Don't Start Me Talking About Elvis



Elvis Presley, the 'King of Rock'n'Roll', died 30 years ago today, and this special programme gives UK fans an opportunity to share their memories of the night that he died, and to reflect on what Elvis means to them.

Told entirely in the words of the public - and by turns revealing, moving and funny - the programme is a unique slice of British social history.

The mix of first hand testimony, news archive and Elvis music presents a compelling tapestry of events around those momentous days in August 1977.

Radio 2's Elvis Season continues with another chance to hear about The King, in the words of his fans.

This programme first broadcast in August 2007, as part of Radio 2's long-running oral history series, and offers an insight into the way Elvis impacted on everyday lives.

Another chance to hear about 'The King', in the words of his fans.