Double Acts

New collaborative plays by writers new to radio.


0101That's Not A Name I Know20000717

by Alice Barry and Claire Bennett.

At a critical point in her career, a Birmingham businesswoman who 26 years ago gave up her baby for adoption is forced to reassess her life.

Meanwhile, in Cork, Mairead prepares for marriage.

With Eileen Walsh and Jillie Meers

0102The Gathering Wave & The Wide Open Sea20000718

Two plays about isolation and loss.

`The Gathering Wave' by Isabel Wright, starring Lisa Malcolm. On the east coast of Scotland nine-year-old Alex is having to grow up fast. Director: Gaynor Macfarlane. `The Wide Open Sea' by Don McCamphill, starring Gayanne Potter. On the north coast of Ireland ten years later, Alex struggles to survive loneliness and self-doubt. Director: Lawrence Jackson

0103Cottage Industry20000719

by Carl Grose and Eryl Roderick. Welsh farmer Rita and Cornish fisherman Reg plan an unusual form of revenge on irresponsible tourists. With Di Botcher and David Shaw. Director: Alison Hindell


by Leila Aboulela and Sarah Phelps. A thirtysomething London couple holiday in Egypt and return with a female djinn who has been trapped for 900 years in a jar of cardamom seeds. With Adjoa Andoh and Lisa Coleman. Director: Bruce Young

0105 LASTMaking Waves20000721

by Sol B River and Gee Williams. The Rev Benjamin Stevens, a Jamaican minister, revitalises his new Welsh congregation and digs up the floor of the church to make a baptism pool. A leading member of the church and chair of the circuit committee fights him all the way. Who will win? With Burt Caesar and Christine Pritchard. Director: Polly Thomas


By Paula Cunningham and Mark Illis. Alice is convinced the hospital has made a mistake and switched her baby with another born on the same day. Can she prove her case?

0202Touching The Linden Tree20020305

By Colin Hough and Rebecca Trick-Walker. When a high-powered advertising executive gives up the rat race, he finds rural life both exasperating and inspiring.

0203Route Number Twelve20020306

By Cynthia Hamilton and Nicola McCartney. Lena and Joseph met on the No 12 bus in 1968. More than 30 years later, Lena makes the same journey. Can their love have survived?


By Nell Leyshon and Stephen McAnena.

Two parents have been forced to leave their dairy farm, and in unfamiliar surroundings, they face an even more demanding challenge.

0205 LASTWritten In Mist20020308

By Stephanie Dale and Ieuan Watkins. Two people who grew up together are now worlds apart, but their lives are about to collide in dramatic fashion.

0301We Got Tonight20041101

By Maria Connolly and Keith Law

A comedy about an idealistic musician who finds it hard to sacrifice his principals to save his marriage until he is kidnapped by two escaped convicts and his whole future is put in jeopardy.

Rick....Dan Gordon

Rita....Laura Hughes

Kiki....Martha Gordon

Herbie....Conor Grimes

Jock....Alan McKee

Clare....Niki Doherty

Pat....Gerard Jordan

Original music written and played by Keith Law

Directed by Tanya Nash

0302The Cyhiraeth20041108

by Ruth Jones and Debbie Moon. In 1775, Elizabeth is seeing spirits and in 2004, Jess is hearing voices.

0303The Distance Between20041115

by Charlotte Goodwin and Pamela Wells

On the day of recording, a writer finds his radio play handed over to a producer who hasn't even had time to read it. As the actors in the studio give voice to his drama, the writer's obsession with his female protagonist rises to the surface, and the line between fact and fiction becomes blurred.

The Writer....Andy Hockley

The Producer....Julia Hills

The Actress....Polly Lister

The Actor....Jez Thomas

Directed in Birmingham by Jenny Stephens and Kate Chapman

0304Falling Up20041122

by Helen East and Ruth Jones.

After being mugged, an ex-dancer develops an unlikely friendship with the teenager responsible.

0305 LASTScissors And Ribbon20041129

By Hannah and Rachel McGill

Big conspiracy comes to a small town in this light-hearted comedy. The town's local hero hasn't stepped out of her house for years until Pedro arrives from Columbia determined to make a miracle happen in Mecklington.

Barry....Martin Hyder

Darren....Andrew Mayer

Pedro....David Sant

Directed by Lu Kemp