Dr Pfeffer's Lonely Hearts Club

A series of late night musical comedies featuring poignant songs of romance, mystery and horror. Enter a strange building down a dark back street and be taken on a journey to meet the enigmatic Dr Pfeffer for a unique rendez-vous.


01Music And Humour2007022120080402

A disorientating journey through the whispering corridors of the Lonely Hearts Club leads to an encounter with Dr Pfeffer. It's a hot and sultry night and the party is in full swing.

02The Mayor Of Lyon2007022820080409

Doors open onto busy French roads and rejected lovers storm along corridors.

Dr Pfeffer is found sitting in a French cafe and his song is a poignant story of a woman longing for love.

03Poor Tom2007030720080416

All is not well at the Lonely Hearts Club. The front door has swollen in the rain, the building is sick and groaning. Doors open onto people in pain and Dr Pfeffer is not himself. His song is a dark and gory story about an unfortunate young man from Massachussetts.

04 LASTTo Be King2007031420080423

Romance is in the air at the Lonely Hearts Club. Dr Pfeffer can be found by the sea and his musical tale tells of the transforming power of the brief encounter.