young Hiawatha....Talia Barnett

Minnehaha - Harriet Judd

Chibiabos's song, and original music was composed and performed by Olly Fox

Directed by Pauline Harris.

The Strange Vanishing Of Julian Quark20160317

By Tom Wainwright

After reneging on all of his election pledges, newly-elected Prime Minister Julian Quark is alarmed to discover that his right ear is missing. And that's just the start of it. It seems that there's a correlation between his dishonesty and the continual disappearance of body parts. As his own physical being diminishes so do his chances of halting the curse.

Director: Sasha Yevtushenko.

The Transfer20150212

by Nick Perry.

It's 5am on Monday 2 February and football's transfer window closes in eighteen hours. Danny Provisor is a football agent negotiating a last-ditch deal to bring Serbian prospect Slavko Ilich to the UK, but a call to his girlfriend Frankie reveals that Slavko hasn't returned home from a night out. Fending off phone calls from suspicious reporters and an increasingly irate Chief Executive, Danny searches for Slavko knowing that this deal will not only rescue his career, but also provide security for his family. With BBC Radio 5Live counting down the hours the pressure begins to build, and the deal and Danny's world start to collapse.

Producer: Toby Field.

The Tunnel20160812

Science Fiction drama by David Lemon set in a Britain forty years from now following the collapse of the information age. George and his granddaughter Chloe are fleeing a chaotic and economically desperate land in an attempt to reach a rumoured safe haven across the water. Can George deliver his granddaughter to safety with her faith in the future intact?

George - Jonathan Coy

Chloe - Georgia Groome

Simon - Neil Grainger

Mitch - Nicola Ferguson

Kenneth/The Captain - Sargon Yelda

Pamela - Adie Allen

Joel - James Lailey

French solider - Scarlett Brookes

Produced and directed by Gemma Jenkins

A writer for film, television and radio, David Lemon's radio work includes The Man In Black, starring Mark Gatiss. His second feature, Containment, premiered at the 2015 East End Film Festival.

The Undivided Heart20160502

by Vincent O'Connell

Susan has recently died. Was it an accident? Suicide? Murder? Three people visit her flat in a final communion with the woman they loved. But it seems she is a different woman for each of them.

Directed by Marc Beeby.

The Victorian In The Wall20160620

By Will Adamsdale, with additional material by the company.

Songs and music by Chris Branch and Will Adamsdale.

A work-shy writer discovers a Victorian man living in the wall of his flat. Everyone's pretty surprised. Adjustments need to be made. Can the strange visitor unlock his hopeless career? His flagging relationship? A story buried in these walls for over a century? (Doubt it. Maybe. Yes.)

Adapted from his hit stage show, Will Adamsdale and the original cast perform this delightful comedy with songs at the BBC Radio Theatre.

The Victorian In The Wall was originally co-produced for the stage by Fuel and the Royal Court Theatre, and directed by Lyndsey Turner.

Producer for Radio 4: Sasha Yevtushenko.

The Virtues Of Oblivion20160819

James Purefoy stars in James Meek's metaphysical thriller. University professor Carl has devoted his life to the work of a philosopher in self-exile on a remote island in Estonia. The great man has never responded to Carl's weekly correspondence. And now he has died. Carl, devastated, is consoled to learn he has been appointed executor to the literary estate. Until he finds who his co-executor is...

Director....Peter Kavanagh

The first radio play by the novelist and journalist James Meek is a tale of intrigue and betrayal as a lonely academic finds his life suddenly without meaning. Can he fill the void, in spite of the best efforts of a Russian table-dancer?


James Meek is the author of two short story collections and five novels, including the The People's Act of Love, which has been translated into more than twenty languages. His first work of non-fiction, Private Island, won the 2015 Orwell Prize. He grew up in Scotland, lived and Ukraine and Russia in the 1990s, and now lives in England.


James Purefoy is an English actor, producer and director. Among any roles he is known for portraying Mark Antony in the HBO series Rome, and former college professor-turned-serial-killer Joe Carroll in the series The Following.

This Is Not A Banksy20160322

By Alan Harris

Sam's life is turned upside down when his girlfriend, Molly, discovers a Banksy on his bottom. Molly insists they make it permanent down the tattoo parlour and before long Sam has become a living work of art. And that's when his problems really begin.

