Double Dealer, The

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SP19960114First broadcast on 1995-05-14|Producer: PROD|Next in series: LOVE AT A LOSS|Previous in series: HENRY IV PART 2|Description|Written by William CONGREVE.|The 1st of 4 Sunday plays featuring classics of Restoration drama.|Congreve's brilliant comedy was written in 1693 when he was 23.|A house party gathers in celebration of an impending marriage.|Broadcast history|14 May 1995 19:30-21:10 (RADIO 3)|14 Jan 1996 19:30-21:30 (RADIO 3)|Contributors|Robert Glenister (Actor)|Celia Imrie (Actor)|Clive Swift (Actor)|Robin Bailey (Actor)|Penelope Wilton (Actor)|Christopher Benjamin (Actor)|Claire Skinner (Actor)|Sheila Gish (Actor)|Jonathan Cullen (Actor)|Richard Bonneville (Actor)|Mark Lockyer (Actor)|William Congreve (Author)|Recorded on 1994-10-04.