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20111003Dragonfly by Katie Hims, specially written for David Bower and Sophie Woolley.|Cal is expecting a baby with his girlfriend Sophie.|As deaf parents, in amongst the excitement, they have a few concerns.|But every time Sophie has a scan at the hospital Cal is sick.|His behaviour becomes more and more uncharacteristic.|Sophie begins to worry when Cal finds letters from an old girlfriend and decides he has to go and see her.|Cal has to resolve the past before he can move forward as a Father and fully enjoy Sophie's pregnancy.|In order to get there he has to return to the place he grew up in - Rochdale - and re-examine his past.|CAL...David Bower|SOPHIE Sophie Woolley|TARA.|Sarah McDonald Hughes|HABERJAN Amerjit Deu|BRIAN Eric Potts|NURSE Zoe Iqbal|A signed film of the production can be accessed via the Radio 4 website.|Developed in partnership with Signdance Collective.|Produced in Manchester by Susan Roberts.|By Katie Hims.|Starring David Bower and Sophie Woolley.