A comedy about the madness of the international art market, starring Elis James (Crims), Kimberley Nixon (Fresh Meat), Steffan Rhodri (Gavin and Stacey) and Tim Key (Alpha Papa). Writer Alan Harris lives and works in Cardiff, he was a runner-up in the 2014 BBC Wales Drama Award and won the judges' award at the 2015 Bruntwood Prize.

Directed by James Robinson

A BBC Cymru Wales Production.

Three Soldiers20150331

by Amanda Dalton is set in Manchester during spring 2015, and in South Sudan in 2013/14 during conflict.The action takes place over one weekend when three teenagers lives intersect. They have all been affected by war in one way or another. Ryan's place, where they meet is a scrap of scrubland just off a neglected path by the river.

Sound design Steve Brooke

Directed in Salford by Susan Roberts

Angel , age 15 is a refugee who has escaped fighting in South Sudan where she was forced to become a child soldier. She takes us back to a vivid sound world of village life, war, music, the natural world, the journey...

Angel is traumatised and rarely shows emotion despite the terrible things she has been through. She is volatile and breaks down as she relives moments of her trauma. Beneath this is a warm, eager teenager who was once at ease.

Ryan Parr, 15, a solitary boy. He struggles at school but wants to do something with his life that has status; he's desperate to 'do well' and to belong to something bigger and hopes the army will give him this. He loves the outside world - the woods and his birds. He is building a bird hide. He has a natural authority in this place - and it's the one place where he knows more than Carly.

Carly also 15, is confused, unhappy, angry, off balance and struggling. She is bright but hates school and has a bad reputation. She is private with a storm of mixed emotions about her home situation. She's always felt lied to and never felt 'let in' or trusted with confidences - until Angel shares her story with her..

Time For One More Question20150529

Glyn Maxwell's comedy drama recorded on location at this year's Hay Festival.

1988 - the first year of the Hay Festival - arrogant schoolboy Roland hears teenage literary hopeful Melanie Carlow read her poem at a New Poets event - and he asks her a 'Terrible Question'. She's distraught and he's thrown out.

2015 - Melanie Carlow is now an award winning poet, Roland's an unemployed poet. He hears her on the radio saying that for 27 years she's tried to answer that schoolboy's 'Terrible Question'. It made her the writer she is. So he gets on a coach to Hay-on-Wye to ask his question again...

Love is put through the toughest Q and A in this comedy of festival manners.

With Glyn Maxwell, Ian McMillan and Simon Armitage as themselves and Peter Florence as Norman Florence.

Directed by Nadia Molinari.

Trial By Laughter20160227

by Ian Hislop and Nick Newman.

William Hone is the forgotten hero of free speech in Britain. He was a bookseller, publisher and satirist. In 1817, he stood trial for 'impious blasphemy and seditious libel'. His crime was to be funny. Worse than that he was funny by parodying religious texts. And worst of all, he was funny about the despotic government and the libidinous monarchy. A comedy drama based on the real trial transcripts.

Original music by Conrad Nelson

Director/Producer Gary Brown

Ian Hislop is the editor of Private Eye and a team captain on 'Have I got News for You'. Nick Newman is a satirical cartoonist for The Sunday Times and Private Eye. They have known each other since their schooldays and have written many successful TV programmes together including 'My Dad's the Prime Minister' and 'The Wipers Times'.

Utopia2016012420160130 (R4)

2016 is the 500th Anniversary of Thomas More's classic work of speculative fiction, which has entered the culture so deeply that the name of his fictional island is the accepted term for our hopes and dreams of a better society.

Poet Michael Symmons Roberts dramatisation brings More's strange and enchanting island to life, told through the memoirs of Raphael Hythloday.

More goes on a diplomatic trip to Antwerp, to sort out a dispute in the commercial wool trade between Britain and the Netherlands. While he is there he meets an old man who is clearly widely travelled.

More complains about the petty politics of the trade dispute, and the old stranger bemoans the state of contemporary society. There is a better way, he says, and I have seen it. The stranger introduces himself as the explorer and adventurer Raphael Hythloday, who at the height of his career of was sent out from Antwerp to explore an unmapped and remote part of the ocean. After months of sailing, he chanced upon an island society unlike any he had seen before. The island was called 'Utopia'.

