Dragonfly by Katie Hims, specially written for David Bower and Sophie Woolley.

Cal is expecting a baby with his girlfriend Sophie.

As deaf parents, in amongst the excitement, they have a few concerns.

But every time Sophie has a scan at the hospital Cal is sick.

His behaviour becomes more and more uncharacteristic.

Sophie begins to worry when Cal finds letters from an old girlfriend and decides he has to go and see her.

Cal has to resolve the past before he can move forward as a Father and fully enjoy Sophie's pregnancy.

In order to get there he has to return to the place he grew up in - Rochdale - and re-examine his past.

CAL...David Bower

SOPHIE Sophie Woolley


Sarah McDonald Hughes

HABERJAN Amerjit Deu

BRIAN Eric Potts

NURSE Zoe Iqbal

A signed film of the production can be accessed via the Radio 4 website.

Developed in partnership with Signdance Collective.

Produced in Manchester by Susan Roberts.

By Katie Hims.

Starring David Bower and Sophie Woolley.