Utopia fleshes out the story of Raphael's visit to the island, giving us vivid descriptions of the place and its society, its laws and social patterns and customs.

All the bearings for this new drama are be taken from the rules and descriptions of the island in More's book, and the clues he gives about Raphael's visit.

Directed in Salford by Susan Roberts.

Vincent In Brixton20150523

by Nicholas Wright

Brixton, 1873. A young Dutchman rents a room in the house of an English widow. Based on fact, Nicholas Wright's play charts the genesis of the artistic genius of Vincent van Gogh.

Winner of the Olivier Award for Best Play.

Producer/director - Gaynor Macfarlane.

Waterloo: The Ball At Brussels20150617

by Mike Walker

With Napoleon escaped from Elba, the Duke of Wellington quickly heads for Brussels. There, Charlotte, Duchess of Richmond, is keen to give a ball. Wellington thinks this will be excellent for morale. No-one has any idea just how soon the fighting will begin....-

Produced and directed by Marion Nancarrow

Two days before the Battle of Waterloo, the Duchess of Richmond decides to give a grand ball. Against all seeming common sense, the Duke of Wellington agrees. Mike Walker's new play, based on historical fact, delves into the hearts and minds of the Ball's participants to give a vivid portrait of those about to embark on one of the most famous battles in history.

Amongst the music, the food and the dancing, laughter and quarrels, the ball's participants speculate on what may happen. As news comes of Napoleon's advance, the attendees debate the consequences - which of course, they cannot know. What seems increasingly likely, since the allied armies are in a very bad tactical position, is that tomorrow evening the ball will be given by Napoleon Bonaparte. It is clear that the future of Europe is going to be decided TOMORROW! Carriages are called, soldiers pore over maps; diplomats and spies mutter in corners; wives and husbands share what might be last moments. As the guests depart the weather turns to rain, the clock strikes and the day of decision is here. -

Amongst the music, the food and the dancing, laughter and quarrels, the ball's participants speculate on what may happen. As news comes of Napoleon's advance, the attendees debate the consequences - which of course, they cannot know. What seems increasingly likely, since the allied armies are in a very bad tactical position, is that tomorrow evening the ball will be given by Napoleon Bonaparte. It is clear that the future of Europe is going to be decided TOMORROW! Carriages are called, soldiers pore over maps; diplomats and spies mutter in corners; wives and husbands share what might be last moments. As the guests depart the weather turns to rain, the clock strikes and the day of decision is here.

When Last I Saw You20151130

by Peter Whalley

Psychological thriller. When the law has failed, is it ever morally acceptable to impose your own justice? Jane, by chance, says she has found the man who violently attacked her five years ago.

But Jane, a few years ago, mistakenly identified a man who she thought attacked her.

So who is this man she's accusing, and has she got it right this time?

Produced and directed by Pauline Harris

Further Info

Lyndsey Marshall - is best known for her performance in The Hours, and as the recurring character Cleopatra on HBO's Rome, and as Lady Sarah Hill in BBC period drama Garrow's Law

Peter Whalley has written many taut psychological radio dramas for Radio 4, including The Longest Journey, The Missing Wife and The Trial. He was a long standing writer of Coronation Street before retiring, and is the author of ten thriller novels.

Where Shall I Go, What Shall I Do?20160516

James Graham's drama performed in BBC Radio Theatre as part of World On The Move.

By James Graham

A couple of young teachers hit breaking point when they stop being able to pay London rent and are forced to move back to the family home. James Graham's short drama explores how the 'movement of people' isn't just a distant, global phenomenon but something that's affecting many young people here and now. Performed live in front of an audience at the BBC Radio Theatre in London.

Director: Sasha Yevtushenko.

Where This Service Will Continue20170428

By Katherine Jakeways. Part two of the romantic comedy about a couple who met on a train.

Where This Service Will Terminate20160104

By Katherine Jakeways

Suzie's never been to Cornwall before, but somehow she finds herself on the Cornish Riviera Express, hurtling from Paddington to Penzance. She sits next to David and over the course of an eventful five hour journey an intense relationship develops.

A romantic comedy from writer Katherine Jakeways. The Radio Times has described Katherine as 'new Victoria Wood' saying "her character comedy is so acutely observed and so sharp that it's in danger of causing permanent injury." Starring Rosie Cavaliero (Prey) and Justin Edwards (The Thick of It).

Directed by James Robinson

A BBC Cymru Wales Production.

Where This Service Will Terminate20170427

By Katherine Jakeways. Two strangers meet on the train from Paddington to Penzance.

Wide Sargasso Sea20160312

Set against the sumptuous backdrop of 19th century Jamaica, Jean Rhys' stirring prequel to Jane Eyre envisages the life of the first Mrs Rochester before she became the 'mad woman in the attic.'

A new version by multi-award winning writer Rebecca Lenkiewicz

Sold in to marriage with a dashing young Englishman, Creole heiress Antoinette Cosway senses danger. But how could anyone have predicted the devastating future that awaited her. As their honeymoon becomes infected by vicious rumours, her new husband's paranoia begins to grow. The cultural divide between them increases and his desire to turn her into the perfect Victorian wife ultimately becomes a battle for her soul. Until eventually Antoinette is torn from her home, stripped of her identity and transformed into the ghoulish Bertha Rochester.

Original score composed and performed by Lucy Rivers with guitar by Dan Lawrence.

Directed by Helen Perry

A BBC Cymru/Wales Production

Winner of the WH Smith Literary Award in 1967 and named by Time Magazine as one of the 100 best English-language novels, Wide Sargasso Sea holds its own as a beautiful work on human frailty and oppression.

Wounded Light20160817

When James is invited to become an honorary citizen of his mother's native Italian town in recognition of his achievements as a writer, he embarks on a journey of self-discovery forcing him to confront his demons and uncover the truth.

John Lynch's lyrical drama about love and loss explores the fracturing of memory and identity.

Directed by Nadia Molinari

John Lynch is an actor (Cal, In The Name of the Father, Sliding Doors, The Fall) and a writer. He has written two novels 'Torn Water' and 'Falling out of Heaven' and he co-wrote the screenplay 'Best' about George Best. He is currently writing his third novel. This is his second drama for radio.

012015012520160514 (R4)

Lewis Grassic Gibbon's powerful sequel to Sunset Song dramatised by Donna Franceschild.

Atmospheric drama about Grassic Gibbon's best-loved character, Chris.

Now married to Robert, a young and idealistic minister, Chris and her family move from the crofting village of Kinraddie to the mill town of Segget in Aberdeenshire. Living in the wake of the Great War and during the build up to the General Strike, they find themselves instrumental in the small town's epic class struggle.

Starring Amy Manson and Robin Laing.

Directed by Kirsty Williams.

012015051020150516 (R4)

In Franz Kafka's mind-warping novel, set in a bureaucratic wonderland, the hapless land-surveyor known only as K answers a summons to work at the mysterious Castle, only to find himself drawn into a labyrinth of terror and absurdity.

With the Jackie Palmer Children's Choir

Dramatist: Ed Harris

Producer: John Taylor

A Fiction Factory production for BBC Radio 4.

022015020120160521 (R4)

Lewis Grassic Gibbon's powerful sequel to Sunset Song dramatised by Donna Franceschild.

Atmospheric drama about Grassic Gibbon's best-loved character, Chris.

Now married to Robert, a young and idealistic minister, Chris and her family move from the crofting village of Kinraddie to the mill town of Segget in Aberdeenshire. Living in the wake of the Great War and during the build up to the General Strike, they find themselves instrumental in the small town's epic class struggle.

Tensions within the town grow as Chris and Robert help the spinners prepare for strike action. But nothing can prepare the family for the tragic events that are about to unfold.

Starring Amy Manson and Robin Laing.

Directed by Kirsty Williams.

022015051720150523 (R4)

In Franz Kafka's mind-warping novel, set in a bureaucratic wonderland, while K continues to seek a meeting with the elusive official Klamm, his relationship with Frieda is under strain. He suspects her of maintaining a secret tryst with Klamm, and she of a dalliance with Barnabas' two sisters.

Dramatist: Ed Harris

Producer: John Taylor

A Fiction Factory production for BBC Radio 4.